Lewis Hilsenteger Net Worth: How Rich is The Youtuber Actually?

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A YouTube channel operated by Lewis Holsinger, Unbox Therapy. He mainly reviews tech products with a unique touch, starting by studying the items in the box as they are when you receive them.

The Canadian studied digital art, photography, and video editing at the Toronto School of Art before he achieved fame.


Net Worth, Age, Career, Profession, Nationality, Bio

Real Name Lewis George Hilsenteger
Age 36 years old
Date of Birth May 06, 1985
Place of Birth Canada
Profession YouTuber
Nationality Canadian
Height 168 cm
Net Worth $25 Million


Aside from the revenue generated by the channel, Lewis has also garnered sponsorship deals and accumulated an estimated net worth of $24 million.


Early Life of Unbox

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the location of his birth on May 6th, 1985. The high school he attended was in his hometown.

During that time, he attended the Toronto School of Art and studied digital arts, photography, and video editing. A lot of information about his earlier life hasn’t been revealed.


Personal Life

A couple has been married, but no information is available about the couple’s wife. YouTube videos featuring his son appear frequently on his channel.

The focus of his professional life is kept away from the spotlight. His video about an iPhone 6 Plus test was published in the year 2014. His study found that several people complained that their iPhone 6 Plus bent in their pockets.

In order to demonstrate this point, he bent an iPhone only with his hands in a video.

This video led the Apple Company to acknowledge that the phone was vulnerable, and they have made significant changes to it in order to strengthen it. If the phone was purchased during the launch period, the customer was given a replacement.

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Bio of Unbox Therapy

In 2021, Unbox Therapy has accumulated over 18 million subscribers as well as over 4.2 billion views. 1.3 million views on average per day will translate to $10,500 per day ($3.8 million a year) in YouTube ads based on all of the views.

As most high paying advertisers are attracted to the channel’s type of content, its ad pricing rate is higher than average.

Generally, YouTube content creators are paid between $2 and $12 per 1000 monetized views in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Most of the views are monetized, which usually ranges from 40% – 80%.

All of these are affected by a number of things, including the person’s location, the type of videos they watch, the number of ads they see, how many skip them, the type of ad, ad engagement, and the type of content they view.

Based on the number of views, advertisers compete for ad views. Each view must cost advertisers at least $0.01.

There is also a program called Google Preferred which allows a company with deep pockets to display ads on the top 5% most popular content. This site has a higher advertising rate than usual.

The YouTuber also generates revenue from viewers who subscribe to YouTube Red, which gives them access to premium content plus the ability to watch videos without ads.

Here, they get paid based on the number of times their videos are viewed. As long as their videos are viewed for a longer period, they earn more money.

As well as doing product mentions in his videos, Lewis has been able to work with sponsors like McDonald’s, Google, WB Games, Intel, Tom Clancy The Division, IBM, Anki, Oral B, GlassUSA, DBrand, etc. for videos.

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In addition, he won’t be required to share YouTube’s revenue with them since big companies will pay thousands for a mention.


In addition, he also makes more money by selling products through his YouTube channel where he receives commissions. Lew Later was a podcast he started in 2018 where he discussed trending news topics.


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Body Measurements

In the year 2021, Lewis Hilsenteger will be 36 years old. Lewis Hilsenteger was born on May 6, 1985. The height and weight of this individual are 1.68m and 75kg respectively.


Career of Unbox

His first job was at a repair store called I upgrade after he finished his studies. In addition to helping customers with computer problems, he has created YouTube tutorials.

The reason he became a YouTuber was due to the positive response to his videos. His YouTube channel titled Unbox Therapy was launched later in 2010.

To learn more about new technology gadgets and inventions, his subscribers subscribe to his channel.

Among his videos are those showing him unboxing Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and smartphones. The viewers prefer watching his videos since he is an expert in these products.

The rising popularity of his career resulted in companies becoming interested in sponsoring him, thereby increasing his earnings. Besides his own YouTube channel, he also owns another called More top 5, although he doesn’t use it anymore.

There are 16.1 million subscribers on his original YouTube channel, and 370K subscribers on his other channel.


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Awards and Achievements

As a YouTuber, he hasn’t won an award, but he is doing his best to make lots of money and gain lots of love from subscribers and fans. The most important accomplishment of his YouTube career is that his fans love him a lot.



Net Worth of Therapy

Based on his earnings from his YouTube channel, Lewis Hilsenteger has a net worth of around $25 million as of September 2021. There have been various sponsorship deals through Unbox Therapy.

Including both his sponsorships and channel income, he earns around $3.4 million per year. Because YouTubers don’t know their actual salaries, the data represents a comparison of salaries.

Because Lewis Hilsenteger has worked hard to reach this position, he has become a successful YouTuber. His studies in digital art and other subjects contributed to him becoming a better YouTuber.

A new gadget always piqued his interest. In order to express his unbiased opinions and views about certain products available on the market, he decided to start a technology channel.

His fans check out his channel whenever a new gadget launches in order to gather information. It is not uncommon for him to upload videos on YouTube with his son, for whom he is married.

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