Halston Net Worth: How Rich is The Fashion Designer Actually?

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Fashion designer Roy Halston was well-known in the United States. As a result of his iconic design during the 1970s, he became an international celebrity.

Licensed as a brand, Halston brought his products to international markets as the first designer to do so. The net worth of Roy Halston as of 2021 was estimated to be roughly $100 million before he passed away on March 26, 1990.


Halston Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Height

Full Name Roy Halston Frowick
Birth Date April 23, 1932
Age 89 years old
Birth Place Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Died March 26, 1990
Profession Fashion Designer
Boyfriend Victor Hugo
Net Worth $100 million


The Netflix television miniseries based on Halston’s life will air in the fall. Premiering on May 14, 2021, the streaming miniseries has a total of six episodes.


Early life and Bio of Halston

The recording artist Roy Halston was born in Des Moines, Iowa, the U.S. on April 23, 1932. The father is James Edward Frowick, and the mother is Hallie Mae Frowick.

Hallie was the daughter of a Norwegian-American accountant, James Edward, and a housewife, Hallie. Seeing his grandmother sew inspired Halston to take up sewing himself.

At one point, he even made clothes for his mom and sister as well as some hats. His graduate degree in 1950 was earned at Benjamin Bosse High School. Afterward, he went to Indiana University, where he studied for a while.

He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago because he was interested in art. He earned an estimated $100 million.

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Halston’s company has changed hands several times since he died in 1990. Borghese acquired Revlon’s clothing division in 1991 after it stopped producing clothing in 1990.

The Halston apparel license was purchased by Tropic Tex in 1996 (Revlon retains the rights to Halston fragrances) and designer Randolph Duke was hired to relaunch the brand.

Duke’s first collection was critically acclaimed when it launched in autumn 1997. In addition to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion (who wore red Halston garments to the 70th Academy Awards ceremony), Minnie Driver wore a crimson Halston creation as well.

A private equity firm, Catterton-Simon, acquired the company from Duke by 1998. After that year, Kevan Hall took over as head designer for the company then known as House of Halston.

Kevan Hall debuted his first collection for Halston in 1998 to critical acclaim.[39] In 1999, Catterton-Simon sold Halston Enterprises to Neema Clothing.[38] Kevan Hall left the House of Halston in 2000.

James Ameen, Halston’s new owner, recruited designer Bradley Bayou to restyle Halston as a luxury brand after Hall left. Among the celebrities who have worn Bayou’s line is Oprah Winfrey and Queen Latifah.

Angry over Ameen’s refusal to increase Bayou’s ad budget in 2005, Bayou left Halston.


Halston’s Personal Life

Victor Hugo, a Venezuelan artist, was in an on-and-off relationship with Halston. As makeup artists, both of them were working when they met the first time.

Even hiring Hugo to dress his windows, Halston had the pair living in his home. They had been together for more than 10 years. Luis Estevez, a fashion designer, was later rumored to be dating him.

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The AIDS-defining illness that killed Halston in 1990 was AIDS. An HIV test he had taken in 1988 had led to the diagnosis. He passed away at Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center on April 20, 1988.


Halton’s Career

In 1957, Halston opened a salon on North Michigan Avenue called the Boulevard Salon. In 1957, he moved from the Midwest to New York City, where he began working for a milliner named Lilly Dache.

His career at Dache took off after just a year as a co-designer. His time at Dache’s studio eventually came to an end and he began working for Bergdorf Goodman as a head milliner.


The pillbox hat he designed in 1961 garnered early recognition for Roy. During the inauguration of John F. Kennedy’s presidency, Jacqueline Kennedy wore a hat similar to this one.

As hat fashion went out of style, Halston started making clothes. A boutique on Madison Avenue was his first shop, opened in 1968.

Halston Limited was Halston’s first ready-to-wear designer line after a year in 1969. Within a short period of time, his simple, sophisticated, and glamorous designs became very popular.

The materials he used for his designs were predominantly soft and luxurious

. It was Halston’s success that brought celebrity artists to his attention, such as Babe Paley, Greta Garbo, Gene Tierney, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaux Hemingway, and Blanca Jagger. The amount collected by him from 1968 to 1973 totaled $30 million.

During the 1970s, Halston introduced menswear, handbags, luggage, bedding, and lingerie to his business model. The Halstonettes, also known as Pat Cleveland, Anjelica Huston, Elsa Peretti, Alva Chinn, Beverly Johnson, Karen Bjornson, formed his favorite list of models.

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Braniff International Airways contracted Halston in 1977 for the design of their new flight attendant uniforms. Using muted brown uniforms with distinctive H logos, he designed a unique design for them.

He was subsequently signed by the retailer J. Crew. To license it for six years, C. Penny signed a contract in 1983. One billion dollars were reported to be involved in the deal.

This led him to launch a new line that includes affordable clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and perfumes. Using a price range of $24 to $200, he tried to provide fashionable clothing at a low price.

In the meantime, high-end fashion retailers found it detrimental to his image.

He suffered a major career setback as Halston III never received a favorable reception.

Even though Halston Limited’s line was discontinued, Esmark Inc. later acquired the company. During 1983.

It became increasingly difficult for Halston to control the company. From 1984 until the present day, he was banned from designing unique creations for Halston Enterprises.


In 1986, Revlon acquired the company, and his role with the company continued. Nevertheless, his clothing design work for the company was halted.


Net Worth of Halston

Before he died, Halston was estimated to have earned $100 million. From his original and iconic clothing designs, he accumulated a large fortune.

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