Farrah Abraham Net Worth: How Rich is The Model Actually?

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Farrah Abraham is an American model, reality celebrity, and writer. After being cast in “16 and Pregnant” in 2009, Farrah gained fame and became a cultural icon. She participated in all 4 seasons of “Teen Mom” before it was discontinued in 2012. After the show ended, Farrah released “My Teenage Dream Ended,” her debut album and biography. The book was well-received and made The New York Times’ best-seller list.

Name Farrah Lynn Abraham
Nick Name Backdoor Farrah
DOB 31/05/1991
Age 31
Gender Female
Occupation Model , Actress
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Net Worth 1 Million USD
Nationality American
Birth Place Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Early Life and Career

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The famous Tv star was conceived on May 31, 1991, in Omaha, Nebraska. The TV model’s big break came in 2008 with “16 and Pregnant.” Due to Debra’s nasty comments, she told her family about her pregnancy, causing a disturbance. Her mother called her a “whore” and forbade an abortion.

Farrah’s issues continued. Derek Underwood, her boyfriend and the baby’s father, died in a vehicle accident a week before she gave birth. Derek seems to have lost control. Sophie Laurent Abraham was born, and she appeared on “Teen Mom.” Teen Mom focused on teen mothers’ hardships throughout pregnancy in both seasons.

She appeared in 60+ Teen Mom episodes, so it’s no joke. Debra was charged with assault in 2010 after slapping her 18-year-old daughter. Debra and Farrah’s friendship was strained.

Her strained connection with her mother caused constant tension. To discuss her issues with her mother and deal with her grief over Derek Underwood’s death, she sought professional help. Farrah’s reality TV appearances aren’t her only accomplishments. She can cook. She started singing after gaining fame in reality TV.

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She reportedly appeared in 60 episodes. Farrah made millions with Teen Mom, earning $30,000 per episode. She continues to build her profile by appearing on MTV shows including “Ex on the Beach” (2018–2019) for $300,000.

James Deen and Abraham featured in a 2013 adult movie promoted as their home video. Abraham was paid $10,000 by Vivid Entertainment and promised 30% of the proceeds. She reportedly made $1.5 million on her first sex tape plus $60,000 monthly royalties. Her pornographic film garnered an AVN nomination.

She agreed to play at “Palazio’s Gentleman’s Club” in Austin, Texas, from August 2014 until New Year’s Eve. Royalties and book sales have added to her fortune. Farrah’s other enterprises and interests have also increased her wealth.

Farrah Abraham Cars

Abraham’s car collection is impressive. She bought a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in 2014. The starting price of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG sedan is roughly $100,000. Maserati Ghibli is another classic car. In 2019, Farrah bought a new Porsche at a showroom.

Controversy  & Family Issues

Her mother labeled her a whore when she realized she was pregnant, preventing an abortion. Abraham stopped cheerleading when she became pregnant. Derek Underwood died in a car accident while she was filming her reality show. Sophia Laurent Abraham was born in 2009. Farrah needed to prove to Underwood’s family that he was Sophia’s father.

Underwood’s mother sued to get grandmother visitation rights. In 2011, she moved to Florida, leaving her 2 daughters with her parents in Iowa. Abraham earned a bachelor’s in administration and culinary arts in Florida. Farrah is focusing on academics to improve her lifestyle. Farrah is supposedly studying at Harvard.

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Farrah planned to sue Harvard in 2021 after being denied a course. The girl was pursuing a Harvard Master’s in creative writing when she was urged to drop out. Abraham burned her Harvard t-shirt after claiming a “educational assault”

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One may say that Farrah is living her dream because she has a job that allows her to take time off and go on adventures. Abraham has been observed on numerous occasions leading an extravagant lifestyle and going to a variety of fascinating locations.


Abraham has invested in several companies to increase her wealth. First, she started a music label. Contemporary music critics praised the CD as a strange work of outsider art, but the general public was unimpressed. The Guardian and Tiny Mix Tapes ranked it on their year-end lists; it was number 46 on their decade-end list. “Blowin'” and its music video marked Abraham’s return in March 2014. Farrah gained more money when she unveiled sex toys. She owns a pasta sauce line, toy store, children’s clothing line, and frozen yogurt shop.

FAQs About Farrah Abraham

What is Farrah Abraham Net Worth ?

Farrah Abraham is a reality TV actress, singer, and author. MTV was her main source of income throughout those years, despite other reality shows and business ventures.

What exercise regimen does Farrah Abraham follow?

Abraham has a lovely and alluring physique. She does not, however, exercise every day of the week. Three days a week, she typically dedicates 30 minutes to a single workout.

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Why is Farrah Abraham not using Uber?

Farrah stopped using Uber rides in March 2016 after a driver had sexually assaulted her.


“My Teenage Dream Ended” was her debut album. The album didn’t earn much praise from music industry insiders. She released her debut album and autobiography the same year.


She starred in Couples Therapy, Teen Mom OG, and Ex on the Beach. The celebrity is focusing on her academics at Harvard. She pays $4,013 a month for a one-bedroom, two-bath Los Angeles condo. The building is east of Hollywood. Outside, there’s a barbeque, fire pit, and seats.

News About Farrah Abraham

In a recent TikTok, followers comment that Farrah Abraham is “unrecognizable.”

In the recently released footage, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham can hardly be recognized.

The reality TV star Farrah Abraham, who is known for her role on Teen Mom, has been criticized for her parenting. Viewers frequently visit her social media profiles and post insulting comments there.


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