Myka Stauffer Net Worth: How Rich is The Vlogger Actually?

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The fitness enthusiast, vlogger, and blogger, Myka Stauffer, is an American. YouTube is where she posts videos about motherhood, organization, life, and other everyday topics.

Approximately $1.5 million is the estimated net worth of Myka Stauffer.

Biography, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Weight,  Height, Family

Net Worth  $1.5 million
Profession vlogger, blogger, and fitness enthusiast
Date of Birth June 2, 1987
Age 33 years old
Born Place Ohio, United States
Weight 60kg
Nationality American
Source of Wealth YouTuber
Husband James Stauffer
Height 5”6’, 168 cm

 Early Life and Career

Stauffer was born in Ohio, the United States, in 1987. A mother named Heather raised her. She has no other information regarding her family’s life, including her father or siblings.

It seems that she has a very close bond with her family, one which she displays on her Instagram account from time to time. During his career as a YouTube star, Stauffer was a registered nurse. In February 2012, she earned her license.

In September 2013, Myka and James Stauffer were married. In addition to the couple’s biological children, Nakova, Jaka, Radley, and Onyx also share a biological father.

Their shared house in Indianapolis was a gift from their wedding. The couple moved into it after their marriage. As an oncology nurse at the time of Myka’s pregnancy with her second daughter, Jaka, she worked as a mother.

She decided to give up work and be a full-time mom.

In 2017, they adopted Huxley Wen Quan Stauffer from China. Their emotional adoption video was even uploaded to YouTube! Adoption Day in China”.

Till now, 6 million people have watched the video. The now four-year-old Huxley has been determined to be autistic.

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After she and her husband rehomed their adopted son more than two years after adopting him from China, Myka and her husband James have come under widespread criticism from their fans and the media.

Myka gave an update in September, stating that Huxley had received treatment after being diagnosed with autism. A YouTube update explained that Huxley had been given to another family permanently for his “emotional well-being”.

The couple claims that the adoption agency failed to inform them of the severity of the child’s health.

The YouTube channel was started in 2014 by the couple. With more than 713K subscribers, Myka Stauffer now has her own YouTube channel.

She mostly documents motherhood, organization, everyday life, pregnancy videos, and eBay sales on her YouTube channel.

There’s also a channel called “The Stauffer Life” on YouTube owned by the Stauffer family. The content on the channel has been removed since their backlash against Huxley. There are over 328K subscribers to the channel.

In addition to Myka’s YouTube channel, her husband James operates “The Stauffer Garage”. It has over 900K subscribers as of May 2020 and offers video content on car cleaning, car deals, designing interiors, and designing exteriors.


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Stauffer’s Personal Life

Myka Stauffer was born in the United States on June 2, 1987. She is nearly 30 years old today. She will be 32 years old in 2020. The details of her early life and family background have not been revealed.

She does not know who her parents are. In the same way, she has not disclosed any information about her other family members. She was a former football player who enjoyed lacrosse, volleyball, and football during her childhood. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

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Myka Stauffer, an adopted child, controversially returns home. A heavy burden is currently being placed on Myka and her husband. The most famous thing about her was her adoption from China of an autistic toddler.

He has now gone to a new family, the couple revealed. A sponsored child and video revenue have been received since the adoption of the autistic child from China was completed in 2017.

Huxley’s placement has been announced on YouTube after followers noticed his absence from the family’s videos and social media posts. Her family and her other four children complained that Huxley’s unspecified behavioral issues made life difficult.

A mother of four, she was even more comfortable on social media than a mother of five. The government has been criticized and criticized for these actions.

The decision of the couple was slammed by many. The news was posted on the Twitter account of journalist Sophie Rose.


Reading about how the influencer who raised funds to adopt a boy secretly rehomed him after realizing he had special needs made this woman extremely depressed.


Myka Stauffer Body Measurements

Approximately 60 kg or 132 pounds is Myka’s weight and her height is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm. The measurements of her body are 33-25-34 inches. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Social Media

Social media is an important part of Myka Stauffer’s life. About 23k people follow her on Twitter. She has approximately 180k followers on her Instagram account as well.

Stauffer Net Worth

The estimated personal fortune of Myka Stauffer is $1.5 million. Additionally, that means her husband’s wealth as well.

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Three YouTube channels of the Stauffer family have 715K, 320K, and 918K subscribers. In addition to YouTube monetization, they also earn money from sponsorships and endorsements.

There are companies such as Glossier and Good American that have deals with them.

210 thousand views are viewed monthly on YouTube’s Myka Stauffer channel. You can make money by displaying ads on a monetized YouTube channel.

According to YouTube, each thousand video views earns a Youtuber between $3 and $7. Using these estimates, it can be estimated that Myka Stauffer earns $840 per month, which equals $12.6 thousand per year.

Myka Stauffer’s revenue may have been under-reported by Net Worth Spot. As much as $22.68 thousand can be generated by ads for Myka Stauffer if she makes it on the higher end.

Most YouTubers earn money from more than one source. In addition to sponsors, successful YouTubers also promote their own products to earn more money. A speaking engagement could be arranged.

What is the Channel of mymyka Stauffer?

Myka Stauffer is a vlogging family channel that focuses on parenting and other household tasks. The films include bespoke thumbnails with huge title text and numerous images from the videos, and the community tab has an active following.



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