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Autumn Calabrese Net Worth: How Rich is The Author Actually?

Autumn Calabrese Net Worth

Autumn Calabrese is one of the most popular fitness trainers on YouTube. In addition to nutrition programs, she is known for celebrity fitness.

As a fitness trainer, she belongs to the BEACHBODY COMMUNITY OF TRAINERS. Her YouTube channel features dieting tips and workouts posted by a certified trainer.

Through her new health videos on her YouTube channel, she keeps inspiring people. Additionally, she wrote a book on good nutrition.


Career, Biography,  Age, Net Worth,  Profession, Height

Real Name Autumn Calabrese
Date of Birth 23-Sep-1980
Place of Birth Cleveland, Ohio, U. S
Age 40 years old
Profession YouTuber, Author and Fitness Trainer
Height 5’4”, 163 cm
Weight 84 kg
Net Worth $10 Million


Early Life of Autumn

The 23rd of September 1980 was her birthdate in Cleveland, Ohio. Her family and ethnicity have been kept private as she does not want the spotlight to be focused on her personal life. Besides her brother Bobby, she has two sisters.

She was interested in dancing from a very young age, but her injuries prevented her from achieving her dream. Her high school education was confined to her hometown.

When she graduated high school in 1998, she attended WEBSTER UNIVERSITY to complete her B.A. In 2001, she earned a degree in fine arts and dance.


Bio of Autumn

Many celebrities have trained people and offered fitness advice over the years. Fitness instructors are responsible for educating clients and teaching them several techniques to help them stay healthy.

The fitness instructor Autumn Calabrese hails from the United States of America.

Beachbody Community of Fitness Trainers counts her among its famous members. In 1980, Autumn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a city in the United States.

Her siblings are named Bobby Calabrese and Kelli Calabrese, but Autumn has never mentioned their names. Her successful YouTube journey began after she started her channel.

Autumn hasn’t provided any details about her education, but reports indicate that she attended a high school. Her hometown was home to the high school she attended.

From an early age, she became fascinated with dancing while studying in high school. Sadly, she suffered an injury and had to give up dancing. Her schooling was completed, and she decided to continue her education.

After joining Webster University in 1998, she earned a master’s degree. She holds a B.A. The year 2001 was her graduation year for both fine arts and dance.

In Autumn’s private life, she has maintained the highest level of confidentiality. No mention of his husband has ever been made by her. Their lives were peaceful, and they were married. A child named Dominic was born to them as well.

It took the couple a few years for the problem to come to a head, and they decided to separate.

Some reasons may have led to her husband forbidding her to practice her fitness instructor profession. The couple got divorced while her husband was still in his 30s.

Then, she became a fitness trainer to pursue her passion. For Autumn to keep the child with her, the court ordered her to do so.

Now that she is a single mother, she handles her child alone. Furthermore, her husband frequently visits their home to see their son.

Autumn has decided to upload fitness videos to her YouTube channel. “AUTUMN FITNESS” is a channel she launched in 2013.

Her first concern was to provide tips to women that would allow them to take better care of their bodies, especially while they were pregnant and taking care of other family responsibilities.

She later established “Change my Plate” to teach people how to change their diets.

She gained popularity after she started training celebrities such as Brooke Burke, Rachel Zoe, and Tom Bergeron.  After she became a personal trainer, she gained immense fame, and her demand increased.

Although Autumn hasn’t been able to dance due to injuries, she sometimes regrets it. After this, she also created the 21-day fixed diet franchise, which became a top seller.

She has participated in several competitions of the same genre and is one of the most popular models in the country. Bikini contests were among the events she participated in often, and she won more than ten titles.

Among the celebrities, she follows are many of the books that she has written. She is a very successful career woman. She attributes much of her success to achieving success at a young age.

Approximately $10 million is projected to be Calabrese’s net worth by 2021. Her fitness classes are available on YouTube, and she makes money from them. The trainer procures a substantial amount of income from Hollywood celebrities as well. Her books fall into the same genre as well as being a dietician.


Personal Life of Autumn

Her marriage ended when she turned thirty years old after she had been married to someone for many years. Fitness had always been a passion for her, so she decided to start her own business.

Her content successfully motivated people, and she succeeded in her goal. Dominic is the name of the son she has with her husband. It happens quite often that her ex-husband meets the child of their ex-husband.

As far as we know, she does not have another relationship or affair. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to do well in her career.


Autumn’s Career

AUTUMN FITNESS is the name of her YouTube channel, with a debut date of 27th September 2013. MIGHT MOMMIES’ FITNESS was founded in 2006 in the hopes of teaching pregnant women how to care for their bodies while still having time for family responsibilities. Launched in 2012, Change My Plate started in Los Angeles. to educate people about their diets.

Tom Bergeron, Brooke Burke, and Rachel Zoe have all used her as a trainer. A collaboration between her and Sagi Kalev was undertaken for body sculpting. Among the United States’ celebrity trainers, she trains Jenna Marbles.

The girl dreamed of becoming a dancer since she was a child, and she trained until she was fourteen years old.

She lost the dream of dancing when she got injured. Her journey of self-discovery led her to specialize in fitness training, which made her passionate about caring for others.

In 2007, she created the 21-day fix diet, which has become a hit among fitness enthusiasts. Beachbody’s number one franchisee is her.

In addition, she has published a cookbook entitled FIXATE, which has been sold over 400 thousand times. The goal of fitness is extremely important for people around the world, so she will continue to grow in the coming years.

Her career was not affected by her divorce, even though she had difficulty dealing with many personal issues. Her fans grew and she became more popular by making better videos and content.


Body Measurement

In our date of 8th September 2021, Autumn Calabrese will be 40 years old having been born on 23rd September 1980.

Even though she stands at 5’4″ in feet and inches and 163 cm in centimeters, her weight is 185.1 lbs in pounds and 84 kg in kilograms. The color of her eyes is blue, and the color of her hair is dark brown.


A few facts about Autumn

  • Autumn once wrote a cookbook called “Fixate,” and it has been published around the world.
  • About 400 copies of this book have been sold.
  • Her YouTube channel currently has 250,000 subscribers.

She has become one of the most famous fitness trainers thanks to her social influence and is one of the most dedicated trainers.

Her body has been maintained correctly and she also attends classes on nutrition. Fitness trainer to some of the most famous actors in the world, she is one of the wealthiest fitness industry professionals.

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