Nef The Pharaoh Net Worth : How Rich Is The Rapper Actually?

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Tony Hayes, known professionally as Nef the Pharoah, is a young California-born American rapper. It was the song Big Tymin’ that brought him prominence in the hip-hop community of California among other rappers of that time. As part of Thizzler’s yearly competition, he was chosen by his fan following  to win the title of “Bay Area Freshman of the Year.”


Real Name Tony Hayes
Professional Name Nef The Pharoah
Birth Date 11-01-1995
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth 750,000$
Occupation Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Birth Place California

Early Life

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Nef the Pharaoh was birthed in California on January 11, 1995. As a child growing up in Vallejo, Nef was determined to become a rap artist after winning a talent competition at the age of 4. He was influenced by neighborhood rappers such like E-40 and Mac Dre. Additionally, relatives of his family were also active in music. He first attended Inderkum high school and then transferred to Discovery High School but dropped out to pursue his rapping ambitions.


Music Career


In the early stages of his professional career. When he was 17 years old, he was highlighted on the main page of the Vallejo Times newspaper. Hayes has credited Mac Dre and E-40 as key influences on his musical style. he earned the nickname Nef the pharaoh from his uncle, which he adopted into his stage name.

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The music video for “Big Tymin” was released soon after he signed with Sick Wid It Records, which was in early 2015.  In 2017, he released his debut new album named The Chang Project. The song “Bitch I’m From Vallejo” by Nef the Pharaoh, who began his career in the music industry as an “internet freestyler,” became what Vice Media referred to as a “local smash” in the year 2014. In 2014, E-40 reached out to Giggles regarding Bay Cookies, and he played at the last “Bay Area Freshman” performance.

“Nef’s earlier albums suggest that a more relevant rap influence is Mac Dre’s leisurely perfection, while the vibe has the soothing warmth of a spring sunbeam. This spirit portrays the Big Tymers’ quirky silliness to perfection.

Built on the sagging Bay Area rhythmic pattern made popular by DJ Mustard, Nef avoids being derivative as a rapper. Instead, he would let the intensity lead and the paths follow, boasting and flexing with memorable banalities that make up some of the greatest moments in hip-hop history that have received the least amount of recognition. The record’s formal components highlight its unpretentious message, which is reflected in its overall aesthetic.

His song “Big Tymm,” which included lyrics honoring Big Tymers members, was titled “Big Tymm.” This song is an homage to the music of New Orleans’s bounce scene. According to Pitchfork, “Big Tymin'” is a “huge success” with lyrics that are “loosely organized and practically free-associative.”

The EP was released at a concert in downtown Oakland.

As of 2015, he was preparing a line of pre-rolled joints for cannabis clubs in the Bay Area, along with a clothing line and his own record label, KILFMB. At this time, Nef was traveling throughout the United States, and his music was gaining more and more followers.

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His following album, Mushrooms and Coloring Books, had the hit song “High Voltage,” which featured the famous rapper Tyga.


Personal Life


Nef became the father of a son in 2014. Although he and his ex-girlfriend share parental responsibilities for their son, he acknowledges that having a child when he was a young adolescent and busy with his musical career badly impacted their relationship. Nef is the oldest of his three younger siblings one sister and two little brothers.

Unfortunately, her sister and Nef’s nephew were murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Nef was devastated by this tragedy and has openly discussed it on his social media sites.


Nef the Pharaoh’s Net Worth


His net wealth is $750,000. His success in rapping has enabled him to purchase a two-and-a-half-acre property. He travels around in his silvery Mercedes, earning the majority of his income from tours.



FAQ About Nef The Pharaoh



What is his Real Name?

Tony Hayes


What is Nef The Pharoah Zodiac sign?



What is his current net worth?

750,000 Million Dollars



Nef the Pharoah is a well-known hip hop rapper from California who began his career at a very young age. He had a few major singles, but the song that brought him to prominence was “Big Tymm.” He has given various other musical hits and continues to focus on his musical career to this date.

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News About Nef The Pharoah


The “The Tonite Show With Nef The Pharaoh” is a Collaboration Between DJs. Fresh & Nef The Pharaoh.



Rapper Nef the Pharaoh claims that his sister and nephew were among those killed in the Vallejo shooting.


Keep an eye out for Nef The Pharaoh’s live performance of “Big Tymin'”



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