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Tanika Ray, former ‘Extra’ host and Diddy backup dancer, reveals that she went out of her way to avoid him.

Former ‘Extra’ host and Diddy backup dancer Tanika Ray recently made headlines for her comments about her past interactions with the music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Ray, who danced for Diddy in the ’90s, revealed that she avoided him “at all costs” due to a “horrific” experience she had with him during that time. This revelation came in the wake of another media personality, Touré, sharing a specific story about a relative’s unfortunate encounter with Diddy.

In an interview with Joy Reid, Touré recounted how he had asked Diddy to hire his family member as an intern, only for the internship to end abruptly after Diddy allegedly made inappropriate advances towards the relative. This revelation prompted Ray to share her own experiences, hinting at a troubling incident that she has kept private for years. Despite facing criticism for not speaking out sooner, Ray emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s mental health and well-being over rehashing traumatic events.

The conversation surrounding Diddy and his alleged misconduct has gained traction in recent months, with multiple individuals coming forward with lawsuits and accusations against the music mogul. Diddy has vehemently denied all allegations, settling one lawsuit within 24 hours of it being filed. Federal agents also recently raided his homes as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation, further adding to the controversy surrounding him.

Despite the ongoing scrutiny and legal battles, Diddy’s lawyer has maintained his innocence, labeling the investigations as a “witch hunt.” With the mounting allegations and investigations, Diddy’s reputation and legacy are under intense scrutiny, leaving many to question the true nature of his past actions.

As the discussions around Diddy’s past behaviors continue to surface, it is essential to consider the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions while also respecting the privacy and well-being of those who may have been affected. The stories shared by individuals like Ray and Touré shed light on the complexities of addressing issues of misconduct and abuse within the entertainment industry, prompting a larger conversation about creating safer environments for all individuals in the future.

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Tanika Ray, former ‘Extra’ host and Diddy backup dancer, reveals that she went out of her way to avoid him.

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