Lisa Bonet Net Worth: How Rich is The American Actress Actually?

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A familiar face on our screens since 1983, Lisa Bonet is an American actress. Lisa can be forgiven by the younger generation if they do not know who she is.

Due to a part-time acting situation she has played since the early 1990s, she has not appeared very often since then. The name Lisa is familiar to those of an older generation.


Age, Net Worth, Career, Nationality, Bio, Profession,

Real Name Lilakoi Moon
Age 53 years old
Date of Birth 16-Nov-1967
Place of Birth San Francisco, California US
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Height 157cm
Net Worth $14 Million


Among her many credits is her role as Bill Cosby’s daughter Denise Huxtable on The Bill Cosby Show. Besides Bill Cosby, one of her other notable works is her performance as the same character in A Different World with Bill Cosby.

Lisa has been a semi-retired actress since the show ended in the early 1990s, and she makes occasional appearances on television.


Early Life of Lisa Bonet

The official name of Lisa Bonet is Lisa Michelle Boney, but she is known professionally as Lisa Bonet. San Francisco, California, USA, was where she was born on 16th November 1967.

Former opera singer Allen Bonet was her father. He hailed from Texas. In contrast, her mother Arlene Joyce Litman was of Jewish descent and used to be a music teacher.

In addition to Lisa, there are seven half-siblings of her father from his marriage to Deborah Church. Lisa has six half-siblings, five of whom are sisters, and two of whom are brothers. Lisa was raised solely by her mother in San Francisco when she was a small child.


Body Measurement

She was born on 16 November 1967, making her age 53 as of today, 20 September 2021. Despite her height, she weighs about 126 pounds in Pounds and 57kg in Kilograms despite her height of 5′ 11″ in inches and 157 cm in centimeters. Black is the color of her eyes and her hair is black.


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Education Life of Lisa Bonet

In light of Lisa’s early retirement from her career, many of her educational histories are unknown to the public.

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But Lisa is known to have attended Birmingham High School and graduated from there. Her experience as an actor-led her to join the Celluloid Actor’s Studio.


Bio of Lisa Bonet

Melissa Michelle Bonet was born in San Francisco on November 16th, 1967. Because of her Jewish mother and African-American father, she is biracial.

During her time at Birmingham High School, she was raised with several half-siblings. When she graduated from high school, she attended the Celluloid Acting Studio in North Hollywood, where she eventually earned a degree in acting.

Lisa Bonet began her involvement in the industry even before she attended acting school.

As a child actor, she appeared on several TV shows and participated in several beauty pageants. In 1983, she starred in St. Elsewhere, one of her first major roles on TV.

A year after this guest role, she landed the role of a lifetime on The Cosby Show and was cast as a recurring character.

With the exception of the eighth and final seasons, Lisa Bonet played Bill Cosby’s daughter on-screen. There has been no higher-rated show on TV for five consecutive years than The Cosby Show.

Six Emmy Awards were also won during the show’s run. Despite this, things did not always go smoothly behind the scenes. It was reported in many places that Bill Cosby and Lisa Bonet did not get along, especially as Bonet aged.

As a result, Bonet briefly left the show to work on A Different World, a spin-off series. The show featured her in 23 episodes between 1987 and 1989.

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A Different World was later revealed to be Bonet’s “strongly encouraged” choice rather than The Cosby Show.

Aside from appearing in Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke, she left The Cosby Show in 2008.

Fans were delighted to see Rourke’s exposed body in an explicit scene with the actress. Eventually, Interview magazine commissioned a topless photoshoot. Her first season back on The Cosby Show ended after a “creative disagreement” with Bill Cosby due to Bonet’s pregnancy with Zoe Kravitz.

Why to Bother Voting? was Lisa Bonet’s follow-up to The Cosby Show. A decade ago. Voting attitudes among young voters were the focus of the show.

As the 90s came to an end, Lisa Bonet obtained leading roles in films such as Enemy of the State and High Fidelity. Since 2000, Lisa Bonet has appeared in several films, including Biker Boyz and Whitepaddy.

In addition to this, she landed recurring roles on Life on Mars and The Red Road. Her future husband Jason Momoa was on set of the latter show when she met him.


Personal Life of Lisa

She became a young mother very young after getting married at such a young age. In 1987, Lenny Kravitz, who is a rock singer, eloped with Jane.

They had met years earlier. Lisa was also celebrating her 20th birthday on this date. Lisa said she and Alex discovered that they have a lot in common during their first meeting.

Lisa attributed this to her trusting him more and letting him into her life more readily than she should have. The couple’s union resulted in the birth of their daughter, Zoe Isabella Kravitz, on December 1, 1988.

Since her parents were both performers, Zoe has followed in their footsteps. In 1993, Lisa and Lenny finalized their divorce after six years of marriage.

While Lisa and Jason started living together before their marriage, they met after more than 10 years and began dating. They were married in October 2017 after five months of dating.

As of July 2007, one of their children was born, while the other was born in 2008.

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Career of Lisa

After modeling for a while and participating in several beauty pageants, Lisa was noticed by The Bill Cosby Show producers. During this time, Denise Huxtable, Cosby’s daughter, was cast as her character.

The cosby show spun off a spin-off series called A Different World, which she starred in in 1987. She stayed only briefly because she announced her pregnancy on The Cosby Show a short time later. The film Angel Heart gave her a small role in 1987.

The Cosby show ended in 1991, and Lisa did not play her role until then after she was terminated due to creative differences.

Her last role was in the thriller film Road to Paloma in 2014, after appearing in the 2005 film Whitepaddy. After that, Lisa has only appeared in a few shows, her most recent being The Red Road.


Awards and Achievements

Lisa retired early, so she is not known to have won any awards personally. In spite of this, shows like The Cosy Show have won so many awards, which are testament to their collective work.


Net Worth of Lisa

Her acting career is solely responsible for Lisa Bonet’s $14 million net worth as of September 2021. In addition to starring in ‘The Cosby Show,’ Lisa has also appeared in a couple Hollywood productions.

The Celluloid actor’s studio in North Hollywood has trained her in the art of acting.

With her acting career, Lisa Bonet has enjoyed a fair amount of stardom and still remains a brand that is well known in 2017. One of her best performances will always be remembered as her work on ‘The Cosby Show’.


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