Payroll Giovanni Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper Actually?

One of the most brilliant and successful American rappers is Dior Giovanni Petty, better known by his stage moniker “Payroll Giovanni” in both the public and professional spheres. He developed an early interest in rapping as a result of growing up in Detroit. He draws inspiration from former hip-hop and rap artists. When Payroll Giovanni was worldliest, several artists, including Big Sean, Tee Grizzley, J Peezy, Cash Dial, and others, included him in their tracks and albums. He also signed with CTE World; a well-known music label run by Young Jeezy.



Name Dior Giovanni Petty
DOB Jan 30, 1988
Age 34
Profession Rapper
Place of Birth Detroit
Net Worth $ 25Million
Marital Status Married


Early life

Dior Giovanni Petty, also known as Payroll Giovanni, was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 30, 1988. After finishing his junior year, he went to Oak Park High School. He started his rap group here with Chaz and HBK as well as others.


They enroll in high school together and begin working in the music business. Additionally, they interacted with the “Doughboyz” rap group from Southfield High School, which they all later joined.


Payroll Giovanni is credited with preserving the G-Funk aesthetic and keeping the vintage hip hop sound relevant. His most recent albums are Sosa Dreamz from 2016 and Big Bossin, Vol. 1, which he co-created with Cardo in 2016.


Additionally, Giovanni was a featured artist on Crenshaw Biggie’s tune Kevin Durant. He also worked on the Hall of Fame CD alongside Big Sean.


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Rapper Giovanni’s well-known anthems had a few hit songs, such as Stack Season and Get Money, Stays Humble. When he was still a high school student, he began his career. There, he met HBK and Chaz, and the three of them soon bonded as friends and creatives.

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They joined Doughboyz Cash out (sometimes referred to as Doughboyz), and they haven’t turned back since. They collaborated on the hugely popular mixtape We Ran the City before they joined Doughboyz.


After that, things improved for them, and they entered the music industry with relative ease. This album had successors, and when they all came together, they unleashed an unexpected creative explosion.


Additionally, they had been involved in drug scandals. Payroll Giovanni’s solo debut, Get Money Stay Humble, which was released later in 2014, propelled him to popularity. His other songs include PayFace by the year 2017, Big Bosdin, Sosa Dreamz, and Stack Season.


For his second year of junior high school, Giovanni enrolled at Oak Park High School. He and his mates Chaz and HBK started his rap group here. Through their dedication throughout their academic careers, these three were able to enter the music industry. Due to their familiarity with them, this gang eventually joined the Southfield High School rap group “Doughboyz.” 


Personal Life 

Payroll’s private life is not public on social media. On social networking sites, Giovanni is not hesitant to talk about his private life. He found his lady love in Kendra Parker who runs her own business of hair extensions and has a fan following of 300k on Instagram right now, and the two are parents to a baby girl together.



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Payroll Giovanni’s Net Worth

Payroll According to Forbes, Giovanni’s net worth is estimated to be $1,260,000. He is a part of the Detroit rap crew Doughboyz Cash out and serves as the group’s de facto boss. Early in his life, he discovered his love for rapping, and since then, he has appeared on several albums and singles. He joined Young Jeezy’s CTE universe in 2017, which led to a record deal worth $600,000 for him.


He studied in Detroit, Michigan during his formative years. The classic Detroit rap artists‘ music had an impact on him. He recently made a $10,000 real estate investment and is actively pursuing a position as CEO of his own business. He wants to find a new business in the upcoming years and get to the position of CEO.


His connection to Kendra Parker contributed to his achievement. Giovanni has a daughter and is a significant part of his profession. On their Instagram accounts, the duo frequently features Khristin Dior Rose. In addition to rapping, Payroll Giovanni’s wealth is increasing as he grows his company.



Payroll One of the best rappers in Detroit, Giovanni learned the craft as a child and took cues from the city’s top artists. Giovanni collaborated with a lot of popular rappers. His net worth is approximately $25 million to date His name is one of the most well-known in the world, and his music has topped the charts in several nations.


He is a Doughboyz Cash out member, a hip-hop crew. His supporters are among the musician’s numerous and varied fan base. You’ll adore Payroll Giovanni’s new album if you have a crush on him.

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