Producer Michael Net Worth: How Rich is The Film Producer Actually?

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Musician, composer, record producer, and songwriter, Michael Blakey aka Producer Michael has a net worth estimated to be around $70 million.

There are over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Producer Michael. Several artists, including Eminem, have collaborated with him over the course of his career.


Career, Profession, Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio

Real Name Michael Blackey
Age 62 years old
Date of Birth Dec-08-1958
Place of Birth London, England
Height 191cm
Nationality United Kingdom
Profession Music Producer, Promoter, Film Score, Composer, Film Producer, Musician, Song Writer, Talent Manager, Composer.


Net Worth $70 Million

A renowned producer, he primarily creates music. Besides some renowned artists, he has also worked with many others. A few awards and achievements have been won by Michael Blakey.


Early Life of Producer Michael

A London, England, native, Blakey was born on December 8, 1958. His talents include record production, composition, music, arranging, songwriting, and artist management.

The works of Blakey include producing music for notable artists and performing for well-known groups and performers. Examples include Engelbart Humperdinck, Gloria Gaynor, Luther Vandross, Tears for Fears, and many others.

The following musicians deserve special mention: Dire Straits, 2Pac, MjB, Mary J. Blige, Coolio, Akwid, Bob Carlisle, Waylon Jennings, and Michelle Wright.

He was also the composer and a qualified drummer for the 1990s rock band Tidal Force. Several of Blakey’s albums were certified platinum or gold.


Biography of Producer Michael

Records, musicians, composers, arrangers, and songwriters Michael Blakey and Paul Ridyard have net worth of $60 million dollars combined. Over the course of his career, he has produced works for a variety of artists, from Eminem and Willie Nelson to Englebert Humperdinck.

Born in London, England in 1958, Michael Blakey is an English filmmaker. As a producer, he began his career at the age of 19 when he was hired by Hansa Studios in Berlin as a resident producer.

The American drummer, producer, and composer earned his living as a session drummer, composer, and producer in the U.S. and Britain as well as producing tracks for Boney M, Julio Iglesias, and Englebert Humperdinck.

Then, in 1991, he became the A&R Chief at Atico Records, and from 1994 until 1994 he worked as a composer and session drummer for Tidal Force.

The next few years saw him launch three record companies, including one on each coast, and provide music for films and television shows such as Jackass: The Movie and Shaft. Electra Star Management is his own corporation. He currently manages the company.

Over 100 million albums have been sold thanks to Michael’s production work. Five Grammy nominations have been made to him.

Real Estate: The home Michael purchased in Beverly Hills cost him $1.6 million in 2006. During the 2007 asking price of $2.5 million, he listed the house for sale.

It appears that, for some reason, he UPGRADED the price a year later. The price was lowered to $2.9 million, but the seller still did not find a buyer.

The property is still owned by him as of this writing. With its built-in sound system and media room, the home is state of the art in every way.

Social Media: He is known as producer Michael on Instagram and has more than 500,000 followers on YouTube. Blakey has positioned himself on social media as one who follows the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

A “collector of exotic cars and watches” is what he describes in his Instagram bio. Several tens of millions of dollars are believed to be in his watch and car collections.

In addition to that, he also tours luxury real estate listings mainly in Los Angeles. Often, realtors approach him for the promotion of a home they are trying to sell through his real estate review videos.

His claim to own a private jet has caused some controversy. Followers are accusing him of not owning a jet and simply using demo planes to inflate his image.


An Embraer Praetor 600 private jet, which he claimed to own, is toured in one video in which he drives a Ferrari to a private airport. The cost of this jet before customization is $21 million.


Personal Life

Sasha Blakey is the name of the woman that Michael Blakey married in 2008. He has not revealed the names of His parents.

Our family, siblings, children, and spouse information will be updated as soon as it becomes available. There’s not much information available on his education right now.

Your favorite celebrities are the subject of many rumors. In addition to being asked how he is, Michael Blakey is also asked who is he dating? Despite these doubts & rumors, we are here to clarify Michael’s love life status, breakup, and relationship rumor.

Michael Blakey has not been in a relationship or been engaged previously, so we do not have a lot of detail about his history. He does not have any children according to our database.


Body Measurement

As of today, 9th September 2021, Michael Blakey is 62 years old. He was born on December 8, 1958. The weight of his body is between 89.8kg and 109.7kg; his height is 1.91m.


Career of Michael

In 1997, Michael Blakey, then 19 years old, became the Hansa Studios resident producer in Berlin where he began his professional career in production.

Madrid and Berlin were his destinations for studying music. Blakey has worked tirelessly in the entertainment industry for his entire life and has made his passion for playing drums, producing music, and organizing concerts his profession.

Michael has also worked in the United States and in England as a session drummer, producer, and composer for artists as diverse as Julio Iglesias and Boney M.

The drummer and composer worked for Atico Records’ Tidal Force band. From 1991 to 1994, he served as Chief of A&R at Atico, being invited to be a full-time employee.


In addition to running three record labels, which he owns both on the East and the West coasts, Michael also composed music for several films and television programs, including & Shaft & and & Jackass: The Movie.

Electra Star Management is the company that Michael Blakey is currently working for, which is called Electra Star Management. His ability to establish a healthy working environment enabled him to accumulate a lot of wealth.


Award and Achievements

Music Beat named Blakey Promotion Man of the Year in 1995, and he won the Melody Maker Producer of the Year award in 1993. The award-winning activities he has participated in and the nominations he has received have been numerous.

The record he holds in different entertainment industries will always belong to Michael Blackley. There is no doubt that he has made a significant impact. The career of this actor has brought him both fame and wealth.


Net Worth of Michael

Approximately $70 million is what Michael Blakey’s net worth is estimated to be at the end of September 2021.

Salary information for Michael Blakey is not readily available, but once it is available, it will be updated. Michael Blakey is a multi-faceted celebrity who gets involved in many different activities. His net worth increased as well as he gained a lot of fame from doing this.

There are also many Michaels Jackson fans around the globe. Every time he moves forward with his career, his fans ask about his whereabouts.

They need to research quite a bit of information about him because of this. It would be wise to emulate him when it comes to matters of career.

As a career and life achievement inspiration, he is also a great example for those who want to reach goals in life.


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