Lacey Chabert Net Worth: How Rich is The American Actress Actually?

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Lacey Nicole Chabert is a well-known actress, singer, and voice artist from the United States of America who has garnered widespread fame since her youth.

Through her portrayal as Claudia Salinger in the television drama Party of Five, she gained prominence as a child actress on television.

She has also featured in two major films: Meg Griffin in the first season of the animated sitcom Family Guy and superheroine Zatanna Zatara in several DC Comics-related films. She has also starred in numerous animated television series.

The actress has secured numerous acting and voice-over parts that have earned her accolades, such as the MTV Award for Best On-Screen Team for her performance alongside other females in the 2004 film Mean Girls, which was released.

She and her family are now residing in California, where they relocated in anticipation of her beginning work on the set of Party of Five in the year 1994. Violin and piano are two of her favorite instruments to perform.

Name Lacey Chabert
Real Name Lacey Nicole Chabert
Country United States
Nationality American
Age 38 years old
Height 5 feet 2 inches Tall
Birthplace Purvis, Mississippi, United States
Date of birth January 13, 1953
Net worth 6 million
Education College Graduate


Early Life of Lacey Chabert

She was born in the town of Purvis in the Mississippi province on September 30, 1982.

Her father is a native French speaker, while her mother is of Scotch and Italian descent. Many individuals often used to work for an oil-related business.

He had a lot of duties as a manager in the maintenance operations department. Chabert has three siblings: two older sisters, Wendy and Chrissy, and a younger brother, T.J. Chabert has three siblings. Chabert is the youngest of three brothers and sisters.

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Personal Life of Lacey

Chabert had been dating David Nеhdаr for a long period. On December 22, 2013, they finally decided to seal the knot and tie the bond together.

In 2016, Chabert and David became the proud parents of a beautiful daughter. She enjoys shopping, just like any other woman, and she enjoys spending time in the kitchen. In addition to a pet dog called Abu.

She is now residing in Los Angeles, California.


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Career of Lacey Wolfhard

Chabert started playing at the age of eighteen in and around Mississippi, where he grew up. Claudia Salingеr in the small-screen drama Pаrtу of Five was the part that initially launched her name as a television actress.

The fantasy space thriller Lost in Space, in which she portrayed Penny Robinson, was the vehicle through which she made her theatrical debut.

The appearance of Eliza in the Wild Thornberry series, in which she featured as a character, was appreciated. Chabert portrayed Eliza in two animated features, The Wild Thornberry Movie and Rugrats Go Wild.

Amanda Bесkеr, a major character who played a supporting part, was also featured in the comedy picture.

In addition, she supplied a voice in Bаltо 2: Wolf Quest for the title character’s daughter and later to locate Meg Griffin’s daughter in the title character’s household in the annunciated version of the narrative.

In Christopher Rеeve’s tale, he portrayed the title character. It’s the Brооkе Ellison shop. This film is based on the real tale of a lady who overcame incredible odds to get a graduate degree from Harvard University.

It was for the simple reason that she suffered from quadriplegia. She was featured in the successful ABC television program Gооdbуe Life and acted in the famous comedy picture Mean Girls. She had previously appeared in a standalone episode of Fox comedy Thе Hot Yеаr.


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Lacey’s Net Worth

She could never have dreamed that as a young artist in music and theatre performances in her hometown, she would one day achieve the kind of popularity she has today.

Chabert had earned a sizable fortune via her acting and voice-over work in a number of Hollywood films.


According to Forbes, she has been receiving a $1 million yearly salary, which has increased her net worth to $6 million as of September 2021.

She has a magnificent house in Los Angeles County, California, estimated at about $1 million. Chabert has made many sacrifices during her career in order to attain the success and fame that she currently enjoys.

Her performances have been praised by critics all around the globe, and she has also captured the hearts of her followers.

Chabert, “the асtress and vоiсе асtrеss,” loves playing the violin and the piano, which is a little-known truth about her. She prefers to keep a low profile and is always ready to speak openly about her own personal experiences.


Some Interesting Facts About Lacey Chabert


  • Her cinematic credits include starring parts in Mean Girls, Dirty Deeds, and the horror remake Black Christmas, as well as supporting roles in Lost in Space, Not Another Teen Movie, and Daddy Day Care as well as starring parts in films such as Mean Girls, Dirty Deeds, and Black Christmas.


  • “I like working for the Hallmark Channel because they have been so supportive of my career,” says Chabert, who has featured in 12 Hallmark Channel movies. I’ve made several new pals in the area. I’m pleased with their films and the messages they convey via them.”
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  • Chabert’s parents, Julie and Tony Chabert raised him in the Mississippi town of Purvis. Her father is of Cajun, Sicilian, and English ancestry and is a native French speaker from Louisiana. Her mother’s ancestors are of English, Scottish, and distant Italian descent.


  • She was raised by her father, who worked as a maintenance operation representative for an oil film.



  • Chabert has a younger brother called TJ and two elder sisters, Chrissy and Wendy, who live in the same household.


  • In 1985, she was named World’s Baby Petite in the World’s Our Little Miss Scholarship Competition, held throughout the world.


  • She appeared in the Broadway version of Les Miserables as Cosette, which she held for two years between 1992 and 1993.


  • She was one of many celebrities who paid $250 for dinners at the Palm Restaurant in Los Angeles’ Fifth Annual Celebrity Server Dinner, with proceeds going to the Victory Over Violence organization.


  • Chabert was initially cast in the role of Young Lily in the film Return to the Blue Lagoon, but he decided not to participate for an unspecified personal reason.


  • Chabert was a passionate photographer who strongly advocated for initiatives that encourage teenagers to use their free time creatively and constructively.

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