Brandi Passante Net Worth: How Rich is The TV personality Actually?

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Reality TV personality Brandi Passante hails from the United States. A veteran of the television series “Storage Wars”, she is known to many people.

The reality show featured her and Jarrod Schulz, her longtime boyfriend. Often referred to as The Young Guns, Brandi and Jared had become the talk of the town.

Brandi Passante is expected to have a net worth of around $2 million by the year 2021.


Brandi Passante Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Profession, Height

Full Name Brandi Passante
Birth Date May 16, 1980
Age 41 years old
Birth Place Harris County, Texas, U. S.
Profession Reality TV star
Ex-boyfriend Jarrod Schulz
Net Worth $2 million


Earlier this week, Brandi and her former boyfriend, Jarrod, argued heatedly. Physical violence followed the argument. A misdemeanor domestic violence charge was filed against Jarrod on May 18, 2021.


Early Life and Bio

The United States was proud to welcome Brandi Passante to the world on May 16, 1980, in Harris County, Texas. The teenager moved from her home in El Dorado County, California to Orange County, California.

The author did not provide enough detail about her childhood, parents, or educational background.

As a young girl, Brandi worked for a carpet cleaning business. At work, she eventually met Jarrod Schulz, who was to become her future husband.

They bonded over their love for thrift stores and decided to open one. Located in Orange County, California, the store is called “Now and Then Second-Hand Store”.

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Several different methods have been used by Brandi Passante to make money. She ran Now and Then, an online store in which she sold items she bought from storage locker auctions, before landing the role on “Storage Wars” (via Orange County Register).

Additionally, the couple launched an apparel company called Outlaw Apparel (according to Net Worth Reporter). Similarly, these prior revenue streams. As a result of this, she has a net worth of roughly $2 million.

Additionally, she is the star of Storage Wars and the spinoff “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job”. It takes about $15,000 per episode for her to make $15,000 from “Storage Wars.”

They are the youngest buyers, but also the lowest-resourced ones (per Celebrity Net Worth), yet have had plenty of monetary success on “Storage Wars”.

As she quickly acquired success with her tactics and took no prisoners in the bidding process, Passante impressed viewers almost immediately.

Her evaluation of her approach is: “I must flip the items quickly to ensure that I can bid at the next auction.”

She continues to act and star in “Storage Wars,” despite having closed both branches of her now-closed shop and been forced to stop filming. She is still extremely popular, even though she no longer appears in “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.”


Career of Brandi

After appearing alongside Jarrod on “Storage Wars”, Brandi became a well-known TV personality. The makers of the series didn’t pick her up in the beginning, since they only wanted Jarrod.

Nevertheless, after meeting Brandi, the producers decided to include her as well.

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Jarrod and Brandi were described in the reality series as storage hunters underfunded. The maker was impressed by Brandi’s realistic and sensible bid despite her lack of monetary resources.

The audience was also impressed with Brandi’s take no prisoner attitude. Passante planned to bid on the next auction by flipping the items very quickly.

Audiences began to recognize them as favorite storage hunters. A second store was later opened by Jarrod and Brandi in Long Beach, California. The episode took place during season 4 of Storage Wars.


The permanent closure of the store occurred in 2014, however. In 2016, the company closed its original store based in Orange County after two years.

As well as their regular incarnations on A&E, Brandi and Jarrod have stared in the spin-off series Married to the Job.


Brandi’s Personal Life

A familiar face in Passante’s past is her relationship with her former boyfriend, Jarrod Schultz. Her carpet cleaning company brought her into contact with him.

There was no formal marriage between them. Cameron and Payton have two children together; Cameron is their son, and Payton is their daughter. Payton, her daughter born in 2005, was born with some birth defects.

While she was still a baby, she underwent a number of complex surgeries.

As of June 2020, Brandi is no longer married to Jarrod. A spokesperson for The Dad Diary revealed that she and her husband were going their separate ways.

The woman also disclosed that she suffered from Covid 19 and, as a result, lost her sense of taste.

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A controversy surrounded Passante back in 2013. A nude video posted on a website targeted at adults called Hunter Moore led to a lawsuit against her. After filing suit, she sought $2.5 million from Hunter, but in the end, she only received $700.

Brandi’s lookalike later removed the video showing her naked, and the site was also shut down.

In a heated argument at Orange County’s bar, Brandi recently fell out with Jarrod Schulz. Jarrod became angry after the argument, and he reacted by pushing Passante.

A police investigation was conducted later. Although Jarrod had already left the bar, he was still in the room. Jarrod was nonetheless charged with one count of domestic violence battery after the police found sufficient evidence.



Net Worth of Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante is expected to have a net worth of around $2 million by the year 2021. It’s her thrift stores and appearances on Storage Wars that generate most of her income. Storage Wars has had over 260 episodes featuring Brand.

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