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Grace McCallum Net Worth: How Rich Is The Gymnast Actually?

Grace McCallum Net Worth

 Grace McCallum is a 19-year-old gymnast from the United States who competes in artistic gymnastics. She is a veteran of the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team, having competed for them five times.

McCallum has been a part of the United States gymnastics team that has won gold at the World Championships in both 2018 and 2019. Recently, Grace has been taking part in Olympic Trials in preparation for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Name Grace McCallum
Age 19
Birthplace Cambridge, US
Profession Artist Gymnast
Origin US
Net Worth $800,000

Early Life

On October 30th, 2002, Grace McCallum was born in the city of Cambridge, which can be found in the state of Minnesota, which is a part of the United States. He was born in the United States. The McCallums were present to welcome their baby daughter into the world and to cheer on the arrival of their daughter. Grace is the fifth child that her parents have born out of a total of six children. She was able to complete her high school education at Connections Academy entirely online, and as a result, she was able to graduate from high school with both a diploma and a degree.

In 2017, Grace made her debut in the sport of gymnastics when she participated for the first time as a junior gymnast at the United States Classic. This competition marked Grace’s entry into the sport. She ultimately came in third place there, which was her highest finish overall in the competition, making it clear that she was the one to beat.


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After that, McCallum competed in the event for the 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy, in which she finally came in fifth place in the all-around competition. Following that, she competed in the event for the 2019 City of Jesolo Trophy.

After that, in August of 2018, she took part in a contest that was being held at the national level of competition. There, she was able to perform at a level that earned her the position of fourth place overall in the tournament thanks to her performance in the event.

After a period of time had passed, she ensured that arrangements would be made for her to be a part of the squad that would take part in the Pan American Championships.

Because of this, she was able to secure her position on the team. At the Championships, where she played a crucial part in her team’s triumph in the team finals and in the awarding of the gold trophy, she was in incredible shape. As a result, the gold trophy was awarded to her squad.

On the other hand, she did not have the best form this time as she counted two falls; as a result, she finished in the ninth position. Consequently, she was not in the best form. She experienced a number of falls, which led to her not having the ideal form.

In addition, the tryouts for the United States World Championships took place in the month of September 2019, and McCallum was there to compete.

It turned out to be advantageous for the United States of America to have her on the team, and as a consequence of their efforts, they ended up qualifying in first place for the World Championships.

This accomplishment was a direct outcome of their hard work. It was announced in February 2020 that she was selected to be one of the gymnasts who would participate in the United States in the World Cup competition that would be hosted in Birmingham. The competition was scheduled to take place in Birmingham.

In the same year, she competed in the National Championships, where she ended up finishing in seventh place overall in the all-around category.

In addition to this, she was awarded a bronze medal for her performance in the competition involving the balance beam, which finally resulted in her being selected for the national team. Gymnast At this very moment, Grace is participating in the Olympic Trials, which took place not too long ago.

This contest is now going on exactly this very minute. She is now competing in the trials, which are difficult competitions to determine who will be chosen to compete in the Olympics. At this point in the competition, she is in fifth place overall.


Body Measurements

Grace McCallum has a current height of 5 feet 0 inches, which is comparable to 152.4 cm, and a weight of approximately 48 kilos, which is equivalent to 105 pounds.


Personal Life

There is no evidence that she is currently engaging in a romantic connection with anyone that we are aware of at this time. We do not believe that she is dating anyone at this time. There is also not a shred of evidence to suggest that she has ever been in a relationship with a romantic partner.



Grace McCallum’s Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Grace McCallum has amassed somewhere in the neighborhood $800,000 in terms of her total wealth.


FAQs of Grace McCallum

What is her current age?



What is her profession?

She is a gymnast artist.


Is she dead or alive?

She is alive.



Grace McCallum is a 19-year-old gymnast from the United States who competes in artistic gymnastics. She is a veteran of the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team, having competed for them five times. In addition to the United States gymnastics squad.


News about Grace McCallum

Red Rocks gymnast Grace McCallum transitioned from the Olympics to college.


Jade Carey and Jordan Chiles recently made history at the National


In Utah’s victory over Washington, Grace McCallum is a star gymnast.

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