Suicide Boys Net Worth: How Rich is The Hip hop duo Actually?

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New Orleans, Louisiana’s Suicide Boys are well known for their ricochet hip-hop style. They were formed in 2014. Ruby da Cherry and Scrim together make up this duo.

The band shared their music on the SoundCloud platform, which helped them grow in popularity. The distinctive thing about them is the rough way in which they deliver their music.


Net Worth, Age, Career, Profession, Nationality, Bio

Band Name $uicideboy$
Members 2
Members Name Ruby da Cherry and Scrim
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Years Active 2014-Present
Genres Alternative Hip-Hop/ Rap
Founded Year 2014
Net Worth $3 Million

There is a sense of viciousness in their music, where they highlight their substance prominently. The phrases they use are disseminated and serve to annihilate themselves, to inspire creativity, and to serve other purposes.

Caroline Distribution is responsible for their music distribution. There are popular hits from them, such as “G59 records, Label and Artist Services, and Oswald,” among others.


Inception of Suicide Boys

America’s favorite musical duo, Suicide Boys, is a well-known, well-cherished, and talented group.

Suicide Boys is known as $uicideboy$, a stylized version of the name. In 2014, Scrim and Ruby da Cherry, as they later became known as Suicide Boys, formed the duo.

By releasing their music on SoundCloud, they became famous around the world. Their lyrics are harsh and feature suicidal ideation and substance abuse, and their music is abrasive, self-produced, and has an abrasive beat.

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Known in the underground rap scene as one of the most insane and famous artists, this musical duo is quite spectacular.

The two artists were conceived on 22nd April in the year 1990- Ruby da Cherry and Scrim- and both were born as Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr. Ruby da Cherry went by the stage name Suicide Leopard and Scrim went by the stage name SCRAM.

Their interest in underground music began at an early age for both of them.

It is no wonder that they are both well known around the globe for their talents and skills.


Evolution of Suicide Boys

Crim and Ruby da Cherry were cousins, and while they were growing up, they developed a close, deep bond; later on, they realized that both of them were interested in pursuing musical careers, which led them to form their musical duo, Suicide Boys. It was either they would commit suicide, or they would end their lives if the musical duo didn’t work out.

Their first-ever release was a three-track EP titled Kill Yourself Part 1: The Suicide Affair, released in June 2014. Bones was attracted to this EP because it was released via SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

During the following months, the duo released nine additional installments of the series.

Afterward, they collaborated with EPs, as well as Black Smurf, another underground artist. In the year 2015, Gray/Grey ventured out with a full-length project called Gray/Grey on March 3rd.

After releasing their EP entitled $outh $ide $uicide in 2015 they gained fame in the underground world. Their spotlight was raised in the underground rap community by association with rapper South Florida.

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There have been over 75 million tracks played by the tape on SoundCloud alone since 2018. During the Billboard Rap Chart, the first five cuts from the duo’s EP, Radical Suicide, peaked at 17; the EP was produced by EDM musician and Getter, the Getter.

The most anticipated moment came on September 7th, 2018, when I Want to Die in New Orleans was released.

They have released very good songs in the following years, gaining recognition globally as a result. Many young people have been inspired by their principles and have made their lives around them.



Awards and Achievements

Despite their efforts, the boys have not achieved any kind of official award. But their novelty must be accompanied by consecutive blockbusters if they are going to win the hearts and fortunes of their listeners.

It is a significant achievement for a musical duo to feature multiple times in Billboards’ top albums list.

Fans have stayed true to their wafts and have never regretted making their choice. A well-received album by the band, “Want Die in New Orleans,” became their breakthrough.

The new version of the game was released on September 7th, 2018. A billboard 200 ranking of less than ten spots was even achieved.


Net Worth of Suicide Boys

It is estimated that $uicideboy$ made $3 Million as of 2021, which is an incredible amount for a music band. Being associated with music enabled them to earn this wealth.

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There are many hits they have given to the world that have resonated with a large crowd. In the beginning, they were an EP label, and later they shifted to the Suicide label.

Famous musical duo Suicide Boys perform together. Rap scenes in underground scenes make them quite known.

A cult following has even been considered. In addition to releasing EPs and mixtapes, they have worked for years, releasing only studio albums. Together with Blink-180, they released an EP called “Live Fast, Die Whenever” penned by Travis Barker.

James Shaffer, the guitarist for Korn, also appears on the album. May 2019 marked the release of the release. Rap, punk, horrorcore, and trap are all represented by this group.

In addition to uplifting the spirits of any listener, they also indulge their listeners in diving deeper through the depths of their music. There is still much to do in the industry for them.


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