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Keepupradio Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor Actually?

Keepupradio Net Worth

TikTok user Whitney Singleton’s profile name, Keepupradio, has made her one of the platform’s most famous stars. The majority of the films she uploads are about celebrity gossip, but she also dabbles in the world of video blogging. In addition to that, it has been observed that she occasionally broadcasts her gameplay on Twitch.

Name Whitney Singleton
Age 26
Birthplace Buffalo, New York
Profession TikTok Star
Origin America
Net Worth $60,000

Early Life

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Whitney entered this world on June 27th, 1996, in the city of Buffalo, New York. She was born in the United States. Even at an early age, she had a lifelong fascination with famous people and the rumors that spread about them.

This passion has continued throughout her life. She even highlighted the fact that when she was younger she would apply for internships at TMZ because she desired to participate in the world of celebrity gossip.

She did this because she wanted to be a celebrity gossip reporter. One of the videos that were hosted on YouTube had a discussion on this topic.



Since Whitney is of the idea that the correct content can make a good difference in the life of other people, she decided to create a TikTok account in the year 2020 and has been active on the site ever since then.

She has been doing so ever since. People have expressed an interest in watching the short films that she has uploaded to her channel. In these films, she talks about a wide range of various individuals.

In addition, not only is the content that she generates authentic but it is also constructed in a way that humanizes renowned individuals, as opposed to concentrating solely on the negative parts of their lives.

Whitney asserts that she always sets a great premium on giving content that is not only true but also educational in all of her videos, in addition to making sure that they are fun and engaging for her audience. As a consequence of this fact, the aggregate number of likes that have been given to her videos currently exceeds 8.4 million.

Whitney is now composing comedy routines and skits to upload to her channel in order to increase the amount of variety in the content that can be seen there. In addition to this, it has been noticed that she uses the website Twitch to stream herself playing a range of video games to an audience.


Body Measurements

Whitney, who performs under the stage name KeepUpRadio, has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (or 165 cm) and a weight of roughly 55 kilos. Her natural hair color is black. Originally. In a manner analogous to this, the color of her eyes is a rich dark brown.


Personal Life

Whitney Singleton and Tim Chewens have been in a committed relationship for the past six years, which began shortly after they began seeing one another.

They have a friend in common named Alex to thank for the introduction that led to their first meeting, which took place when they were both still enrolled at the same high school. Holly, her beloved companion dog, may frequently be seen following her around wherever she goes.



Favorite Games

She admitted in a video in which she answered questions that when she was younger she used to spend her time playing computer games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

She started playing video games when she was a little child and continues to enjoy doing so even now in her adult life. Battle royale video games like Fortnite and Battle Royale are currently at the top of her list of preferred video games to play.


Zumba And Gym

Before the epidemic started, Whitney went to the gym three times a week. These days, however, she stays active by doing Zumba at home. This activity not only helps her maintain her current level of fitness but also enables her to better manage the stress that she has on a daily basis.

She has even gone so far as to try the treatment, and in addition to that, she is the type of person who routinely engages in the practice of meditation.


KeepUpRadio Net Worth

It is anticipated that KeepUpRadio will have a value of $60,000 on the internet by the year 2022. On TikTok, Whitney already has more than 380 thousand followers, which indicates that her fan base is starting to snowball.

It is probable that we will soon see Whitney’s fan base in the millions of people. As a direct consequence of this, she has an excellent opportunity to negotiate arrangements for brand sponsorships that are even more financially rewarding.

Whitney’s sponsorship has historically been beneficial to a variety of companies and brands, including The Coldest Water and Buffalo Beauties, among others.

Additionally, she has close to 50,000 followers on Twitch, a platform on which she occasionally broadcasts video games and from which she can generate revenue through the sale of virtual goods and the receipt of monetary donations. In addition, she broadcasts video games on this platform, so she is able to generate revenue from it.


FAQs of KeepUpRadio

Is she dead or alive?

She is alive.


What is her current age?



Is she engaged?




TikTok user Whitney Singleton’s profile name, Keepupradio, has made her one of the platform’s most famous stars. The majority of the films she uploads are about celebrity gossip, but she also dabbles in the world of video blogging.


News about Keepupradio

In Eco-DRR, trees play a significant role in disaster risk reduction.


There may be at least 36 advanced alien civilizations in our galaxy.


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