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Blanks Jr. is an American fitness figure who is best known for his appearance on the television show Shark Tank, during which he received an investment for the fitness class program he created called Dance It Out.

Real Name Billy Blanks Jr
Dob 03-03-1974
Age 47 Years Old
Birth Place Boston USA
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Occupation Fitness Trainer
Net Worth 2 Million Dollars
Marital Status Divorced


Early Life

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In the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts, in the month of March 1974, Billy Blanks Jr. joined his parents, Billy and Gayle, in this world. Although none of Blanks’ four sisters are directly linked to her by blood, she is considered to have four sisters. Shellie, Marriett, Elisabeth, and Angelika are the names of these four ladies.

Soon after that, Blanks and his family moved out to Los Angeles after his father acquired a job as a bodyguard for the actress Catherine Bach. Blank’s father had been hired by Catherine Bach.

Paula Abdul attended the institution, and while she was there, she observed that he exhibited an interest in dancing.

Blanks started out his high school career at Reseda High School, but he ultimately earned his diploma from Hollywood High School. He did some theatre shows as well after graduation.



In 2007, Blanks released his first fitness program, which was titled “Cardioke,” and it soon garnered a lot of attention from people all around the world.

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Since that time, Blanks has been featured as a fitness expert on a variety of television networks and publications, including but not limited to NBC, CNN, MTV, VH1, Fox, Endemol UK, Entertainment Tonight, E!, and People Magazine.

During their appearance on the show “Shark Tank” in 2012, Blanks and his wife Sharon received an offer to become a part of the Zumba franchise from Daymond John and Mark Cuban. By agreeing to the terms of the transaction, Blanks forfeited $100,000 and an interest in the business equal to fifty percent.

Following the completion of the deal, the highly popular Dance It Out software was made available to the public. In point of fact, it is currently being broadcast as a show on the Lifetime network.

Even celebrities such as Tina Turner, Alicia Keys and Halle Berry have profited from Blanks and Sharon’s tremendous fitness knowledge.

Blanks also opened his own dance and fitness club at the Arthur Murray Dance School in Connecticut, served as artistic director of the Wall Street Theater  and was creative director of the Talent Recap website.

Blanks is also the owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Last but not least, Blanks has released his very own fitness app in collaboration with Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc. This app enables customers to live-stream courses that are led by Blanks himself.


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Social Media Appearance

Although Blanks does not yet have a significant following on social media, he has amassed a reasonable number of followers on his Instagram account: 29,100. In addition, the fitness expert only has 297 people following them on Twitter.

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In addition, he has 94,100 followers on TikTok, in addition to the 5.5 million likes he has received there. BeFit, a channel on YouTube that presently has 3.07 million followers, has included several of his training videos on the channel.

Personal Life

Blanks and the actress Sharon Brown married the knot at some point in the past, but the specific year of their wedding is unknown. The duo made a few workout films in addition to teaching at various fitness establishments in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of California. Despite this, they finally divorced the next year in 2016. They currently share parental responsibilities for their adopted son, who goes by the name Elijah.

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Billy Blanks Jr Net Worth

The sum of $2 million that constitutes Billy Blanks Jr’s net worth is the result of a career spanning more than two decades and spent entirely inside the fitness business. As of the year 2022, he has become a millionaire thanks to the success of his programs and studios as well as the guest appearances he has made on various television series.

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Blanks  is an American fitness trainer he also appeared on shark tank with his wife during which he received an investment for the fitness class program he created called Dance It Out

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He is also the owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and has introduced an  fitness app in collaboration with Touchpoint Group Holdings. This app enables customers to live-stream courses that are led by Blanks himself.


Billy Blanks Jr FAQ

Who is Jr. Billy Blanks?

Dance with Me is a new workout regimen that concentrates on making exercise pleasurable for individuals of all ages, sizes, and forms.

How does he make a living?

Billy Blanks Jr. is a dancer and fitness entrepreneur. As a dancer, he has been acknowledged for his accomplishments.

What did he want  on Shark Tank?

Billy requested $100,000 for a 20 percent ownership in his business, which was valued at $500,000.

Was he able to get the deal ?

Yes, Daymond and Mark financed $100,000 for a 50% stake in the company in order to begin production on their first Dance It Out episode.


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