Bill Hwang Net Worth: How Rich is The Businessman Actually?

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Entrepreneur and stock trader Bill Hwang is well-known in the United States. Archegos Capital Management is best known as his capital market company.

Furthermore, he co-founded Grace & Mercy Foundation, a private foundation that makes grants. Approximately $10 billion is the net worth of Bill Hwang.

Full Name Bill Hwang
Profession Entrepreneur
Foundation Grace and Mercy
Company Tiger Asia
Net Worth $10 Billion


A lot of attention has been focused on Bill Hwang since his company experienced major losses when the stock value of Morgan Stanley, Discovery Shares, Viacom CBS, and Gold Sachs Group plummeted.


Early Life and Bio of Bill’s

AKA Sung Kook Hwang, Bill Hwang’s real name is Bill Hwang. A large part of the information related to his childhood and family is still missing.

There is no evidence that he is a U.S. resident. Bill may have moved to the United States to continue his studies.

His education encompassed a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics/Business from the University of California, Los Angeles. After graduating from Carnegie-Mellon, he pursued an MBA at the university.

Through his stock investment company, Bill Hwang has amassed an impressive amount of wealth. His net worth is estimated to exceed $10 billion. His personal fortune may have been seriously affected by the recent devaluation of stock in some of his investments.


Career of Bill Hwang

Tiger Management, a famous hedge fund founded by Bill, was where he gained his early work experience. As a hedge fund manager, he began his career in the 1990s.

At Tiger Management, Bill studied equity analysis. Julian Robertson, a billionaire hedge fund manager, gave him the opportunity to learn details about stocks and equity.

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A company named Tiger Asia was started by him in 2001. Julian Robertson supported the company with great ideas. Having become one of the leading investors in Asian Financial Markets within a short timeframe, the company enjoyed tremendous growth.

Initial assets of the company reached billions of dollars during the first phase. However, later on it started crashing down because of something that went wrong.

Tiger Asia manipulated trading rules in 2012, according to allegations made against Bill Hwang.

A manipulation case against him and his company was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A penalty of $44 million was subsequently assessed to the company.

As a result of Tiger Asia’s conviction, the SEC shut down the company.

A family office was formed by Bill Hwang in 2013 after the company was converted into a company. Archegos Capital Management is the company name. Due to the SEC’s requirement that family offices register with the SEC, Bill opened his firm as a family office.

In addition to investment in ViacomCBS Inc., Discovery Inc., Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Deutsche Bank, Bill’s company Archeogs owns major stocks of big companies. His firm, according to sources, holds shares in several companies worth $6.6 billion.

During the past weeks, he has suffered a great deal of loss thanks to the decreases in shares of Viacom CBS, Discovery, Morgan Stanley, and Gold Sachs. Arches have been identified as a major seller of block trades through Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank.

The number of block trades offloaded by Archegos amounts to around $30 billion.


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Personal Life

It is unclear whether Bill Hwang is currently in a relationship.

To date, all of his spouse’s and children’s details have not been revealed. The lack of details about his family is a result of his fame primarily being a result of his professional accomplishments.



Net Worth of Bill Hwang

Through his stock investment company, Bill Hwang has amassed an impressive amount of wealth. It is estimated that his net worth exceeds $10 billion.

In some of his invested companies, the recent devaluation of stock might have seriously hampered his personal fortune.

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