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This is the story of one of the sons of career military officer Michael Peterson, who went from being a respected member of society to becoming a convict.

A veteran of the US marine corps, a famous author who wrote A Time of War: A Bitter Peace, The Immortal Dragon, novels, and a columnist for a local newspaper, he was once a government think tank member.

Real Name Michael Iver Peterson
Age 77 years old
Date of Birth 23-Oct-1943
Place of Birth Nashville Tennessee
Profession Marine Corps Officer, Novelist
Nationality American
Height 175 cm
Net Worth $100 Thousand

In the beginning, he was doing well. However, after losing the election to the mayor, his finances deteriorated. In the next section, we’ll discuss Michael Petersons net worth as well as his career.


Early Life of Michael Peterson

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Michael or Mike is a U.S. citizen. It was he whose parents were Eleanor and Eugen Iver. He is a graduate of Duke University’s Dedman School of Government, as well as the University of North Carolina School of Law.

Upon graduation, he obtained a job with the government in the armed forces, serving as a think tank on war-related matters.

A car accident left him permanently disabled in 1968, forcing him to leave the Marine Corps without an honorable discharge.


Personal Life of Michael Peterson

During the early part of Peterson’s career, he was an elementary school teacher. His first wife, Patricia Sue, was a teacher. Before Peterson divorced in 1987, the couple had two children.

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In 1997, he married Kathleen Peterson again, but after only four years, she disappeared mysteriously in 2001, and Peterson became the murder suspect, and he was jailed for manslaughter.


Body Measurements

The current date of 19th September 2021 finds Michael Peterson to be 77 years old. He was born on Wednesday, 23 October 1943. A height of 1.78 m and a weight of 68 kg describe his physical characteristics.


Education of Peterson

Richland high school had accepted Michael as a student. It was his parents who said that Michael was a great child.

He was also surprised to find out that he has a good vocabulary, and the teachers suggested that he try writing essays and writing some of the books which can help you create your name.

After his school life, he had joined the University of North Carolina for his higher education.


Bio of Michael Peterson

American author Michael Peterson’s net worth is $500 thousand. He is a convicted criminal who is also a novelist. In 2016, Netflix released a miniseries about his wife, Kathleen Peterson, entitled “The Staircase”.

Nashville, Tennessee was the place of Michael Peterson’s birth on October 13, 1943. The second wife he had was murdered by him in 2003. A new trial was granted to him after eight years and he was sentenced to time already served in 2017 and released.

In 1983, Michael Peterson published his first novel The Immortal Dragon, in 1990 he published A Time of War, then in 1990 he published A Bitter Peace, then in 1998 Charlie Two Shoes and the marines of Love Company, and finally he published Operation Broken Reed in 2007.

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A memoir titled Behind the Staircase was released in 2019. The Staircase was released as a Netflix documentary miniseries in 2004 with a follow-up in 2013.

The New Detectives, Dateline NBC, Forensic Files, Cold Case, and others have featured him.


Career of Peterson

As a result of Peterson’s graduation from Duke University, he was hired by the government of the United States as an analyst. Researching the Vietnam war led to him enlisting in the Marines not long after.


His service in Vietnam was halted by a car accident resulting in a Purple Heart award, and he was honorably discharged. Following his return, he became a consultant for the government.

Two years after they began dating, Elizabeth Ratliff died as a result of a staircase accident that couldn’t be attributed to her age.

“The Immortal Dragon,” a best-seller, and “A Time of War: A Bitter Peace” are the two novels he authored. Peterson became very wealthy with these two books, and he considered running for the mayor’s office.

The purple heart award didn’t go as expected for him after he was discovered to be lying about how he earned it. The financial situation of Peterson also declined, just as his writing career did.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Kathleen was killed on the stairwell of their home in the year 2001, shortly after it was announced she was going to be laid off from her well-paying job.

Peterson’s explanation that the death was accidental did not convince the police, and after a thorough investigation, it was determined that Peterson had killed her. Peterson was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison.

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Awards and Achievements

He was once one of the world’s most celebrated authors and a bestseller, but his career has been tainted by a murder case, so none of his achievements are worthy of credit or celebration anymore.


Net Worth

Mike Peterson’s net worth is estimated at $100 thousand for September 2021. As a result of his lifelong imprisonment, he has been unable to earn any money. The life insurance policy of Michael Peterson covered a significant portion of Michael Peterson’s assets prior to the murder case. He earned money by working for the government and writing.

The result is that Michael Peterson net worth has shrunk almost to zero as a result. The well-known and wealthy author is now regarded as just another criminal, as if he had no reputation whatsoever.

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