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Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is The Chief Executive Officer of My Pillow Actually?

Mike Lindell Net Worth

“Mr. Pillow”, creator of the company, Michael Lindell Approximately $300 million is his net worth. In addition to his pillow manufacturing enterprise in Minnesota, United States, this American entrepreneur, businessman, and conspiracy theorist also operates a clothing line.


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Real Name Michael J. Lindell
Celebrated Name Mike Lindell
Age 60 years old
Date of Birth June 28 1961
Profession Businessman
Place of Birth Mankato, Minnesota, US
Wife Dallas Yocum
Net Worth $330 Million

Lindell is an accomplished businessman as well as an advisor to Donald Trump, the former US president. The attempts to overturn the election result of the 2020 United States Presidential Election were strongly supported by him.


Early Life of Mike

The birth date of Lindell is June 28, 1961. The Minneapolis native was raised in Carver, Chaska, and Mankato, Minnesota. In his educational career, Lindell experienced instability.

Upon admission, he was accepted to the University of Minnesota. He dropped out of school after completing just a few semesters there.

He opened a carpet cleaning company and a lunch wagon business in 1980. Several bars and restaurants were also opened by him. Carver County, Minnesota was the center of all of his business operations. Mike Lindell has developed a detailed version following many years of working in his business.

He became addicted to cocaine by 1990. Gambling led to him becoming addicted to alcohol and cocaine.

He suffers from a variety of social problems as a result of his addiction to drugs. His addiction led him to lose his house due to late mortgage payments. He also got divorced from his wife as a result of his inability to pay his bills.  After overcoming his addiction, Lindell was able to attain sobriety.


Bio Of Mike Lindell

Graduated in 1969 with a degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota, Mike Lindell established a successful career in the banking business.

His hometowns are Chaska and Carver. Linda Lindell is the sister of Robin Priscilla Lindell and Cynthia Kay Lindell is her sister.

In her early years, the author did not reveal much about her life, but Mike’s education and parental background are kept secret from the public. Mike knew Liberty University would do him proud when he received an honorary doctorate of business.

Mike Lindell was born on June 28, 1961, so he will be 60 years old on 12th September 2021. A 5’10” tall and 84 kg man, he is of average height and weight.

Darren Lindell is the oldest of six children born to Mike Lindell and Karen Dickey. They have four children named Charlie Lindell, Heather Lueth, Lizzy Meyers, and Heather Lueth. Unfortunately, he became addicted to drugs after 20 years of their marriage, and their marriage ended.

Later on, he was married to Dallas Yocum in 2013, but the couple was later divorced. When Mike turned 20 years old, he began becoming a drug addict. Alcohol and cocaine are both addictions to him.

Mike lost his home as a result of his addiction. His drug use ended in January 2009, and he has been living a smooth life since.

Mike started and operated several small businesses before creating My Pillow, which included lunch wagons, a repair shop, and a warehouse.

The county has a carpet cleaning service as well as some bars and restaurants. A significant Minnesota manufacturer, My Pillow was invented by him in 2004.

The company grew over time, and it now employs 1,800 people. A total of 43 million pillows were sold for the year 2018 by the company, which employs about 1600 people.

The Liberty University School of Business honored Mike Lindell with an honorary doctorate in business. His career has not been honorific, despite his achievements as a businessman.


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Career of Mike Lindell

The life of Mike Lindell has been filled with ups and downs. He had to undergo a lot of challenges on his journey to becoming a significant entrepreneur.

The American who was dealing with crack has moved on to handle business clients and employs over 1600 people.

Below is a summary of his career.


My Pillow

My Pillow was invented by Mike Lindell in 2004. Minnesota is where this business venture began. This company quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer in Minnesota, United States.

First sold at a mall kiosk in Eden Prairie Center in Minnesota in 2005, the company was founded in 2004. The company then struggled to sell its goods at trade shows and shopping malls for the following six years. The company’s peak came soon after 2012, however.

A number of challenges have been faced by this business. A major challenge came from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an organization dedicated to advancing market trust.

My Pillow’s rating was revoked and downgraded to an ‘F’ by BBB based on Consumer Complaints in 2017. For My Pillow, Inc., the year 2021 was very challenging.

The ties between Lindell and Donald Trump, the 45th US President, have caused him to lose many retailers.

He has also damaged his business relationships by supporting the overturning of the 2020 US election results and promoting Oleandrin as a Covid-19 cure.

Though competitors like Kohl, and Bed, Bath and Beyond contend that low-quality market research and a lack of customer demand are the reasons for the drastic reduction in consumers.


Vocl (a social network)

An all-tech social media platform named Vocl is about to be launched by Mike Lindell. In his description of Vocl, Mike describes both YouTube and Twitter-like features.

In addition, there will be a server for this platform. Vocl’s inception has been the subject of several political arguments. Lindell was banned from Twitter after he posted messages in support of reversing election results and threatening violence.

The YouTube and Vimeo authorities have also removed a three-hour election-based film based on his activities.

This republican supporter is widely believed to have opened his own social media platform because of his suppressed anger due to lack of freedom of expression.

This site was launched, Lindell claimed, as a result of all the election fraud.

During this incident, another interesting incident took place when Dominion, a company making election machines, sued Lindell for $1.3 billion for spreading baseless allegations about Dominion voting machines being hacked to steal votes for President Joe Biden.


Net Worth of Mike

Approximately $330 million is Mike Lindell’s estimated net worth as of September 2021. In addition to being the inventor and CEO of his company, he is also the majority shareholder of his company, My Pillow.

In addition to his work as founder of the Lindell Foundation and Lindell Recovery Network, he has also made a great deal of money. The company he runs generates revenues of over $280 million a year. The luxurious homes and cars that Mike owns also add to his net worth.

Among the best-known business people in America is Mike Lindell. My Pillow Inc. was founded by him. He is its inventor and CEO.

The Lindell Recovery Network is also run by him, and it promotes societal welfare. He founded the Lindell Foundation, which assists addicts, cancer patients, veterans, and the My Pillow employees in their struggles.

Hurricane Harvey victims were helped in great numbers by this special project. A great deal of Mike’s work benefits people, which makes him well-known worldwide.


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