Conrad Thompson Net Worth: How Rich Is The Host Actually?

American mortgage lender and host of the wrestling podcast Conrad Thompson.

Even though Thompson works full-time in the mortgage industry, he has already been able to make a name for himself through several podcasts, including Anything to Grapple with Bruce Prichard, which receives about 3 million downloads each month.


Real Name Conrad Thompson
Age 41 years old
Birthplace Alabama, US
Occupation Wrestling Podcast Host
Relationship Status Married
Nationality American
Net Worth $1 Million

 Early Years

On July 27, 1981, he was born in Guntersville, Madison, Alabama. He has been an avid follower of professional wrestling since he was little. He, therefore, sought out opportunities to interact with his favorite wrestlers.

However, Thompson began his professional career in Huntsville as a mortgage broker. He had some experience performing live radio advertisements while running this business He currently holds Alabama’s first family mortgage.



Thompson had quit reading wrestling in 2006, but CM Punk and his hand grenade promo managed to entice him back. His podcast’s narrative would begin in 2012 when he and his pals were using Kickstarter to raise money for a documentary on the ECW.

The ECW fighter Shane Douglas would then be invited to a table to discuss. The discussion went extremely well, and Thompson thought at the time that it was the kind of conversation that both fans and wrestlers would be curious to hear.

As a result, they spoke with Jim Cornette, who had been given a $1500 visitation offer. Following this, they began conducting several interviews.

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Later, he joined Ric Flair as a co-host of their podcast, Woohoo! Nation. After the program lost its audience, Thompson took over hosting duties for the wildly successful Anything to Fight with Bruce Prichard program.

The program quickly attracted millions of listeners due to its reputation for including wrestlers in informal chats, which wasn’t previously available.

The range of real-life tales that the wrestlers had seemed to be appreciated by the audience. Even the WWE Network would air the program.

On the show, Thompson refers to these as “the standard principles of podcasting” and frequently breaks them, saying, “I’m just a fan.

I don’t do something if I wouldn’t listen to or enjoy it. Thompson asks questions, and Prichard offers his opinion, about a specific wrestling event or timeline, such as a pay-per-view, significant plot twist, or a wrestler’s tenure in a particular promotion.

The WWE Network will air Anything to Fight with Bruce Prichard thanks to a contract Thompson and Prichard inked with the company in 2018.


Private Life

The Thompson family is made up of professional wrestlers. But he undoubtedly comes from a wrestling-related family. In 2018, Thompson wed Megan Fliehr, becoming Ric Flair’s son-in-law.

Charlotte Flair is also his sister-in-law because of this. Reid and David Flair, his brothers-in-law, are also Flairs. He is constantly surrounded by wrestlers, there is no doubt about that.

We also cannot ignore the admiration that many fans of professional wrestling have for Ric Flair, who is unquestionably one of the industry’s icons. As a result, Thompson also learns a lot from his family.

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Thompson and Ric Flair collaborated at work before Thompson married the wrestler’s daughter. The two met in 2013 at a gathering and eventually began to enjoy one another’s company.

Due to their shared interests in the same field, the two got along well and began meeting frequently. When Flair received a request from CBS to launch his own podcast show, he requested Thompson to founder although the latter had broadcast exposure thanks to his mortgage company.

Throughout his appearance on the show, Conrad had the chance to interact with Prichard and other notable professional wrestlers.

Later, after Flair grew weary of podcasting, Prichard and Thompson teamed up. In other words, Flair introduced him to the industry. A family affair!



Conrad Thompson’s Net Worth

The personal net worth of Conrad Thompson is $1 million. He claims that his mortgage business is going to be his full-time employment, which has allowed him to amass this net worth And although Thompson has had great success presenting several wrestling podcasts, he notes that it will still be a side business.


Conrad Thompson’s FAQ

If you could guess, how old is Conrad Thompson?

Age of Conrad Thompson is 41.


What is Conrad Thompson’s net worth?

One million dollars is the whole value of Conrad Thompson’s assets.


Conrad Thompson is married or not?

He is indeed married.



Conrad Thompson has a combined wealth of more than $1 million and made his debut as a podcaster in the world of professional wrestling.

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News about Conrad Thompson

The Alabama gentleman who organized Ric Flair’s final bout.


 In his final professional wrestling encounter, Ric Flair was a bleeding mess.


Conrad Thompson and Starr cast may have some major plans for the coming year.



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