Doug McMillon Net Worth: How Rich is The CEO of Walmart Actually?

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The American businessman Carl Douglas McMillon (born October 17, 1966) is the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Walmart Inc. As a board member of the retailer, he serves on its executive committee.

When he was a high school summer associate, he was appointed the company’s fifth CEO in 2014. Prior to that, from 2005 to 2009, he was president of Sam’s Club and president of Walmart International respectively.


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Real Name Doug McMillon
Celebrated Name Carl Douglas McMillon
Age 54 years old
Birthdate 17 October 1966
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, US
Nationality American
Marital Status Straight
Net Worth $120 million


Early Life of Doug McMillon

Doug McMillon grew up in Arkansas with his two siblings after being born in Tennessee in 1966. He is the son of a dentist who served in Vietnam.

A 19-year-old Eric moved to Bentonville with his family when he was 16. In his teenage years, McMillon loved playing basketball. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree.

A married couple with two children, Doug McMillon and Shelley McMillon have been together for many years.

He returned to Wal-Mart as an assistant manager after studying MBA at the University of Tulsa.

He used to be a Wal-Mart summer associate in the past. Having achieved a good reputation in Wal-Mart, he then worked on various positions before becoming CEO and President of the company in 2005.

Globalization of the company was achieved due to his improved position on the international market. Mike Duke was replaced as Walmart’s CEO by him in 2014, and he has held the position since then.

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Since McMillon’s rule, the company has grown to become one of the most successful companies in the world.


Biography of Doug McMillon

Doug McMillon was born 17 October 1966 in Tennessee. The Arkansas businessman assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart in early 2014.

Many years before he held the same position at Sam’s Club, a Walmart subsidiary as well as Walmart International. His predecessor at Walmart was businessman Mike Duke.

The University of Arkansas awarded him a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and the University of Tulsa awarded him a Master of Business Administration. Walmart has been his full-time employer since 1990.

He is listed among the most successful business executives in Popular Bio. October 17, 1966, is one of the days that are known for a number of famous people.

His father was born in Tennessee, which makes him the richest business executive in the state. The most popular executive in the business world also ranks him among the list. In our database, Doug McMillon is 52 years old, making him one of the famous people.

Doug McMillon will turn 54 on 13th September 2021. It was the 17th of October 1966 when he was born. One meter and seventy-eight centimeters is the height of the man in this photograph. Six-foot-tall and 80 pounds in weight.

Personal and romantic matters are kept private by Doug McMillon. Continually check back for updates as we add more information about the relationship.

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In this article, we examine Doug McMillon’s previous relationships, ex-girlfriends, and hookups. Doug McMillon does not want to divulge information about his past relationships and divorce.

A person is referred to as dating if she or he is actively pursuing romantic relationships with different people during a particular stage of life.

A public appearance by two unmarried celebrities is frequently described as “dating,” meaning that they are seen together, though it is not clear whether they are simply friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or are romantically involved.


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Career of Doug McMillon

He is a long-time employee of Walmart, where he started as a summer associate in 1984. He moved from Walmart’s management training program to become a buyer training instructor after completing his management degree.


After beginning as a buyer, he progressed to merchandiser and then to manager over time.

Sam’s Club CEO McMillon was appointed by Walmart in 2005. The focus of his initial marketing was low-level business customers.

McMillon managed Walmart’s international division from 2009 onward, and under his management, the company was able to expand in countries such as Canada, China, the UK, etc.

Through his leadership, Walmart International outperformed its US business in terms of sales growth.

Walmart saw Doug McMillon’s success and made him the company’s fifth CEO. He became the company’s fifth CEO on February 1, 2014, after replacing Mike Dupe.


Awards and Achievements

Among the biggest achievements of his life, he was named CEO of Walmart, the biggest award he’s ever received.

Forbes lists him among the world’s most powerful men, among many other renowned lists. Exek Rank, an online ranking platform, also ranked him 4th in the Top CEOs list for 2015.

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Body Measurement of Doug

On 13th September 2021, Doug McMillon will be 54 years old. He was born on 17 October 1966. The height of this man is 1.78 meters. A height of 6 feet and a weight of 80 pounds.


Net Worth of McMillon

As CEO and president of Walmart stores, Doug McMillon earns an estimated $4.8 million salary. His net worth is estimated to be $120 million as of September 2021.

The total compensation he received in 2015 was $21.8 million. A prominent and influential member of the corporate world, Doug McMillon holds many respected titles.


His work ethic, determination, and hard work earned him a few promotions in Walmart before he became the CEO of the world’s most successful supermarket chain.

Business enthusiasts look up to him as an inspiration. His motivational speeches inspire young entrepreneurs to become successful.

To expand the Walmart market to other countries and to give customers a convenient and efficient shopping experience, he wishes to provide Walmart with more countries as well as more products.

The business tycoon appears on several lists and is often referred to as one of the most powerful individuals of this generation.

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