Candy Ken Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper Actually?

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Candy Ken is a well-known rapper, model, and celebrity on TikTok who hails from Austria. Ken is well known for his ability to merge genders, specifically masculine and feminine appearances, as well as popular culture. Additionally, he is quite well-known for the videos he posts on TikTok.

Full Name Jacob Kasimir Hellrigl
Nickname Candy Ken
DOB 27/07/1992
Birth Place Austria
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Rapper, Model, TikTok artist
Girlfriend Name Baby J
Net Worth 2 Million US Dollars


Early Years

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Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl was born in Austria on July 27th, 1992. Ken is an Austrian. He was raised in the city of Bregenz in Austria throughout his formative years.

He attended  Wenatchee High School in Washington. After that, he began studying film design at Berlin’s Lette-Verein College.

He left college to become a singer and rapper. His research was unfinished despite his attempts. He quit school in 2014. He then attended Washington’s Wenatchee High School. He spent one year learning at the institution.

While he was attending Wenatchee, he struck up relationships with two different women who would go on to become among his closest companions.

Ken claimed that the two ladies were the ones who motivated him to begin his profession in music.

He drew his inspiration from them. After that, Ken went on to create a gender-bending character for himself, drawing inspiration from the kawaii culture of Japan as well as barbie dolls.

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He established his signature look by beginning to dress in pink clothing.


Candy Ken Career 

In 2014, he uploaded the first episode of the video series Welcome to Candy Land to the video-sharing website YouTube. It was his own self-directed work, and Let’s Go Radio was the production company. After some time had passed, the video was eventually adapted into a quick film titled “Welcome to Candy Land.”

Candy Ken Paradise, his second extended play, was released in the same year as “Daddy 69,” his third extended play. The rapper Riff Raff was a major influence on him when it came to making that record.

In addition to his profession as a camera operator, Ken has experience in the modeling industry. In the year 2015, the fashion designer Nicola Formichetti came upon a picture of him on Instagram. She had quite favorable impressions of him.

Formichetti is credited with the model’s subsequent success. For the photoshoot, he even stripped completely naked in front of the camera. After then, he continued to pose for publications such as VMAN, Paper, Vogue, and Dazed, among others.

Andy has also achieved fame on the platform TikTok. On TikTok, he has an actual following of 10.5 million users who follow him. To this day, his videos have been liked more than 350 million times across all platforms.


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Personal Life

The genuine nature of his sexual orientation is questioned by a great number of people. Ken does not identify as gay; rather, he is a pretty heterosexual man like most other males. A handful of rumors said that Ken is seeing a woman whose name is Baby J.

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The person who has been rumored to be his girlfriend is also a TikTok Star. On her many social media pages, you will frequently see her uploading images of herself with Candy.


Quick Facts about Candy Ken

  • He is a very successful TikTok celebrity and one of the wealthiest.
  • He has won over the hearts of millions of people, as evidenced by the fact that he has more than 8 million fans on TikTok.
  • He has modeled for publications such as Paper magazine, VMAN magazine, Vogue Taiwan, and a lot of other publications.


Candy Ken’s Net Worth


Candy Ken a TikTok sensation and rapper, might be worth $2 million by 2022. Additionally, he is making a significant amount of money through sponsorships and commercials on TikTok. We have calculated that he makes between $1,309 and $2,182 for each post from a single sponsorship.




FAQ About Candy Ken


Where does Candy Ken get his sweet treats?


Bregenz, an Austrian city located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, is where he calls home (Bodensee). It is the principal city of the federal state of Vorarlberg in Austria.


Is there a romantic connection between Candy Ken and Baby J?


Both of them have shared a number of videos on TikTok that are concerned with the end of their relationship.


Who are Candy Ken’s mom and dad?


Candy The name of Ken’s father is Mr. Hellrigl, and he is a businessman by trade. Ken’s mother is named Mrs. Hellrigl, and she is a housewife. Ken’s middle name is Hellrigl.

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Candy Ken is very known on Tik Tok. In most of his videos, he brags about his wealth. His critically regarded studio albums include Real Talk (2016) and Flamingo (2018) and he is still working on many new projects


News About Candy Ken

Candy Ken, whose actual name is Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, is one of the most successful influencers in the United States.


His real name is Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, but he goes by the name Candy Ken (22), especially online. Every day, we get a glimpse of her vibrant existence on social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.


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