Coi Leray Net Worth: How Rich is The Rapper Actually?

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Coi Leray is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and social media influencer who is most recognized for his work as a rapper, songwriter, singer, and social media influencer.

Her most well-known albums are Everythingcoz, EC2, and Now or Never, all of which have achieved widespread success.

Furthermore, she is well-known for being the daughter of Raymond Leon Scott, an American television actor who is well-known around the world. Recently, she got embroiled in a scandal after she stated something disparaging about her father in her song, No More Parties, which went viral.

Full Name   Coi Leray
Real name   Brittany Collins
Country United States
Nationality American
   Age 24 years old
Height 5 feet 3 inches tall
Birthplace Boston, MA, United States
Date of birth May 11, 1997
Net worth 1.5$ million
Education High school Dropped out


Early Life of Coi Leray

Early Life of Coi Leray

Source: Instagram

Coi Leray was given the name Brittany Collins when she was born on May 11, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.

She grew raised in Hackensack, New Jersey, alongside her two brothers, Kwame and Taj, who are also musicians. Benzino is a well-known rapper and music producer who is also her father.

Coi has been a lifelong fan of music, dating back to her youth. She even dropped out of high school in the midst of her sophomore year in order to pursue a great music career.

Rihanna and Chris Brown were among the artists that influenced Coi throughout his formative years. Later on, though, she became more interested in rapping and began to listen to the music of artists like Chief Keef and Rich the Kid.

She used to perform in front of her bedroom mirror, singing, and rapping.


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Coi’s Relationship Status

Coi Leray’s current relationship status is that of a single woman. She had a brief romantic connection with the rapper Trippie Redd a couple of years ago.

Both began a relationship in 2019, but after a short period of time, they decided to split ways. The exact cause for their breakup has not been disclosed at this point.

In recent years, Coi’s name has been associated with the rapper Blueface. It was after they were spotted together at Harold’s Chicken that the rumors of them being in a relationship began to circulate.

Coi posted a video a few weeks ago in which the two of them were seen kissing one other on the cheek. They have not, however, publicly stated that they are in a relationship.

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Coi’s Musical Career

Coi’s Musical Career

Source: Instagram

“G. A. N” was the title of Coi’s first single, which was released in December 2017. Music fans reacted positively to the song’s release. So far, it has had over 2 million views.

In May of this year, she produced her second single, “Pac Girl.” It was in March of this year that she released her first mixtape, named “EverythingcoZ.”

Leray continues to release new music, including songs such as “No Letting Up,” “Get It,” and “GoldRush.” All of her songs helped to increase her popularity.

“Huddle” was the title of her latest single, which was released in September 2018. It went on to become a huge success, garnering 370k streams on SoundCloud in only four months after its release.

The official music video has also received a large number of views. The video has received more than 5 million views on YouTube so far.

In January 2019, she released the “EC2” mixtape, which was the second chapter of her EverythingcoZ series. Aside from her solo work, she has also collaborated on a number of tracks with well-known hip-hop musicians such as K Dos and Tatted Swerve.

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Coi recently became herself in a contentious legal battle with her father, Benzino, after she made a disparaging reference to him in her rap song “No More Parties.” Leray went on to say that she feels ashamed to be referred to as his daughter.

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Net Worth of Leray

Coi Leray’s personal fortune is expected to reach approximately $1.5 million, according to estimates. The majority of her earnings have come from the sale of her CDs and the performance of her songs on concert tours.

Besides that, she makes a little amount of money through her own official shop, which she calls “Coilray.” Similarly, she makes a substantial sum of money through her YouTube channel.

Depending on how much she makes on YouTube, she may earn anywhere from $4.2K to $67.5K each year.


Some Interesting Facts About Coi Leray


  • She decided to leave school after her junior year.
  • Coi is the daughter of Benzino.
  • Coi disclosed that she had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD) in an interview with Office Magazine.
  • Coi loves cooking and hopes to return to school in the future to get a degree in culinary arts.
  • In her dating life, she had a relationship with Trippie Redd .
  • Coi dated Trippie Redd.
  • she enjoys listening to music from a variety of genres.
  • Having a studio at her home is something she enjoys doing.
  • Coi revealed to No Jumper that she and her brother were in a movie when they were kids.
  • The divorce between her parents occurred while she was a little child, and she was reared alone by her mother.
  • She grew up listening to artists such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Chief Keef, Rich the Kid, and Famous Dex, among others.
  • Coi has collaborated with musicians such as Tatted Swerve, Justin Love, K Dos, and Lougotcash, among others.
  • She collaborated with Gunna and Young Thug on the song “King Kong,” which she remixed.
  • Coi has appeared as a guest vocalist on a number of tracks, including “Freaky Deaky,” “Tomboy,” and “Jimmy Licky,” among others.
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The aspiring musician behind the popular songs “G.A.N.” and “Pac Girl” left high school in order to pursue a career in music.

She continues to wow audiences with her soulful interpretations, and she has built a huge following on social media, with 5.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

She walked out of the home and began living on her own when she was seventeen years old. She began her music career as a salesgirl before pursuing a professional music career.

She is well known for her blockbuster hit songs “No More Parties” and “Big Purr (Prrdd),” which are the lead singles from her first album, which is expected to be released in the near future.

The songs reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list at positions 26 and 69, respectively.



Final Thoughts

Coi Leray has done very well for herself in the music industry and has become incredibly popular with her fans. It is clear to see that she isn’t just happy with success- she thrives off it.  This is because she has achieved widespread success with her albums and various YouTube videos. Coi Leray continues to produce music for her fans and is a positive role model for young people.




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