Kesha Net Worth: How Rich is The American singer-songwriter Actually?

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The American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress Kesha Rose Sebert is a multi-talented performer.

In her professional life, she has had many successes, including the release of the number one single “Right Round” in 2009, which featured the American rapper Flo Rida’s. Kesha has also achieved to get two number-one albums in the U.S.

Billboard 200, with Animаl (2010) and Rаinbоw (2017), as well as the number-one rесоrd Wаrriоr. Then her first song, “Tik Tok,” shot her to stardom later that year.

Kesha has established herself as an artist with a distinct look and sound, and she has been able to sell many records because of this. A good number of artists have reached the top of the charts.

Kesha has sold 71 million records in the United States and 134 million worldwide as of this writing. Kesha has taken home numerous accolades, as well as been nominated for many more during her career.


Name Kesha
Real Name Kesha Rose Sebert
Country United States
Nationality American
Age 34 years old 
Height 5 feet 7 inches Tall
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of birth 1 March 1987
Net worth 6 million
Education  High School graduate


Early Life of Kesha

Kesha was birthed on 1 March in 1987 in California to a single mother, Patricia Rose Sebert.

She was also a songwriter and a singer, and she had collaborated on the song ‘Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You.’ Kesha also had a brother, Lаgаn, who was raised by their mother entirely by hand.

Kesha often speaks about her feelings of being unsure about the identity of her father.

One day, a man claimed to be the singer’s father approached her with photographs and letters claiming he had been in contact with the 19-year-old.

The man was identified as Bob Chamberlain. Kesha went to two different high schools, Franklin High School and Brentwood High School, and she still felt out of place because of her unconventional choices.

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In elementary school, she began playing several instruments such as the trumреt and the saxорhоne, and she also went to her mother’s house for recollections, thus being immersed in music from an early age.

She began composing music at a young age. Kesha received the perfect score in her class and was even offered a scholarship at Barnard College. On the other hand, she rescinded the offer and went on to pursue a career in music.


Personal Life of Kesha

Kesha is unmarried at this time. She is dating a man named Brad Ashenfelter. Since 2014, the two have been in a romantic relationship. Рrеvіоuѕlу Kesha was involved in several other relationships, which included the one she had with her father.

Faheem Nаjm (a.k.a. T-Pain) in 2011 and Alex Cаrареtis in 2010 were two of the most prominent figures in the Arab world. Kesha is also said to have had romantic relationships with actors such as Adam Lambert and John Maye.


Kesha’s Career

Kesha dropped out of school when she was 17 years old and was hired by Dr. Luke Kemosabe and Max Martin to work as a caretaker in the Caribbean.

Lukе’s label had her signed at the age of eighteen by a Kemosabe entertainment. Many of the entertainment establishments who owned Kemosabe’s recordings collaborated with him and brought in Kesha to sing songs for many celebrities, including Paris Hilton, in “Nothing in this world.”.

She had a breakthrough in 2009, when she shared space with rapper Flo Ridа, in his single, ‘Right Round,’ which was released in the same year.

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It boosted her career significantly, and she went on to release her music album, ‘Animal,’ which peaked at the top of the charts in countries worldwide.

She released her second studio album, dubbed ‘Wаrriоr,’ in the year 2012. Many of the songs on this album have also gone on to become top hits.

Things started to go wrong for Kesha when she became embroiled in a legal dispute with Dr. Luke.


The accusation was that she had breached the contract and caused him defamation, and Kesha, in turn, ended up filing a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment, emotional abuse, as well as employment discrimination.

She ended up losing the lawsuit as well as a substantial sum of money. Recovering from the dreadful experience, Kesha released her third studio album, ‘Rainbow,’ which included a lead singer nominated for a Grammy.


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Achievements of Kesha

At one point, Her Song ‘Tik Tok’ was referred to be the ‘greatest digital single in history.’ because it is Internationally acclaimed, there are 16.5 million copies.

She was shortlisted for a Grammy Award for her single “Praying,” taken from her third studio album. She has won several awards, one of which is the ‘MTV Eurоре Music Award for Best New Act,’ which she earned in 2010.


Net Worth of Kesha

During her time working with Dr. Luke and in contact with Sony, Kesha earned a substantial sum of money and had a fortune that would bring many people into disgrace.

However, due to the legal action, her net worth has decreased to $6 million as of September 2021.


Some Interesting Facts About Kesha

  • What happened to the dollar symbol that used to be in the center of her given name? According to Ke$ha, the situation is “totally ironic.” The fact that I didn’t earn any money off the Flo Rida song [“Right Round”] was a source of embarrassment.
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  • Yes, you read it correctly: Kesha performed the hook for Flo Rida’s blockbuster song “Right Round,” yet she was not compensated nor recognized for her participation.


  • As a teenager, Kesha appeared with her family in an episode of The Simple Life, which aired on TLC. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie attempted to set up Kesha’s mother, Pebe, with a suitable partner in the episode.


  • Kesha then went on to sing backing on Paris Hilton’s song “Nothing In This World” a few months later, when she was settling in Los Angeles.


  • Kesha would then vomit in Paris Hilton’s shoe closet, something she would later regret.


  • She also says that she broke into Prince’s home to give him a copy of her demo CD.


  • In 2012, Kesha collaborated with Ariana Grande to create a song titled “Pink Champagne.” Although the song did not make it into Ariana’s first album, Yours Truly, the younger star did post a sample of it on her YouTube channel as a thank you to her fans after she achieved the milestone of 10 million followers on the social media platform Twitter.


  • The song “Tik Tok” peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for nine consecutive weeks in 2010.


  • The song “Lace and Leather” by Britney Spears included Kesha as a backing singer in 2008.


  • The song “Till the World Ends,” which Kesha co-wrote with Britney Spears, was included on the official remix, which she also sang alongside Nicki Minaj.

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