Cole Beasley Net Worth: How Rich Cole Beasley Is?

Cole Beasley is a player who participates in American football. His time spent as a wideout in the National Football League brought him the majority of his fame.

Beasley is primarily recognized for his time spent playing with the Buffalo Bills, an American football team. Cole Beasley has lately been seen disputing the new COVID-19 training camp protocols that have been implemented by the National Football League. On January 19, 2021, he sent out a tweet in which he categorically denied having received a vaccination.


Real Name  

Cole Dickson Beasley

Age 33
Gender Male
Birthplace Dallas, US
Profession Football Wide Receiver
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $15 million
Nationality USA


Early Life

In the American state of Texas, in the city of Dallas, Cole Beasley was born on 26th of April 1989. His parents’ names and other details about his family have not yet been disclosed. To further his education, he enrolled at Little Elm High School.

He kept playing football there for the team’s high school team, but now as an alternative quarterback. Year following year, under his direction, his team earned a spot in the Texas UIL-4A playoffs. In fact, he received recognition as a co-MVP for each district. He received a two-star rating from though too, earning him a 2 different recruit.

He received a two-star rating from though too, earning him a 2 different recruit.

Cole was given the chance to apply for a scholarship from Southern Methodist College, which he eagerly accepted. He then started taking part in the university team football league as a wideout for the team.

As a rookie, he participated in seven games and finished third upon that team in interceptions with 42. Of all the freshmen, he had the most. Cole later started seven games as a sophomore and scored with 40 touchdowns, 493 yards, and three touchdowns. He had a maximum of 87 interceptions as a junior, and 86 receptions as a senior.


Cole was unsigned in the 2012 NFL Round, but the Dallas Cowboys later selected him after the draught had ended. Shortly after enrolling, he made the announcement that he was quitting professional football, saying that he was having personal problems.

Despite this, he ultimately changed his mind and was included on the 53-man roster. He took part in a complete ten games as a rookie, recording 15 receptions for 128 yards.

Despite being surrounded by a talented group of receivers in 2013, he was still capable of finding a way to be at his best. However, he held the distinction of having the highest percentage of passes that were completed by any receiver in the NLF.

During the season, he hauled in 39 catches, had 368 yards receiving, and scored two touchdowns. He concluded the season with 52 receptions, 537 receiving yards, and 5 touchdowns from those receptions.

Furthermore, he competed against Dallas, a team for which he had previously played, and he finished the game with 110 passing yards and one touchdown.

During the Wild Card Round matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts, he hauled in 7 catches for 57 yards. During the game for the AFC Championship, he set a new record by catching seven passes, which he did while playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.


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Personal Life

Cole Beasley’s personal life includes his marriage to a woman whose name is Krystin Beasley. They have successfully brought up 3 kids as a unit: two boys and a girl.


Cole Beasley’s Net Worth

It is projected that Cole Beasley’s personal wealth is somewhere around $15 million as of the year 2022. On March 3, 2015, he was awarded the staggering sum of $13.6 million by the Dallas Cowboys as part of his new contract. Additionally, on March 13, 2019, he was awarded a contract with the Buffalo Bills with a total value of $29 million.


FAQs About Cole Beasley

Is he dead or alive?

Yes, He is still alive.

Is he married or not?

He is still married.

How much net wealth does he hold?

He holds a net value of 15 million US Dollars.


Cole Beasley is a player who participates in American football. His time spent as a wide receiver in the National Football League brought him the majority of his fame. He has a personal net worth of 15 million US dollars.

He is still active in football to this day and has achieved a great deal of notoriety within his neighborhood.

News about Cole Beasley

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