Jennifer Aydin Net Worth: How Rich is The Tv Star Actually?

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“The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ)” is a Bravo Tv reality series starring American reality star, Jennifer Aydin.

During the show’s run, Jennifer and Margaret Goldschneider got involved in a feud. In 2021, Jennifer Aydin is likely to have an estimated net worth of $11 million.


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Full Name Jennifer Aydin
Birth Date April 16, 1977
Age 44 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place New Jersey, United States
Profession Reality TV Star
Husband Dr. Bill Aydin
Net Worth $11 million


Early Life and Bio of Aydin

The American actress Jennifer Aydin was born on 16th April 1977 in New Jersey. Originally, her name was Jennifer Altinel. Jenny is the second of her parents’ four children. Her parents are John and Josephine Altinel.

She is the daughter of John, a jewelry designer, and jeweler who owns a jewelry store. Her family included three siblings: two brothers, Michael and Steven, and an older sister, Tina Profita.

She is currently working as an office manager while her brother, Michael, looks after their family business. She also serves as choral director along with her brother Steven. She is originally from Turkey, so Jennifer has a traditional background.

A graduate of Hofstra University, she earned a master’s degree in 2000. As her father had done, she opened her own jewelry store after graduation. She closed it shortly after getting engaged to partner Dr. Bill Ayden after a year.

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Bill committed to marrying Jennifer after only one-second date, Jennifer reported.

His plastic surgery practice makes him a good living. On episode 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Brown revealed that her husband Bill has a deal the allows him to earn money while she throws parties.

In season 9, Aydin flaunted her wealth and appeared on the show. Her extravagant home matches her flashy fashion choices, and she wears Chanel almost every episode. A total of 18 bathrooms are located in her mansion in New Jersey.

A basement with nine bedrooms is 8,000 square feet in size, adding 12,000 square feet to the size of the house.

Her husband, a plastic surgeon, brings home the bacon while she watches after their five children. Paramus, New Jersey, is home to Aydin Plastic Surgery, their family’s business.

Among the services Aydin’s husband Bill provides are aesthetic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery for the face and body, including minimal to non-invasive procedures, breast cancer survivors’ reconstruction, hand surgery, and trauma, according to the practice’s website.

According to her husband, she’s worth an estimated $7 million because of his plastic surgery business.

In 2021, Jennifer Aydin’s net worth will be approximately $11 million. The same amount was also earned by her husband Bill. Due to Bill’s plastic surgery business, she made such a substantial amount of money.

In addition, her appearance on RHONJ resulted in some extra funds in her account.


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Career of Jennifer Aydin

During her very early years, Jennifer dreamt of becoming a big actress. As she has become one of the most renowned faces in the TV industry, it looks like her dreams have come true.

In the early days, she appeared on Turkish Cooking with “Turkish Cuisine Folge”. Nevertheless, she was chosen to join “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, which sparked her career-changing opportunity.

Along with Teresa Guide, Danielle Staub, and Melissa Gorga, she was a guest star on the reality series in its 9th season this past year.

This episode showcased Jennifer’s blossoming talents. All audiences were captivated by her charismatic personality. During the show, Jennifer and Margaret Goldschneider also had a feud, which brought her to the limelight. Her mocking fellow co-stars heated up the situation.

Throughout Jennifer’s tenure on RHONJ, she never shies away from showing her unique personality.

Wearing a classy designer outfit, she also showed off her rich look. In New Jersey, Aydin has a big mansion with nine bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and 18 bathrooms. RHONJ considers her one of the wealthiest celebrities.


Personal Life of Aydin

Dr. Bill Aydin is married to Jennifer Aydin. When she married Bill in 2002, she shared her vows. Her brother’s wedding was where Jennifer met Bill for the first time.

Previously, Jennifer reported that her husband Bill told her he would marry her after just one-second date. He earns a good living as a plastic surgeon.

Jennifer Brown revealed in episode 10 of RHONJ that she has a deal with her husband Bill in which he is supposed to earn money while she throws parties.

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The five children Jennifer has with Bill are Justin (16), Gabby (13), Jacob (11), Christian (9), and Olivia (7). She has spent 18 years in blissful moments with Bill, and they are still going strong.


Jennifer Aydin’s Net Worth

Approximately $11 million is Jennifer Aydin’s personal fortune as of 2021. In addition, her husband Bill earned the same amount. She earned such a hefty amount of money due to Bill’s plastic surgery business. Furthermore, she added some funds to her bank account as a result of her appearance on RHONJ.



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