The Lab rant Family Net Worth: How Rich is The Youtubers Actually?

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Collin LaBrant and Savannah Soutas are a cute couple who also happen to be well-known YouTubers with a combined net worth of $13 million, according to Forbes.

Their vlogs videos are posted on their YouTube channel, which you can see here. On their YouTube account, they would sometimes have Q&A sessions. They also have a YouTube channel where they release short Storytime videos.

Savannah is also active on the popular social media tool “,” which is in addition to YouTubing. And she has more than 5 million followers on that social media network as of this writing.

Cole was a Vine sensation with over 6 million followers before becoming a YouTuber and starting his channel. He also has more than 2 million fans on the social media platform

‘Everleigh’ and ‘Posie Rayne’ are the names of Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas’ kids. Cole LaBrant hails from the city of Troy in the state of Alabama.


Quick Bio About the Family

Real Name             Cole LaBrant
Nick Name             Thesupercole
Birth Place             Alabama, United States
Date of Birth             21 August 1996
Age             24 years old
Father’s Name             Ken LaBrant
Mother’s Name             Sheri LaBrant
Siblings Jack LaBrant, Clay LaBrant, Luke LaBrant, Tate LaBrant and Lily LaBrant
School             Enterprise High School
Religion             Christian
Nationality             American
Zodiac Sign             Leo
Gender             Male
Marital Status             Married
Wife             Savannah LaBrant
Children             Everleigh Rose, Posie Rayne
Profession             YouTuber Author
Social Media Appearance             Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
Net Worth             $15 Million


Career Highlights of Cole LaBrant

Cole first started his YouTube account when he was only a child. When he posted a picture with Baylor Baynes and John Stephen Grice, two of his business partners, they received more than 100,000 likes in a single week, according to him.

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This came as a surprise to them since they had not anticipated that they would rise to their feet.

Cole LeBrant’s vine-growing expertise is also a source of inspiration. It was on the famous Vine platform in 2013 that he made his debut, with his buddies Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice, on the popular channel “Dem White Boyz.”

The three lads started the channel as a dare, but their material quickly went viral and made them renowned on social media, where they continue to be.

Because of their well-deserved reputation in the video industry, their sales to different government agencies are quite significant.

However, unhappily, their differentiation developed to greater heights, causing his two companions to anguish even more. Later, the TV was turned off and Cole was left alone.

He was lucky in that he was able to find a method to keep his fan buddies. Furthermore, the channel’s progress was hacked when it was compromised.

He worked tirelessly for a week to reclaim the route and eventually chose to rename the canal and alter its composition. Finally, it was made public via internet media.

He decided to publish something of substance that was related to Christianity. He lost a few allies, which was exactly what he had predicted.

In one of his tweets, he said that he had lost a handful of supporters as a result of his decision to stay firm in his convictions.

In 2015, he invited Selena Gomez to join him on a concert tour, which he announced on YouTube. Cole LaBrant has been in the public eye before, but this is the first time he has done so in connection with his CBS television role.

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It was all because of his viral YouTube video with him and his pals singing and dancing to Selena Gomez’s songs in various locations around Enterprise. He asked her to the senior prom.

Before the site was officially shut down, he had had more than 3 billion views. He and his buddies formed a clothing and accessory cooperative named Water Bluff Clothing, Co. to serve the needs of the community.


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Networth of LaBrant 2021

In light of her many triumphs, Cole LaBrant has discovered how to boost the value of every Titanic item in her possession. Cole LeBrant’s net worth was estimated to be $15 million by the year 2021.

He has amassed all of his riches and is now employed as a job via his YouTube channel. However, as a result of his steadfast marriage, his absolute wealth should continue to increase. California is now experiencing a phase of excessive consumption. He is still in possession of offsets.

Cole has taken use of its social media fame to promote a variety of products, including HP, NyQuil & Dayquil, and SugarBearHair, among others.


Cole’s move to rename her most popular YouTube channel was met with disapproval by the majority of his followers. So although we acknowledge the potential for advancement, we want to be able to pick what else we need in addition to it.

Even though Cole LaBrant comes from a devout household, he often publishes movies and images in praise of God on his social media platforms.

A key member of the Dem White Boyz on the Vine band, which he created with his buddies Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice, he went on to become a successful musician.


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Is it possible that Cole LaBrant adopted Everleigh?

When he began a relationship with Savannah Soutas, he adopted Everleigh as his daughter. Tom Smith is Everleigh’s biological father, and he used to be Savannah’s ex-boyfriend before they met.

What is Savannah LaBrant most well-known for?

Savannah LaBrant originally gained widespread attention as a result of her appearance on She is a well-known influencer on both and Vine, where she has a large following. She began her trip under the alias “Savannah Soutas” before settling down with Cole LaBrant and becoming a wife. Savannah LaBrant was her married name after her marriage.

What is Cole LaBrant most well-known for?

Cole LaBrant rose to prominence as an internet influencer as a result of Vine. When he first started making videos on YouTube, he had over 6 million followers on Vine. Cole, on the other hand, is now well-known for his YouTube channel.

Is it possible that Cole LaBrant asked Selena Gomez to prom?

During his senior year of high school, Cole asked Selena Gomez to accompany him to the prom. In reality, he raised the question through a tweet on Twitter. And he was a teen Vine sensation at the moment.

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