Desiree Washington Net Worth :How Rich is The Beauty Holder Actually?

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Famous American television personality Desiree Washington gained notoriety after being sexually assaulted by illustrious boxer Mike Tyson. Washington’s background was covered with the untold story of Mike Tyson. Her story was featured in the upcoming documentary Mike Tyson: The Impact, which debuted in 2021. The career of Desiree Washington is covered in great length


Name Desiree Washington
Age 48
Year of Birth 1973
Birthplace Rhode Island
Profession Former Beauty Title Holder
Nationality American
Net Worth $600 Million


Early Life

Desiree Washington came into the world in 1973. She was born and raised in the city of Coventry, which is in the state of Rhode Island in the United States.  Her educational background includes graduating from secondary school in the city of Coventry. She had the title of Miss Black Rhode Island during her reign.



After winning the title of Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991, she began to seriously consider pursuing a career in modeling. As a direct result of this, she made the decision to compete for the title of Miss Black America at the age of 18 years old. She meets Mike Tyson not long after this, and the two of them end up appearing together in a video in which Tyson raps. She also appears in the video herself.



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Desiree Washington & Mike Tyson Scandal

Washington was engaged to be married to Tyson, who had also handed him the mobile number for his hotel room. As per Washington, Tyson was under the influence of alcohol when she entered his hotel suite, and he had the intention of becoming physical with her at the time. Following her refusal, Tyson’s level of assertiveness increased, and because of her defiance, she was shoved by Tyson.

Washington had first confided in her partner about the incident, and the two of them had intended to go to court later. Washington visited the emergency room that was closest to her to report that she had been raped. She was evaluated at Methodist Hospital within the following twenty-four hours, and the presence of a small scratch on the anterior vaginal wall served as conclusive evidence that she had been the victim of sexual assault.

Tyson, on the other hand, was adamant that he did not rape Washington and that their sexual encounter was one that was carried out with Washington’s full consent.


Court Hearing


After Tyson’s arrest in July, the trial for the sexual assault case he was charged with committing was held in the Marion County Superior Court. from January 26 to Feb 10, 1992. After the encounter, Tyson’s chauffeur reported that Washington was in shock at what had happened.

Tyson’s attorneys filed an appeal, arguing that the court erred in its decision to exclude proof of the perpetrator’s prior sexual conduct, reject three potential defensive system experts, and fail to instruct the verdict on an unbiased and truthful error of fact.

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The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in favor of conviction for Tyson by a vote of 2-1. The month of April 1992 saw him relocated to the Indiana Community Center. In March of 1995, Mike Tyson was finally granted his release from prison.

Additionally, he ought to report himself as a sexual offender in accordance with the federal statute.

After Tyson received his sentence. Washington had a conversation with Barbara Walters, during which she provided her account of the events.



Personal Life

The tragic event had a tremendous impact on Washington’s personal life because of the ensuing divorce that occurred between her parents. Because of the way the incident was utilized to make fun of the family members, her siblings also had a hard time at school. As a direct consequence of the calamity, Desiree Washington has avoided the public eye and kept most of her personal life a secret ever since it occurred.


Net Worth of Washington

Desiree Washington had a net worth of will have a net worth of 600 million dollars. After the verdict was handed down in the trial, rumors began to circulate that Tyson would be required to pay upwards of $200,000 to negotiate a settlement. On the other hand, it is not apparent how much Tyson handed Desiree Washington in terms of fines as a direct result of the lawsuit.



FAQs by Desiree Washington


What is Desiree Washington’s age in years and months?

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49 years.


What is Desiree Washington’s current estimated net worth?


$600 million USD.


Who was it that sexually assaulted Desiree Washington?


Boxer Mike Tyson.




Desiree Washington was a former miss titleholder who was also known as Miss Black. She amassed a net worth of over 600 million dollars during her time in the spotlight.


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