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Carrie Fisher’s first sexual experience was with Griffin Dunne

Carrie Fisher Lost Her Virginity to Griffin Dunne, Reveals Close Friend

Griffin Dunne, the son of true crime writer Dominick Dunne, recently made a surprising confession – he was the one who deflowered his close friend Carrie Fisher. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Dunne revealed that he was doing Fisher a favor, as she didn’t want her boyfriend at the time to know she was a virgin. Dunne shared that Fisher trusted him and gave him the honor of being the one she lost her virginity to.

The intimate act between Dunne and Fisher was not just mechanical, according to Dunne. He explained that they were both into it and even had a few practice sessions beforehand. Dunne fondly remembered Fisher as being gorgeous, expressing his gratitude for the experience. He also humbly admitted that while he was hardly a Casanova, he was a bit more experienced compared to Fisher at the time.

Despite their intimate encounter, Dunne and Fisher remained close friends throughout the years. Dunne fondly reminisced about their friendship, which lasted until Fisher’s untimely death in 2016 at the age of 60. He shared that they had a core group of friends with whom they stayed in touch, even after Fisher’s passing. They often shared memories of Fisher, hilarious stories, and unspeakable anecdotes in a group chat.

Dunne also revealed that he has a memoir coming out in June titled “The Friday Afternoon Club,” which delves into his family history. The memoir will touch upon his relationship with his Vanity Fair scribe father Dominick, his murdered sister and “Poltergeist” actress Dominique, and his famous aunt Joan Didion. Before pursuing acting, Dunne initially wanted to be a writer or journalist but got kicked out of high school after being caught smoking pot.

In addition to his personal revelations, Dunne also shared some insights into his career. He disclosed that Tim Burton was originally set to direct the film “After Hours” in the 1980s, a project in which Dunne was involved. Reflecting on the alternate universe where Burton directed the film, Dunne mused about the darker visual look the movie would have had, giving it a more underworld-like feel. Despite the change in direction, Dunne expressed his curiosity about how the movie would have turned out under Burton’s guidance.

Overall, Dunne’s candid revelations about his relationship with Fisher and his career insights provide a rare glimpse into the personal and professional life of the acclaimed actor. As fans eagerly await the release of his memoir and reminisce about Fisher’s legacy, Dunne’s heartfelt anecdotes serve as a touching tribute to his dear friend.

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Carrie Fisher’s first sexual experience was with Griffin Dunne

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