Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is The Entrepreneur Actually?

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Binh Ho is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and investment banker. “House of Ho”, a docuseries produced by HBO Max, brought Binh prominence. It was a drama about the lives of a multimillionaire family. Binh currently works for Lu Investment, Inc., where approximately $200 million was Binh Ho’s net worth.

Full Name Binh H0
Age 73 years old
Birth Date 1949
Birth Place Vietnam
Profession Investment Banker
Wife Hue Ho
Net Worth $200 million

 Early Life and Bio

The multi-millionaire entrepreneur Binh Ho was born in Vietnam. After emigrating to the U.S. in 1975, Binh moved with his wife Hue. As refugees, they came to the United States.

Fredericksburg, Texas, was the couple’s first stop. Though they were unaware of how to achieve their dreams, they had a big dream in mind. During their early years, they faced a difficult phase since they did not know English.

Binh and Hue also own a bank. The main activities in Binh are investment and banking. Consequently, he has amassed an enormous fortune. It was shown in the documentary “House of Ho” that Binh’s life was a success story.

Hue’s wife Hue, daughters Judy and Washington, aunt Tina, and cousin Sammy appear on the premiere episode, which aired on 10 December 2020.

His real estate business and investment banking career are likely to bring Binh Ho’s net worth to over $200 million by 2021. Due to Binh’s career peak, this figure is expected to increase in the next few years.

Following their departure from Vietnam, they first arrived in Fredericksburg, Texas. In America, they pursued a better future due to their desire for a better life.

She took English courses at Schreiner University from a female professor after getting her first job at Circle K. Furthermore, Binh landed a job at an Exxon dealership. They worked their way up to their current positions from minimum wage jobs.

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 Binh’s Career

A bank is also owned by Binh and Hue. Investing and banking are core activities in Binh. As a result, he has built such a huge fortune. In the docuseries “House of Ho”, the life story of Binh was presented as a success story.

In the premiere episode, which aired on 10 December 2020, Hue’s wife Hue, children Judy, Washington, aunt Tina, and cousin Sammy are all featured.

Binh Ho Personal Life and His Wife- Hue Ho

The personal life of Binh Hu is now out in the open. Hue Ho is 66 now and he is married to her. Since the early days of his struggle, Hue has been by his side. As she holds Binh’s hand tight, she continues to smile.

There are two children between Binh and Hue. Judy is a lawyer by profession and is the eldest daughter of the couple. Three of her children are divorced. Likewise, Washington Ho, their youngest son, is part of the couple.

Her sister is 39 years old and he is just a year younger. Lesley Ho is Washington’s wife. They have four children together.

They arrived in Fredericksburg, Texas, after arriving from Vietnam. They moved to America in search of a better future, and boy did they find one.

A woman who worked as a professor at Schreiner University developed Hue’s English language skills while he was working at a Circle K convenience store.

The other is Binh from Exxon, who has landed a job at a gas station. Initially, they both started off in low-paying positions and worked their way up until they reached the top of the corporate ladder.

In the state of Texas, Binh Ho and his brother Hue Ho own and operate a successful real estate development company. As well as residential and commercial construction, their company performs contracting services.

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Those aren’t the only benefits, however. In addition to their bank, they also operate their own business. Binh is primarily focused on investment and banking at the moment.

Unlike the Hos, who have kept the specific details of their businesses under wraps, it is not known how they make money beyond owning a bank and a real estate development firm.

In addition to owning a bank, Binh and Hue are also business owners. As a matter of fact, banking and investing are integral to Binh’s business.

This has led to him amassing massive amounts of money. The public was given an opportunity to see Binh’s success firsthand when his life narrative was portrayed in the docuseries “House of Ho.”

In addition to Hue’s wife and daughters, Aunt Tina and cousin Sammy were all part of the program which aired on December 10, 2020.

This is the first time Binh Hu has made his private life public. Hue Ho is married to him and has two children.

She is now 66 years old and the couple has two children. From the beginning of his battle, Hue stood by his side. Three of his children live with him. Binh’s hand remains firmly in hers despite this.


In addition to two children, Hue and Binh have one child from a previous relationship. Their oldest daughter, Judy, works as an attorney in the private sector.

She has three children, all of whom she divorced. Washington Ho, the family’s youngest son, lives at home as well. He is just a year younger than his sister, who is 39.

The life partner of Washington is Lesley Ho. There are four children between them. They are married.

Binh Ho Net Worth

Binh Ho’s worth is expected to exceed $200 million due to his real estate deals and investment banking career. Because Binh is currently at the top of his career, this amount is most likely to increase in the next few years.

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They first came to the United States in Fredericksburg, Texas, when they left Vietnam. It was their desire to pursue a better future that brought them to America.

After getting her first job at Circle K, Hue went to Schreiner University where a female professor taught English to her.

Additionally, Binh got a job at a gas station run by Exxon. The two began with minimum wage jobs and diligently worked up to their current positions.

The Binh Hos now own a lucrative Texas real estate development company. Various residential and commercial projects are undertaken by their company. Those aren’t the only things.

Besides owning and successfully running a bank, they also own several businesses. Binh’s main business now is banking and investment.

Apart from owning a bank and a real estate development company, the Hos have kept the details of their businesses under wraps and their sources of income are not well known.


When did Binh and Hue Ho come in America?

Binh and Hue Ho fled to the United States from war-torn Vietnam 45 years ago. They built their beautiful American Dream together and reared their children in accordance with traditional Vietnamese family traditions. Binh Ho was born in 1949 in Saigon, South Vietnam.




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