Justin Sun Net Worth: How Rich Is Chinese Entrepreneur Actually?

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Tron, one of the most well known Layer 1 cryptographic protocol platforms in the ecosystem of digital assets, was founded and is led by Justin Sun. He is renowned for possessing one of the biggest cryptocurrency public wallets, with $1.13 billion worth.

Justin Sun can be followed as he transfers money between various DeFi protocols and applications thanks to his well known public bitcoin wallet.

It presently farms many apps spanning Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom for approximately $1.1 billion in assets.


Real Name Justin Sun
Birth Date 30-07-1990
Education M.A In East Asia Studies
Founder Of Tron
Net Worth $3 Billion
Age 31 Years
Citizenship Grenada
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Religion Christianity
Occupation Businessman, Entrepreneur
Current Residence San Francisco


Early Life

Justin was brought into the world in  Xining, Qinghai, on July 30, 1990. But there is little information available about his early life and family history. he attended his early education in Singapore

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In 2007, he enrolled at Peking University in Beijing. He has done his bachelors in arts and masters in east Asian studies from well-known institutes.

Sun moved there so that he may complete his education. Additionally, Jack Ma, a fellow businessman, chose him to enroll in Hupan University, his prestigious business school.

Justin graduated in 2018 .In the same year, he also wrote a thesis on the internet and blockchain technologies.

Justin’s Career

Sun appeared on the cover of the Yazhou Zhoukan international affairs magazine in 2011. In 2014, he performed a similar function for the Davos Global Youth Leaders.

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He worked with Ripple Labs, a provider of cryptocurrency payment solutions, in the same year. He functioned on the  app Peiwo as an advisor and primary representative while at Ripple Labs. Teenagers in China quickly adopted it as a platform of choice.

Justin Sun introduced the TRON environment in 2016. Tronix (TRX), a native cryptocurrency, and Decentralized USD, a stablecoin, were both produced using it (USDD).

Personal Life

Being a bit shy, Justin Sun keeps much of his private things to himself and doesn’t disclose much information about his household or his family life available to the public.

His marital status is not public as of now. However, it is well known that he resides in Grenada as a government diplomat.

He probably did this mostly for tax reasons. But still, most of his life updates rather than his professional work are not opened up by him he likes to keep his personal life private as many successful people do.

Interesting Facts about Justin Sun

Justin bought BitTorrent for $140 million a year after founding TRON. Rainberry, Inc. is the new name for BitTorrent. He gained notoriety in 2019 after spending $4.6 million on a dinner date with renowned investor Warren Buffet.

This is a prime illustration of his readiness to part with cash to court media interest and further his cryptocurrency ventures.

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The internet entrepreneur started working with NFTs in 2021. In order to acquire the $22 million in digital artwork by Picasso and Warhol, he created an NFT investment vehicle. He fell short of winning the record-breaking Bepple NFT at Christie’s auction, which sold for $69 million.

Later that year, he gave up his position as TRON’s CEO to represent Grenada at the World Trade Organization. He also won the New Shepard auction and will be among the first paying passengers to onboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket.

Body Measurements

The 35 years old attractive owner of many successful crypto projects is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 70 kilograms (154 pounds) as of 2022, wears a size 9 shoe, and has no tattoos on his body.

Justin Sun’s Net Worth

Justin is one of the top 50 cryptocurrency billionaires, holding various cryptocurrencies and working as a company executive. The owner of TRON blockchain has a large stake in the business and cryptocurrency of his former organization.

The Chinese genius child declared in 2022 that he would put $2 billion into the TRON DAO reserve to defend USDD’s peg at a time when stablecoin values were trending downward. This suggests that Justin is prepared to take whatever necessary steps to protect his $300 million wealth.


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In 2017, the owner of the TRON Foundation was added to the Forbes below 30 Asia list. Sun, on the other hand, was consistently listed in Forbes’ under 30 China list in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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In October 2018, he gave the Blockchain Charity Foundation over $3 million. Actually, Justin sun is Hupan University’s sole millennial alumnus.

Concluding we can say that Justin a very successful person at very young age is currently residing in San Francisco, California (USA), where he is leading the life of his desires and excelling in his work.

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