James Khuri Net Worth: How Rich is The Businessman Actually?

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A successful American businessman and entrepreneur, James Khuri founded a firm that dealt with the manufacturing of products such as trading cards, merchandise, and so on.

Khuri made his wealth via the sale of his company’s stock. He has been employed by the business for almost 15 years at this point.

James Khuri has been in the news a lot lately since his son was involved in a vehicle accident that resulted in the death of a lady while driving carelessly and dangerously.

The situation deteriorated further when it was revealed that James Khuri had engaged a public relations company to alter the narrative of the tragedy, but had instead gotten negative publicity as a result.

Quick Bio of James Khuri

Name             James Khuri
Age             40 years
Nationality             American
Profession             Entrepreneur
Wife             Christine Khuri
Children             Brendon Khuri
Instagram             @jameskhuri



James began his own immobilization company at 21 years of age and began to invest in hospital and commercial buildings in New York.

During the year 2001, he extended his company’s operations by buying residential complexes in Los Angeles. James began working as a producer and supplier of various construction-related goods for brick-and-mortar retail shops at the same time he was building his real estate holdings.

James is more concerned with supplying trading cards from different companies such as Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! then with anything else.

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His business, FJ Holdings, is the world’s largest distributor of trading cards, and his company also serves as a fulfillment facility for Walmart’s online order fulfillment.

The business has operated in over 136 countries and James has teams in New York and Los Angeles who are responsible for the entire local and worldwide operations.


Who Is the Wife of James Khuri?

James Khuri, on the other hand, is presently single and therefore does not have a wife. Brendan Khuri, his son from a previous marriage to Christine, is the only child he has with Christine.

The ex-couples separated in 2008, and James has not met a new partner since then. Christine, his former wife, has, on the other hand, been living a happy married life with a new spouse since his divorce.

After more than 22 years of separation and divorce, it seems that James is not actively searching for a new bride.


Meet Brendan Khuri, the son of James Khuri

As previously stated, James Khuri is the father of a boy called Brendan Khuri, who is the product of a prior relationship with another woman.

Brendan is just 17 years old, but his father showed tremendous generosity when he presented his loving son with a Lamborghini Aventador for $200 thousand.


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James Khuri‘s Net Worth

In order to rescue his son from the crime that he committed, James Khuri took use of his wealth and the influence he had as a result of his position to run a fake campaign via his network of contacts.

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People on the internet reacted against the businessman and his reasons for attempting to cover up the alleged tragedy, despite the fact that he owns millions. In addition, there were allegations that James Khuri was unconcerned about the severity of the accident his son was engaged in, and that he did not care about it.


Things You Should Know About James Khuri

  • Known by the name Juliette Khuri to her husband, James Khuri, the couple has been married for a lengthy period of time.


  • When it comes to his race, James Khuri and his wife are both Caucasians, and it goes without saying that his kid is as well.


  • James Khuri was born in the United States and is a citizen of the United States. James Khuri now resides in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.


  • It was just a few days ago that the businessman took to Instagram to express his sympathies to the victim after learning of the tragedy. He had been silent about it until then.


  • Furthermore, the situation concerning Khuri’s son grew deplorable due to the fact that no accusations against him were lodged.
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