Mattress Mack Net Worth: How Rich is The Businessman Actually?

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On February 11, 1951, James Franklin McIngvale was born, also known as “Mattress Mack,” was introduced into the world.

He spent his youth in Starkville, Mississippi, where he completed his high school diploma from Bishop Lynch High School there.

He subsequently went on to play football at the University of North Texas in Denton, where he remained until his graduation.

After graduating from high school, he worked at a business where he was not satisfied with his job and sought employment in a furniture store, ultimately deciding to start his own furniture company in his hometown.

Later in life, he married Linda McIngvale, with whom he had three children. Before it, he had married Cynthia Potter, but they had separated their views.

James Franklin McIngvale is better known for his stage moniker Mattress Mack. He is a well-known businessman and philanthropist in the United States.

Mattress Mack is most known as the proprietor of the Gallery Furniture store chain, which he founded in 1989. In addition, he is well-known for his ability to handle a firm.


Quick Bio About Mattress

Real Name             Jim McIngvale
Celebrated Name             Mattress Mack
Birth Place             Starkville, Mississippi, United States
Date Of Birth             11 February 1951
Age             70 years old
Father  George McIngvale
Mother  Angela McIngvale
Religion             Christianity
Nationality             American
Gender             Male
Marital Status             Married
Wife             Linda McIngvale
Kids Elizabeth McIngvale, Laura McIngvale, James McIngvale
Profession             Businessman
Net Worth             $350 million


The early life of Mattress

Mattress Mack’s real name is James Franklin McIngvale, and he was born on February 11, 1951, in Starkville, Mississippi, in the United States.

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Mattress Mack graduated from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, Texas, where he received his diploma.

Denton, Texas native Mattress Mack attended North Texas State University, which is now known as the University of North Texas. Mattress Mack was a football player while attending college.


Age, height, weight, and body measurements

Mattress Mack, who was born on February 11, 1951, is 70 years old as of today, November 12, 2021, and was born on February 11, 1951. Even though he is 1.74 m tall, he weighs around 62 kg.


Personal life includes affairs, many girlfriends, a wife, and children

In addition to Mattress Mack’s wife, Linda McIngvale, they have three children, Elizabeth McIngvale, James McIngvale, and Laura McIngvale.

Mattress Mack and Linda McIngvale have three children called Elizabeth, James, and Laura McIngvale. Elizabeth was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder when she was 12 years old (OCD).

The physicians believed that Elizabeth had reached the end of her therapeutic options at one point in her life. After she became 15 years old, Elizabeth was sent to the Menninger Clinic for treatment.

Elizabeth completed Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERPT) at the facility to help her cope with her OCD.

Elizabeth went on to become an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Elizabeth has formed a non-profit organization called the ‘Peace of Mind Foundation’ to assist those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


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Career, Achievements, and Nominations

‘Gallery Furniture’ was the name of the firm that Mattress Mack founded and operated with $5,000 in his pocket (1981).

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When sales stalled, Mattress Mack spent his remaining $10,000 on television advertising in the local market to attract new customers (1983).


The Gallery Furniture store chain generates around $200 million in sales each year. It has been included in the Top 100 Furniture Retailers list published by ‘Furniture Today’ for many years.

The Super Bowl XLVIII was marketed by this company. If the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, the Company will reimburse any purchases that exceed $6,000.

When all of the criteria were met, Gallery Furniture was required to return $7 million in furniture purchases to customers.

To be eligible for Mattress Mack promotions for the Houston Astros, the team has to win 63 games or more during the 2014 season.

Furniture retailer Mattress Mack has guaranteed to reimburse the first 500 consumers who buy furniture valued at at least $6,300.

Mattress Mack (Jim McIngvale), Thomas Duening, and John Ivancevich collaborated on a book titled ‘Always Think Big,’ which was written by the trio (2012).

The book is about the ups and downs of Mattress Mack’s business, as well as the history of the company.

The year 2014 saw the launch of Mattress Mack (James McIngvalenew)’s branded company, Mack-O-Pedic mattresses.




  • Mattress Mack is a married man, or is he single?

He has a wife and children.

  • How old is Mattress Mack, in today’s time?

James Franklin McIngvale/Jim McIngvale has reached the age of 71 years.


  • What day does Mattress Mack celebrate his birthday?

Mattress Mack was born on February 11, 1951, which is his birthday.

  • Does Mattress Mack have a net worth of 800,000 dollars is it right?
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The net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

  • Mattress Mack was born somewhere in the United States.

The city of Starkville, Mississippi, in the United States, is the birthplace of Mattress Mack.


Mattress Mack’s Net Worth and Salary Estimates for the Year 2021

Mattress Mack’s (Jim McIngvale) net worth is estimated to be $80 million as of 2021. The majority of Mattress Mack’s wealth is derived from his ownership and management of the Gallery Furniture retail franchise.

The sale of his co-authored book ‘Always Think Big’, which was released in 2002, has also provided Mattress Mack with financial gain. Mattress Mack is well-known for his sales slogans, which include the phrase ‘Saves you money!’

Mattress Mack is a well-known philanthropist in the business community. He gave $50,000 of his own money to the Salvation Army, which was much appreciated (2007).

He donated to the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston’s Medical School, which he attended. His contributions went towards the establishment of the United States’ first Mobile Stroke Unit (2014).

Mattress Mack opened two Gallery Furniture shops in August 2017 to house hurricane Harvey victims who had been forced to flee their homes due to the storm.

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