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Lejuan James Net Worth: How Rich is The Influencer Actually?

Lejuan James Net Worth

LeJuan James, who goes by Juan Antilles, is a social media influencer known online by the alias LeJuan Antilles.

A popular comedian who depicts Hispanic life in the United States in his short comedic videos. Based on estimates in 2021, Lejuan James’s net worth will be around $600.000.


Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Profession, Nationality

Real Name Juan Antiles
Birth Date February 19, 1990
Birth Place Puerto Rico
Age 31 years old
Birth Sign Pisces
Profession Social Media Influencer
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $600,000


Early Life of James

A Puerto Rican born on February 19, 1990, LeJuan James grew up in New York City. Neither Juan’s mother nor father are born in the United States.

During his elementary school years, he and his family moved to the United States. He grew up in a very hardworking family that faced many financial challenges.

Juan recalls his father working two jobs: one at Burger King and one at West Gate. Likewise, his mother worked as a cashier and a housekeeper.


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Bio of Lejuan James

Lejuan James is known to those on social media who follow celebrities and have an interest in comedy. In addition, all his fans are interested in knowing more about his private and professional lives.

The following also provides the estimated net worth for Lejuan James. His birthday is February 19th in Puerto Rico, so he was born on that day. His current age is 31. Comedian Juan Antilles, whose real name is Juan Antilles, is well known on Another famous person born in the 1990s with the same name is also listed.1990s.

In addition to being the wealthiest social media influencer in the world, he also has a lot of assets. A prominent Instagram personality as well.

The stage name is a tribute to the basketball icon and persona Lejuan James. Additionally, he has a descendance of a Dominican.

Nani is also one of his sisters. While he was in elementary school, he moved with his family to the United States. He currently has 1.2 million followers on his social media account on Instagram.

The Vine videos he made on Vine were what first made him popular. By doing so, he made hilarious videos parodying his own Hispanic heritage.

In addition to the Univision Youth Awards, he has attended Rudy Mancuso’s as well. The 11th of May 2013 marked the day James posted his first Vine video.

He, however, has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram currently. James does not give any information about his private life and is very secretive about it.

It is because of this reason that his private life is scarcely described. There are rumors that his girlfriend is Camilla Inc, a YouTuber. Besides English, Spanish and Spanglish, he is also a proficient speaker of four other languages.

The Vine videos marked the beginning of James’ career. The 11th of May 2013 was the date of his first video. Using his own ethnicity as an excuse, he makes comical videos.

YouTube is another place Lejuan has a lot of fame. Instagram users currently follow him in the number of 2.4 million. Those who follow her on Facebook have more than 3 million likes.

McFarland, the Disney film, has also been promoted by James. The Hispanic mothers in the Vine video who shout “food is ready” have been promoting this.

In cooperation with Walt Disney princesses, he teamed up with the cast of McDonald’s Farmland USA. “TeamLeJuan” is what they were called.

Annabelle, a horror movie he sponsored, is another movie he sponsored. Camilla Inc., a popular Youtuber, currently has a significant other.

Her YouTube channel also relates to the same field of work. She posts videos on her YouTube channel about magnificent exercises and styles videos.

Since 2014, the two have been dating. Now that the couple is engaged, they are also expecting. The announcement was made in the year 2019.

In an Instagram post, he shared this news. A picture shows James on bended knees holding up a wedding band before the woman.

A New Year’s celebration was taking place. His response to my proposal included a picture and an acknowledgment. His later post showed them nestled around each other as well. Currently, the two appear to be in a good place with each other.

Approximately three million dollars is Lejuan James’ net worth. This includes all his possessions, assets, and investments. YouTube star and social media sensation, he has also made a lot of money.

He also makes a good living from YouTube. The income from his YouTube channel ranges from $115k to $1,800 per month.

This means that his yearly income could range from 14,000 to 22,24,000 dollars. His endorsement deals with famous brands also earn him a good deal of money.

There are, however, occasional restrictions. Additionally, he occasionally works in advertising, which brings him some income.

His total net worth is the sum of all of these assets. Despite his youthful age, he has built a big fortune because of hard work and a passion for what he does.


Career of James

From professional basketball superstar, LeBron James, Juan adopted the online persona called LeJuan James.

Videos were initially created on Vine in 2013 when it was one of the most popular platforms. Later, however, he was more comfortable with other platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Through his videos, he depicts Hispanic life in the context of living in the United States in a comedic way.

The behavior of Hispanic community members is also considered, including how parents respond to their children in different contexts and how they interact with them.

He has grown immensely in popularity over the years because of this. Currently, Juan has close to 250k subscribers to YouTube and more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

He was able to establish a following by publishing Hispanic-related essays and reflections in his book Definitely Hispanic. As it pertains to family, culture, and community, the book has achieved success thanks to its witty lines.

The book was released on June 4, 2019, and has since gained a following, thanks to its relatable and funny lines.


Personal Life

Camilaa Inc. is the wife of LeJuan James. In addition to her blog and YouTube channel, she also runs a beauty, fashion, and vlog channel with over 115k subscribers.

In addition to appearing in James’ funny videos many times, she and James are now living together.

A non-profit organization called Color of Change uses their followers to promote racial justice by promoting the message of Black Lives Matter.


James Lejuan’s Net Worth

Approximately $600,000 is the estimated net worth of Lejuan James as of 2021. Over the past couple of years, he has delighted many people with the content he has created.

He has been able to monetize his content through ad placements by reaching millions of followers mainly of Hispanic heritage.

His experience includes working with brands like McDonald’s, NASCAR, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. In Orlando, Florida, he now lives in his own home with his wife after living in a condominium before.

As a result of the 2007 recession, LeJuan’s parents lost both their homes to foreclosure. He had earlier bought a house for them.


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