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Lexi Martone Net Worth: How Rich is The Artist Actually?

Lexi Martone Net Worth

Among her accomplishments as a nail artist, she has been featured on the reality TV series Unpolished as a member of the Long Island Family.

The innovative 3D nail art by Marconi has attracted many customers, tourists, and celebrities to visit his salon. Salon Martone is owned by Martone and her sister, Bria Martone.


Biography, Age, Profession, Career, Net Worth, Height

Full Name Lexi Martone
Date of Birth December 14, 1992
Age 30 years old
Height 5’5”
Born Place New York City, New York, United States
Source of Wealth Salon Owner, Television personality
Net Worth $2 million
Husband/Boyfriend Joseph Fraumeni


After experimenting with fashion design, Lexi decided it was not for her. Having read nail blogs, she became inspired and began to experiment with the medium.

With the help of her sister Bria, Lexi has established a salon she co-owns with a growing number of patrons, tourists, and celebrities.

Katie Holmes was Lexi’s first celebrity client. Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett Smith are also among the celebrities she has painted.

Since Lexi’s trailers have begun airing, she’s already booked months in advance since she can only see three to four clients in a day.


Early Life of Lexi Martone

In other words, Lexi is 28 years old now, and she was born on December 14, 1992. The Martone’s live in New York and have an eight-year-old daughter named Elizabeth. As well as Lexi Martone, Bria Martone is also a hair and makeup artist. Salon owners Lexi and Bria run the business.

Alexi’s grandmother, Foxy Grandma, who manages the salon, works with Lexi’s mother. The death of her father, Big Mike, in 2019, caused a void in the plumbing business he owned and managed from 1983 to 2019.


Lexi’s Career

Lexi worked in the fashion industry before becoming a nail artist. After three years as a nail tech, she became a licensed cosmetologist. She already had a huge following on social media thanks to the nail art that she posted on her pages before joining the show.

The fashion designer dreamed of becoming a nail tech, but her choice ended up being nails. She is now one of the most established celebrity nail artists in the world. She focused on improving her nail art skills.

Many of the world’s biggest celebrities have gotten Lexi’s nails, including Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, Sophia Bush, and more. Many magazines have featured her nail art, as well as the Kylie Jenner app and Fox’s Gotham series.

Additionally, Lexi bakes exceptionally well. Food Network hosted a show called “Baker vs. Fakers” in which professional bakers competed against amateur bakers. Lexi’s 3D art on cupcakes wowed the judges during the competition.

Lexi turned down an offer to appear on ‘Cake Boss’ after her appearance on the show. It is now her goal to design customized sneakers that will lead to different career opportunities.


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Lexi Martone’s Body Measurements

Her height is 5’4″ or 163 cm, with a weight of 60 kg, while she weighs 132 pounds and stands at 5’4″. Her early days were marked by an enormous loss of weight; she lost up to 100 pounds.

There is no information available about Lexi’s body measurements at the moment. She also dyes her hair blue sometimes, even though her natural hair color is black.


Lexi’s Personal Life

Currently, she is dating Joseph Fraumeni. In spite of their long relationship, they have managed to keep their relationship affairs private. Each of the couple’s Instagram accounts can be seen.


Surgical Weight Loss by Lexi Martone

A character on the TV show “Unpolished” was about to embark on a new chapter in her life after deciding to undergo reconstructive surgery. Before she decided to take matters into her own hands, Lexi was always conscious of her weight. Reality star Jackie started exercising and eating healthily, resulting in a total weight loss of over thirty pounds.

The woman talked about how she gained confidence by losing weight later in the show. Her final goal is to obtain reconstructive surgery, and that is still one step away.

Her decision to undergo surgery finally became clear after careful consideration, which came at a good time since Lexi had also been chosen to be the featured nail artist for a new nail polish launch.

As she spoke to the camera, Lexi revealed that whenever she had to appear at an event, she often found herself in a stressful situation. In response to her feeling that people were judging her for her weight, she confessed to feeling judged. Following the weight loss, however, she experienced a change in her lifestyle. As she began to speak to the crowd, she remarked that it felt good to speak in public.

Lexi’s family was concerned about the operation, despite the fact that she had decided to have it done. Lexi’s parents feared complications during the surgery and feared for their daughter’s wellbeing.

Ever since Matt became the family’s provider, Lexi and her sister, Bria, haven’t been on good terms. Bria and Matt have been dating for nearly eight years but have been involved intermittently. There was disagreement between Lexi and Bria about Matt, as she thought he wasn’t the ideal man for Bria.

Lexi confessed to Bria that she wasn’t feeling well as her surgery date approached. In an interview, she said she felt anxious and hoped everything between the two would be fine.


Lexi Martone’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Lexi Martone’s personal wealth will be around $2 million by 2021. Her main source of income is her own salon, Salon Martone, even though she earns a good amount of money from the reality show ‘Unpolished’.

People who wish to get gel acrylics can expect to pay between $20 and $60 for this service. An average gel manicure costs about $115 or even more depending on what kind of gel is being used.

Lexi Martone’s source of income

The well-known American reality television actress “Lexi Martone” has many sources of income, allowing her net worth to exceed $2 million as of the update. She makes the most of her money from her professional employment (as a salon owner and television personality) as well as her other enterprises.


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