Scott Gillen Net Worth: How Rich is The Designer, Builder Actually?

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American architect, builder, commercial director, stunt driver Scott Gillen is no stranger to designing. Best known for his appearance in Bravo TV’s reality series “Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles”.

During the show, he is introduced as one of the best contractors of the last few years. Scott also founded a brokerage firm called Unvarnished. According to estimates for 2021, Scott Gillen’s net worth will exceed $50 million.


Biography, Net Worth, Birthday, Nationality, Profession

Full Name Scott Gillen
Birth Date 1970
Birth Place United States
Company Unvarnished
Profession Designer, Builder
Age 50 year old
Wife Teri
Net Worth $50 million



Scott Gillen is a renowned American architect and developer known across the globe for having built some of Malibu’s most expensive ranch houses.

As a teenager, Scott Gillen worked as a stunt driver on various shows and continued doing so until he was forced to retire after an injury.

Matthew Perry, David Duchovny, and others have hired him to design their houses. His houses have been featured on the million-dollar listing show.

Scott Gillen will have a personal wealth of $50 million by the year 2021. Announcing the purchase of 24 acres of Malibu land for $50 million on April 8, 2003, he announced the deal.

Five minimalist mansions are being built as part of the project. The house he has just sold for less than $40 million is one of his first sales.

A Pandemic is currently spreading throughout the community caused by COVID-19. This has resulted in the community not yet being complete.

Scott is an extremely hardworking man, and after retiring as a stuntman, he worked as a driver for a truck rental company and a director for automotive commercials at the same time. Scott’s life took an important turn after he met his wife.

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After that, he became a designer. Soon after selling his bungalow located in Venice California, Scott Gillen founded his company Unvarnished and went on to be a successful real estate developer.


Personal Life

There is a woman named Teri Gillen who is married to Scott Gillen. Since the beginning of Teri’s struggle, he has always been by his spouse’s side.

When they moved from Venice to Malibu, she encouraged and supported him to pursue a career as a designer. When Teri and her husband were in Venice, she was pregnant. They now have a grown-up daughter, Sofia, who is around 20 years old.


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Scott’s Career

The building of new cars became more important to Gillen. As soon as he finished his second vehicle, he named it Volkswagen Beetle.

The car he built in 1965 was a Mustang, and he created another one in 1967, a Camaro. He left home when he was 16 and began living with his friend. He found a job as a scriptwriter with the help of a friend who had connections in Hollywood.

As a stuntman, he later appeared in CBS’s action-comedy “The Dukes of Hazzard”. In addition, he also became a stunt driver for several other notable series, including “Hooper,” “The Blues Brothers,” and “The Fall Guy.”

Five years earlier, he was working as a stuntman, jumping from one road to another. Parachuting stunts and stunt riding are also among his repertoire of skills. In the end, he was injured and had to give up stuntman work due to his injury.  Afterward, he began renting trucks for commercial businesses through a truck rental company.

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Meanwhile, he was also making automotive commercials as a director. Around seven and a half years ago, he directed automotive commercial ads. His wife Teri inspired him to become a designer.

From the very beginning, he used exposed beams and a glass garage to transform the 1928 bungalow into a live/workspace.

He moved to Malibu after some time. He was surprised to find that after moving into a new home, his 1928 bungalow, which was transformed into a new space, was sold within an hour.

A few years later, Scott realized he could have built up a career by getting into real estate. Several months later, he launched Unvarnished Company, a brokerage firm.


A few of the more prestigious and expensive homes in Malibu are built by Gillen. The celebrity actors David Duchovny and Matthew Perry have commissioned him to build them houses.

In Malibu, Scott has something to do with the rise in real estate prices. A leading contractor, he currently appears on Bravo TV’s Mission Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.

Projects Created by Scott Gillen

Many of Scott Gillen’s Malibu mansions have been built or are under construction. Because digital marketing is the way to go these days, he builds big mansions and posts pictures on Instagram.

It’s incredible how big this construction is. Among his most famous works is the development of 13 Malibu houses that sold for a combined $500 million. Malibu is the home of Hollywood royalty. Therefore, luxury houses are in great demand there.

There is something spectacular about each of these houses. He has developed the following mansions:

  • The New Castle

There is an infinity pool as well as an ocean view on this $75 million home. This hotel has two rooms for smoking, one for wine and one for cigars. As such, cigar enthusiasts will find it interesting.

  • The Case Residencies
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The 11-year project was completed in Malibu Bluffs. It includes a minimalistic design and five residences for an asking price of $50 million to $100 million.

  • Malibu Road Beach House

With a price tag of $25 million, this house comes with a 3-car garage and an incredibly expensive kitchen.

  • Paradise Cove house

There is no information published on the internet about the price of the property, but if you wish to purchase it, you can request it. The property is located on the secluded paradise Cove beach. The site on which these properties are listed has more details if you wish. An in-depth examination of the property developed by Scott Gillen and Douglas Elliman in Malibu can be found here.


Gillen’s Net Worth

The estimated personal wealth of Scott Gillen in 2021 will reach $50 million. On April 8, 2003, he announced that he had invested $50 million in 24 acres of Malibu land.

The project involves the construction of five minimalist mansions. He has already sold one of his houses for less than $40 million. COVID-19 is currently causing a Pandemic to spread throughout the community. This has caused the entire community to not yet be complete.



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