Ladd Drummond Net Worth: How Rich is The Cattle Rancher Actually?

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Drummond Land & Cattle Company is one of the biggest ranch estates in America, owned by Ladd Drummond. Drummond is the fourth generation of cattle ranchers in America.

Besides his fame as the husband of Ree Drummond, Ladd is also known for her popularity on television. Approximately $220 million will be Ladd Drummond’s net worth at the end of 2021.


Net Worth, Age, Biography, Profession, Birthday, Nationality

Full Name Ladd Drummond
Birth Date/ Age January 22, 1969
Marital Status Married
Age 52 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place Nebraska, Omaha, U. S.
Height 5’9” , 1.80m
Profession Cattle rancher, Reality TV Star
Weight 67kg
Wife Ree Drummond
Net Worth $220 million
Children’s Paige Drummond, Alex Drummond, Todd Drummond, Bryce Drummond


Early Life of Ladd

He is originally from Nebraska, Ladd now resides in Texas. Ranching has been in his blood since he was a child.

The great-grandfather of the present day made the right decision by investing in diamonds in South Africa, Ronald Thacker Drummond who was actually from Scotland.

In Oklahoma during the Land Rush, he bought large swaths of land. A ranch was established and the family got the start they needed.

Their four children are Todd, Bryce, Paige, and Alex. Ladd married Ree in 1996, and they had four children together. Both have opened restaurants and stores in Oklahoma, including the Mercantile. Together, they own 433,000 acres in Oklahoma.


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Ladd’s Career

In addition to Tim Drummond and his father Chuck, Ladd is currently working for Drummond Land & Cattle Company. As early as the late 1800s, Frederick Drummond, an immigrant from Scotland, founded the company.

The company was founded by Frederick after he married Addie Gentner, a Kansas native.

Drummonds own the twenty-third largest amount of land in the US. Their land area covers 675 square miles and covers 433,000 acres. The family of Ladd lived earlier in Oklahoma. After moving to Ranch, they stayed there for a while.

When the ladd boys were little, Chuck prepared them for business ventures to come. In addition to helping his dad with manual labor, Last used to drive trucks with his brothers. A brief introduction to operating machines was also provided.

Other business ventures have also been undertaken by the Drummonds family. The Merchantile, a restaurant and retail store, was opened in 2016. There is a restaurant inside a 100-year-old Pawhuska building that was renovated in 2012.

In 2018, the Drummonds started a bed and breakfast named The Boarding House. Additionally, they own Charlie’s Sweet Shop and P-Town Pizza in downtown Pawhuska, as well as the ice cream parlor.

A feature on Ladd and his family appeared on the Pioneer Women blog by Ree Drummond. Drummonds blog includes their story as ranch wives, mothers, and their life on the ranch. In addition to becoming a guest on The Pioneer Woman, the Drummonds have appeared on other Food Network shows.


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Personal Life

The Drummonds are married to popular blogger Ree Drummond. During the mid-1990s, they first met in a bar. Ladd was a brand new resident of Oklahoma when she met her. September 21, 1999, was the day they tied the knot.

Australia was the perfect setting for the couple’s honeymoon. She received a diesel lawn mower as a wedding gift from him. There are four kids in the family: Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd.

In the mid-1990s, Ladd and Ree met at a bar. After graduating from college in Los Angeles, Ree had moved back to Oklahoma. She planned to attend law school in Chicago.

She changed her mind. On September 21, 1996, Ladd and Ree were married. In the men’s locker room during the wedding reception, Ladd watched the defending national champions, Nebraska, play Arizona State, his alma mater.

The University of Arizona won. Their honeymoon was spent in Australia, and they currently live on a cattle ranch approximately two hours away from Oklahoma City and eight miles west of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Their four children are Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd, born in 1997, 2002, and 2004 respectively. Throughout kindergarten and high school, the Drummond family homeschools their children. Texas A&M University graduate Alex is a writer.

The Drummond family loves fantasy football, with Paige studying at the University of Arkansas and Ladd playing with his brother. Drummond’s family appeared on “The Pioneer Woman” reality show in 2011. The Food Network show debuted in 2011 and has aired 25 seasons as of 2020.



Drummonds Net Worth

At the beginning of the year 2021, Ladd Drummond was worth $220 million. He is earning a lucrative sum from his big family business.

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Aside from his restaurants, ice cream parlors, and breakfast houses, Loud also earns a lot from other businesses. His wife Ree Drummond, on the other hand, is estimated to have a net worth of about $50 million.


Highlights of salaries

It has an annual income of $2.5 million, and it is privately held and managed by four people. A check is also collected every year by Drummond Land & Cattle courtesy of the US government’s Bureau of Land Management.

In order to protect these animals, they get approximately $2 million in yearly funding.

Drummond Land & Cattle Co. has received $23.9 million in Bureau of Land Management payments since December 2006.


Real Estate

Addison Drummond’s family owns the 23rd largest amount of land in the United States. There are 433,000 acres of land owned by the Drummond family over 675 square miles.

Reports indicate that the Drummond family has received over $24 million in government payments from the United States alone over the past decade.

The Drummonds are benefiting mostly from these payments by supporting animal protection in their area.


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