Brandon Fugal Net Worth: How Rich is The Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer Actually?

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Having a good reputation as an advisor and infrastructure expert can also give you the opportunity to explore other interests. If we are talking about Brandon Fugal, these are his major interests. The kind of person he is.


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Full Name Brandon Daniel Fugal
Birth Date April 1, 1973
Age 48 years old
Birthplace United States
Religion Christianity
Profession Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer
Education Utah Valley University
Wife Lacey Anne Fugal
Net Worth $300 to $500 million


Despite being one of the most successful advisors out there, he gained a lot of attention when he appeared on History Channel’s the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Its notorious paranormal activities led the government to keep the place under lock and key for so long.

This is private property owned by Fugal. In support of the facts, he hopes to personally investigate the location.

Success has marked the back of Brandon Fugal. As part of the upcoming second season of History Channel’s brand-new show. The guy is getting more attention. By investing in cutting-edge technology, you have demonstrated commitment to figuring out if we are alone. Possibly the one which will lead us to understand the situation better.


Early Life of Fugal

The American actor was born on the 1st of April 1973. A middle-class family raised him and three brothers.

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Matthew and Cameron, two of his brothers, have appeared on an episode of the television series called “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”. Aero Dynamics Jets’ operations are also in their hands.

Pleasant Grove High School was Brandon’s school of choice. He dreamed from the beginning of his career to become a real estate developer. He was even licensed as a real estate agent as a teenager.


Biography of Brandon Fugal

The nature of Brandon’s relationship is currently kept private. Although he is rumored to be in a relationship.

Despite maintaining privacy about his personal life, we do not know what his relationship is. The details of his marriage and wife are unknown to us. Neither children nor news have been reported.

His personal life has never been made public, so he doesn’t seem to have a clear understanding of his marriage or wife. His love is not further discussed but our team is working on it.

If any updates are made about his relationship, we will keep you posted. Skinwalker Ranch is known to belong to Fugal. 2016 was the year when he purchased the company.

Technology is also heavily invested in Brandon. His best office broker award for 2019 was presented to him. Lacey and Brandon Fugal went to Utah Valley University.

Business is Brandon’s field of study. Now he is Coldwell Banker Commercial’s top office broker worldwide out of 3,000 agents.

A $300 million to $500 million fortune is estimated for Brandon Fugal. Billions of dollars worth of real estate projects have been built by him.

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In addition to the Embassy Suites/Convention Centres worth $100 million, Cottonwood Corporate Centres worth $100 million, Banyan Buildings worth $2.2 million, and Rare Downtown Development Parcels worth $10 million, Brandon has completed several large projects that have sold for millions of dollars. His reported earnings from just real estate transactions total $6 billion.


Career of Brandon Fugal

In the corporate real estate industry, he began working after receiving his license in real estate. Before joining the company, he worked as an associate with Grubb & Ellis/Wallace Associates.

He also gained real estate experience by serving as a Vice President at Utah Realty Group. His business idea resulted in the founding of Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) in 1998. Since the merger, Fugal has remained the chairman of CBC and was also named chairman of Colliers International.

Among 220 Coldwell offices in the world, Brandon had made his Salt Lake City office the No. 1 office. Colliers is now the No. 1 commercial real estate firm in the Intermountain West after the merger.

To date, his clients have included Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., Novell Inc., The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Workers Compensation Fund.


Robert Bigelow, a billionaire, sold him the 512-acre Skinwalker Ranch for $1 billion in 2016. The new owner was kept secret from everyone by his secret agreement with Robert.

The reality show that was made on the title “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” in March 2020 revealed that Fugal is the true owner of the vast property.

Researchers on the show conduct extensive research at Skinwalker Ranch, a property with a history of paranormal activity and UFO sightings. The idea of founding a tech company was also very appealing to Brandon. Ascend, Zenerchi, and Cypher Corporation, for example, are among the technology firms he has founded.

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Brandon Fugal’s Wife

Mr. Brandol Fugal is married to Mrs. Lacey Anne Fugal. She and he have four children together. A silver anniversary was celebrated in 2019 by the couple. The couple appears to be enjoying the present moment together.


Net Worth of Brandon Fugal

The wealth of Brandon Fugal is estimated between $300 million and $500 million. Real estate projects worth billions of dollars have been built by him.

Brandon has completed several large projects that have sold for millions of dollars, including Embassy Suites/Convention Centres worth $100 million, Cottonwood Corporate Centres worth $100 million, Banyan Buildings worth $2.2 million, and Rare Downtown Development Parcels worth $10 million.

There are reports that he has earned over $6 billion from just real estate transactions.

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