Ant Glizzy Net Worth :How Rich Is The Rapper Actually?

Ant Glizzy is a well-known American rapper who first came to public attention after uploading a number of his successful songs to SoundCloud.

It was his popular tracks “Computers Freestyle” and “Having Fun” that brought him the most attention and recognition. Ant is the younger brother of Shy Glizzy, a rapper who has been nominated for a Grammy.

Name Ant Glizzy
DOB 28-02-1992
Birthplace Washington DC, US
Profession Rapper
Origin United States
Net Worth $250 Thousand

Early Life

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During the formative years of his life, he spent those years on 37th Avenue in Southeast Washington, District of Columbia, where he was raised.

His older brother’s name is Shy GLizzy, and he is only nine months older than he is. They are a family with another child. 19 years old at the time of his father’s death, the cause of death was a gunshot wound. Ant was raised by his mother, Barbara Amonte, as well as by his grandmother.

They were both very involved in Ant’s upbringing. In the past, he and his brother, Shy, were complicit in a series of armed robberies that took place all over the area.

Ant hails from a family that is devoutly religious and follows Islam. In addition, he read the Quran when he was younger and continued to do so throughout his life. ‘

Both he and his brother, Shy, were the ones who initially began writing the rap lyrics, and the two of them would perform together.

He and Shy are also the ones that performed together. Despite the fact that Ant and his brother had a strong bond, the former did not include his sibling in any of his music videos.

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The year 2011 was significant for many reasons, including the launch of rap careers by Shy and his brother, as well as the establishment of the Glizzy Gang.



Ant Glizzy took the decision to move on his own, without his brother’s participation or assistance. After that, he didn’t waste any time and started uploading rap songs that he had made to SoundCloud.

Surprisingly, the people who enjoy music complimented him on the amazing rap work that he had done previously. In addition to this, Ant has made available on the YouTube channel that bears his name a selection of his earlier musical works.

It was on February 14, 2015, that he released his first single, and the title of the song was “She Loves Me.” Following that, Ant added two or three more songs to his catalog on his YouTube channel.

On February 28, 2015, he posted a song to YouTube under the title “So Sorry,” and as of today, there have been more than 29,000 people who have listened to it there.

Another one of his songs, titled “Pray 4 Me,” was issued for public consumption on April 10, 2015, and it included the rapping abilities of Young Yawn. It cannot be denied that the song played a significant role in his being famous at such a young age.

Ant wrote a freestyle that he called “Flicka Da Wrist” on May 11, 2015, and released it that same day. Because of the mixtape, he gained greater fame in the music industry.

After keeping fans waiting for a whole year, he finally released a new album under the name “Barbara Son 2.” The album featured several of the artist’s most successful singles, including “See U Later,” “Got Me a Gun,” and “Angel.” One of his most recent efforts is a song called “Rags to Raches,” which he just released on April 10, 2021.


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Personal Life

It is currently unknown how Ant Glizzy is doing in terms of his romantic relationships. On the other side, in February of 2021, he shows it to his girlfriend when they are both live streaming on Instagram.

During the time that he was broadcasting live on Facebook, viewers were very critical of his fiancee and the appearance of her teeth.



Ant Glizzy Net Worth

as of Right Now By the year 2022, it is estimated that Ant Glizzy will have accumulated a net worth of approximately $250,000 by himself.

It is very likely that he has accumulated a big fortune as a result of his employment in the music industry. His wealth is likely substantial.

It is reasonable to assume that Ant is earning a significant amount of money from his self-titled YouTube channel, which has received more than 4 million views to date.


FAQs About Ant Glizzy

Is he dead or alive?

He is alive.


What is her profession?
he is a rapper.


What is his net value?

250 thousand dollars.



Ant Glizzy is an established American rapper who first came to the attention of the public after publishing a number of his hit tracks on SoundCloud. Since then, he has gone on to achieve widespread success.

It is generally agreed that Ant Glizzy was instrumental in the early development of the trap music genre. At that time, he had a total value that was approximately equivalent to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

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News about Ant Glizzy

Federal jail sentences for four “Glizzy Gang” members.


Rapper “30 Glizzy” from the Washington region was identified as the deceased.


Video: Get IT GOIN by Grammy Nominee Shy Glizzy.


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