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A civil rights activist and writer, Jeffery Shaun King is known solely by his pen name, Shaun King. Shaun is known for promoting social justice causes via social media as co-founder of Real Justice PAC.

According to estimated estimates, Shaun King’s net worth will be about $3 million by 2021.


Full Name Jeffery Shaun King
Birth Date September 17, 1979
Nationality American
Age 41 years old
Nick Name Shaun King
Height 6’1”, 185 cm
Birthplace Franklin County, Kentucky, U. S.
Profession Writer, Civil rights activist
Wife Rai King
Net Worth $3 million

Recently, he made headlines for purchasing a 5-bedroom apartment for $842K using donations he received from social media followers in support of his social causes.


Early Life of Shaun King

Shaun King was born in the US state of Kentucky in September 1979. Her mother raised both him and his brother, Naomi Kay King. The first place he attended for his education was Huntertown Elementary School, followed by Woodford County High School.

According to King, he was the victim of racism in Kentucky during his childhood. On the school property, about to get run over by a vehicle, a group of youths started to run him over

. Despite the complaints, school authorities adopted the position of the youth and did nothing. His high school career was cut short due to the physical abuse he received from the rednecks when he was growing up.

After completing his degree at More house College, Shaun majored in history and graduated from college. He took a medical leave of absence in the middle of college, and when he returned to More house, he was named an Oprah Winfrey Scholar.

The requirements for maintaining his scholarship required him to perform community service, and he began teaching at Franklin Lebby Stanton Elementary School as part of the process.

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The More house graduate worked as a research assistant for Professor Alton Hornsby Jr. after receiving his graduate degree in 2002. In 2018, King graduated with a master’s degree from Arizona State University where he studied history.


King Shaun’s Career

After leaving the teaching profession, Shaun began working as a pastor at the Total Grace Christian Centre in Georgia. His church, “Courageous Church”, was founded in Atlanta in the year 2008.

At the time, he hired new members by using social media, known as Facebook Pastors. Four years after becoming a pastor, he resigned from the Courageous Church, citing personal stress and disillusionment as his reasons for stepping down.

King was first noticed after analyzing the crime scene of Michael Brown’s shooting. The evidence he presented during his analysis shows that Darren Wilson was nowhere near danger when he was shot.

Since September 2013, he has worked as a contributor to The Daily Kos, a liberal political website. Most of his posts on his website focused on civil rights issues and violence in places such as Missouri, Ferguson, and South Carolina.

The North Star, a crowdfunded website, was launched in 2019 from Shaun. He described the website as an online revival of a newspaper published in the same name during the slave revolt.

Furthermore, in August 2015, he established “Justice Together”, an organization that aims to work towards identifying police brutality and lobbying politicians for change.

During the 2018 presidential election, he co-founded “Real Justice PAC”. As part of this committee, candidates who support criminal justice reform would be able to get elected as prosecutors at the club and local level.

According to his personal net worth in 2021, Shaun King has approximately $3 million. was his ministry, and he raised a significant amount of funds $1.5 million. The earthquake victims received a donation in 2010.


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King has written extensively about his experiences as a biracial person and has also written about the Black Lives Matter movement, gaining prominence during the events following the shooting of Michael Brown.

In an article King wrote, he analyzed deer crime scene evidence. He argued that officer Darren Wilson didn’t face any immediate danger during his shooting.

September 2014 saw King join the political liberal website, the Daily Kos, as a contributing blogger.


In addition to civil rights and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and Charleston, South Carolina, his contributions to the website have focused on allegations of police brutality, particularly against black communities.

Several of King’s stories focused on social justice, police brutality, and racial relations, and he has written commentary and articles about these topics.

King was announced as a political commentator for The Young Turks by Cenk Uygur on December 28, 2016. The Daily News terminated King’s employment in August 2017.

A crowdfunded website called The North Star was launched by King in 2019 as a revival of the anti-slavery newspaper of the same name. King said his supporters included Frederick Douglass’s relatives.

Subscription fees are required for articles, podcast episodes, and videos on social justice issues, including police brutality and mass incarceration.

Among the features promised and not delivered were a daily video broadcast and an app, the Daily Beast reported.

As a result, King said that he had overestimated the project and should have listened to advisors who cautioned him against making such ambitious plans.

The writer and historian Keisha Blain tried to call King “a liar and a fraud” after leaving The North Star, but a nondisclosure contract prevented her from saying much.

The former employee claims that employees had to wait months for their promised health benefits, whereas King asserts that all the employees were covered fully for health care.

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Personal Life of Shaun King

Rai King is the wife of Shaun King. His wife Rai and he raised five children. Two of his five children were legally adopted, and three were born to him and his wife.

In addition to raising money for various charitable causes, King has also been an active member of the Black Lives Matter movement. As a result of listening to the stories of people, he created a charity website called HopeMob or in 2012.

A few weeks ago, King was involved in controversy after it was suspected that he was using donation funds for personal purposes. After he purchased the $842K home, the rumor became more credible.


During the discussion, King confirmed that he did not buy the house, it was his wife Rai. “My wife, after working off and on for 20+ years, bought this home for the first time.” He wrote on Instagram.


Net Worth

Approximately $3 million is Shaun King’s personal wealth as of 2021. As the pastor at, he raised a significant amount of money–$1.5 million. In 2010, an amount of money was donated to the earthquake victims.

Several criminal justice-related causes have benefited from his efforts to date. It is hard to say what he did with all the money since there is little transparency about the money raised and where it went.

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