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A combination of a Greek god and a WWE wrestler, he’s an internet sensation, a Miami legend, and a martial arts legend. Businessman Anwar Zayden appeared as a Bolivian drug dealer while he was a lover and a playboy. A corrupt South Beach SOS shot and killed Mendez in the episode El Viejo and a drug dealer, Alfredo Morega.

Full Name Anwar Zayden
Birth Date October 8, 1961
Age 58 years old
Birthplace South Beach, Florida, U. S.
Nationality American
Religion Cristian
Profession Actor, Entrepreneur
Wife Not Available
Net Worth $20 million


The episode Badge of Dishonour of the series Miami Vice addresses this issue. Hot women, a luxurious home, a name, fame, and money all go together. There was nothing Anwar lacked: luxury cars, family, everything.


Early Life and Family of Anwar Zayden

The birth of Anwar took place on October 8 in Miami. Anwar’s early years were quite different from what he lived later. Originally from Lebanon, his parents immigrated to the United States. He used to run an import and export business with his father, Alfredo Zayden. A construction magnate’s daughter, Graciella Zayden, was his mother. They were burned down by militants in 1958, however. As a result, the couple moved to Miami.

Due to his father’s job with the Central Intelligence Agency, they had to travel from one country to another. When he was a child, Anwar claimed that he did not feel as secure as he should have because he had to pack up and travel at any time, regardless of the time. In addition to the two sons and 4 daughters, the family had 4 daughters when they migrated to Spain. There was always a problem with money back then.

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He used to spend his spare time riding horses and leading tours on ranches when he was a child. At home, he smuggled Playboys, made copies, and sold them for a profit. At the time, he watched with great excitement on TV the launch of Apollo 11.



The Zaydens had sent all eight of their children to the US SchoolThe school is located on an Air Force base. In school, Anwar used to do gymnastics. Since then, He has been an extremely active and athletic individual.

Even on Christmas day, he would jog around the neighborhood, according to his mother. Education and college were never of interest to him, he has always had a dream of owning his own business one day.


Career and Bio

As soon as he arrived in Miami at the age of 18, Anwar started working. He began riding bulls in rodeos between Florida and Texas at that time while staying with his uncle and aunt. I cannot believe he went to Knoxville with 20,000 dollars. As he learned the trade, he worked at a frame store.

After appearing in the commercials for smooth-jam radio station Love 94, his career was launched. She spotted him and finalized his contract with the radio station.

The sensation did not last long and soon Anwar had his own apartment, a big Rolls-Royce convertible, and a business. Miami Vice cast soon noticed him and he became a cast member of the show. Furthermore, he appeared in the Calvin Klein campaign wearing a loincloth.

His father and siblings soon joined him at Art Express in Kendall where he opened the business. In addition to fulfilling celebrity orders, the store also handled orders from Sens. Connie Mack and Jose Canseco.

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Personal Life of Anwar

Anwar has never been single in his entire life, despite being unmarried. His first love was a supermodel (and future Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid Foster, and he regarded her as his first and true love. However, after 7 years of a long relationship, they split.

Nancy Coco Johnsen, an ex-flight attendant and sometimes model, was spotted by Anwar at China Grill soon afterward. During that time, the girl was 31 years old and she spent time with him after that. Hours later, Nancy complained to Anwar about being sexually assaulted by him after spending time with him.

During his 12-day jail sentence, he was arrested. According to the witnesses, Nancy’s statements were false. Upon release, Anwar filed a case against the Miami police department and the case was ultimately settled in 2004.

Key Biscayne, a 26-year-old Russian dating artist, was spotted with him in 2012 – just one year into the relationship. In a bikini, keys mother and she were both spotted at Anwar’s house.


Net Worth

Art Express is owned by Anwar, who sells orders to Hollywood stars. An owner of a Miami Beach, Florida two-story Mediterranean property lives on Pine Tree Drive. It costs more than two million dollars to buy the 1941 property that he bought in 1990 for $338000. A 55-foot yacht and a black Range Rover await him.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Make-a-Wish Foundation are among his charitable efforts, and he is said to roll down his windows and throw 20$ bills to panhandlers when he drives by. It is estimated that he will have a net worth of five million dollars by the year 2020.

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Body Measurements

Anwar has a huge body measuring 5ft 11 inches tall and 195 pounds, and he displays huge muscles all over his body, like polished leather. The man has long black hair and brown eyes. Certainly, he is a lady’s man as well as a fine wine that gets tastier with age.



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