John McAfee Net Worth: How Rich Is The Business Man Actually?

Programmer for computers, John McAfee. The date of John McAfee’s birth was September 18, 1945. McAfee, Inc. was developed by a computer programmer to assist computer owners in finding and removing viruses and malware from their machines.


Name John McAfee
Dob 18/09/1945
Occupation Businessman, Programmer
Life Status Dead
Nationality UK
Net Worth $4 Million

Early Years

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On September 18, 1945, at a US Army base in Cinderford, England, His mother is British, and his father was an American soldier stationed at the site when John David McAfee was born. Salem, Virginia is a city in the United States where McAfee was born.

McAfee’s abusive, alcoholic father killed himself when he was fifteen years old. He completed his studies at Dominion College in Salem, Virginia, where he graduated in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.




He worked at the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton for a total of two years, beginning in 1980 and ending in 1982.

During his time as an employee at Douglas in the 1980s, McAfee began working on the development of software designed to combat viruses.

For example, he began building antivirus software after obtaining a sample of the Brain functions computer virus and testing it on his own computer.

McAfee left his job in 1987 to establish his own company, McAfee Associates, which specialized in computer virus protection software.

In 1992, the state of Delaware was the location where the formal incorporation of the company took place. Two more years passed after he began working there until he finally left the firm in 1994.

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After that, two years after McAfee Allies went public and he sold every share of the company for $100 million, he lost interest in the software sector and decided to sell all of his shares.

After that, two years after McAfee Allies went public and he sold every share of the company for $100 million, he lost interest in the software sector and decided to sell all of his shares.

It maintained its own branding apart from that of Intel right up to January 2014, when Both good products began being sold under the moniker Intel Security.

McAfee, LLC is the new company name for the division that was previously known as McAfee, Inc. which was spun out from Intel in 2017.

McAfee only earned $5.7 million for the sale of his $25 million property in Colorado. In addition to that, he parted ways with a private Cessna aircraft, a ranch in New Mexico, and a house in Hawaii.





McAfee once resided in Long Walk Town, Belize. McAfee was held by police for having a prohibited weapon and producing narcotics, but he was subsequently released without being prosecuted.

The Belizean police began investigating McAfee as an individual of concern in conjunction with the killing of an American ex-pat in November of that same year. Gregory Viand Faull’s corpse was found at his Belizean home on November 11, 2012.

He was shot, and he died. Investigators were investigating McAfee’s interactions with Faull since he had lived next door to the criminal.

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McAfee eventually departed Belize after being sought by the police for questioning in relation to the killing of Faull. He attempted to seek sanctuary in Guatemala City on December 5, 2012, but was arrested for entering the country unlawfully.

During his detention, his request for asylum was denied; as a result, he was compelled to wait for deportation in a military jail in Guatemala.


McAfee has run into the law countless times more since then. In Tennessee, he was stopped for a DUI and possession of a firearm in August 2015.

After the Appellate Division in Orlando, Florida declined to dismiss the lawsuit for wrongful death brought against McAfee for the murder of Faull in Guatemala, it was re-filed in November 2018.

After a second case was brought against him throughout the early months of 2019, a grand jury was then convened to try him for tax-related offenses. Therefore, he claimed that he was evading American authorities and was living on a boat in January 2019.


Personal Life


After being deported from Mexico in December 2012 and returning to the United States, McAfee was contacted by a drug smuggler in South Beach, Miami. In 2012, this lady, Janice Dyson, and McAfee began dating. In 2013, they became engaged.


Net Worth of John McAfee


According to the new report, McAfee holds a net worth of almost four million dollars.


FAQ About McAfee


McAfee is either alive or deceased? 

McAfee passed away.


McAfee was born when? 

In the year 1945, McAfee was born.




John McAfee, an American entrepreneur in the field of technology, had amassed a wealth of $4 million by the time of his death.

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In the beginning, he became famous and wealthy since he was the founder and president of the free antivirus company McAfee.


News about McAfee


The first-ever Netflix documentary on antivirus software pioneer John McAfee.


Running With the Devil, a John McAfee film on Netflix claims to be an insane true crime journey.


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