Briatney Portillo Net Worth: How Rich is The Actress Actually?

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Briatney Portillo was an established only Fans celebrity who also had a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. She was also a model and a businesswoman in addition to being a dancer.

She was on her way to the gym when she had a cardiac arrest while she was participating in a movement on TikTok known as the “dry scoop.” Thankfully she is still alive.


Name Briatney Portillo
Age 20
Birthplace Connecticut, United States
Profession Social Media Star
Nationality American
Net Worth $2 Million

Early Life

The state of Connecticut, located in the United States of America, is where Portillo was born. Her birth date and the identities of her parents are among the few details about her private life that are unknown. According to the information that we have, she will be 20 years old this year.

Portillo may be found on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok under the handle @brivtny, where she posts sketches and lifestyle videos relating to dancing.

Recently, she posted a clip to her TikTok profile with the title “Taking a dry which was before scoop because I noticed it trending on TikTok.” The video was edited with a clown filter and sound.

She explained that she was admitted to the hospital because she suffered a heart attack in the following video. More than 2.3 million people have watched the film up to this point, and many of those viewers have shared it to raise awareness of the risks associated with the challenge.

Briatney Portillo Dry Scooping Incident

She allegedly participated in the competition known as “dry scooping,” as stated by Portillo. The objective of the challenge is to increase one’s energy levels by consuming one scoop of from before the powder on its own, without combining it with any water. Redcon1 Total War was the name of the substance that she ingested in its whole.

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she spoke. “After I took the post-workout, I started feeling tingly and hives all over my body, which was’ I wasn’t sure if it was nervousness or a particularly nasty panic attack, but I chose to ignore it and go through the rest of my work out anyway.

She then went home to take a shower, after which the discomfort in her chest lessened a little bit. However, she began to sweat a lot, and shortly after that, the chest pain returned and became significantly worse.

Portillo said, “The agony travelled all the way to my back as well as my left arm, and because my left arm got slightly limp, I knew I was having a heart attack because those are the symptoms.” I placed a call to 911, and they sent an ambulance.”

When she was transported to the hospital, the nurses discovered that her levels of the protein troponin were elevated, which indicated that she had either suffered a heart attack or that her heart was under stress.

The subsequent diagnosis by the medical team was that she had an NSTEMI, which, in comparison to other types of heart attacks, is typically less dangerous to the patient’s heart. Most of the time, NSTEMI just blocks a portion of the blood flow.

One of the many persons who were injured because of participating in the risky TikTok challenges is Briatney. After attempting to take part in the increasingly popular Fire challenge just a few days ago, a young woman from Oregon sustained serious burns on her face and body as a result.

He earns a lot from his social media sites as a social media influencer.

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Relationship Status

As of the month of May 2022, Portillo’s is not involved with anyone romantically. Relationship History: there is no information right now related to the Portillo’s previous love partnerships. We do not have a record of his past relationships. Maybe she is focusing on her career right now.

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Net Worth of Portillo

There is not even the slightest hint that we can find as to the size of her own fortune. Since she is a model for Only fans, it is possible that she is making a significant amount of money from the gig. As of right now, our best guess places her net worth about fifty thousand to two hundred thousand dollars.


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Portillo’s FAQ

When and where did Portillo make his debut?

She was born in the state of Connecticut in the United States.

How much does she carry?

Her wealth is estimated to be $2 million at this time.

Is she alive or has she passed away?


She is alive.

News about Portillo

Doctors caution about the TikTok tendency of “dry-scooping”.

TikTok’s “dry scooping” trend is being warned about after a cardiac attack among an influencer.

Briatney Portillo experiences a heart attack following a risky TikTok trend.

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