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Zak Bagan’s Net Worth: How Rich is The American Actor Actually?

Zak Bagan’s Net Worth

Mr. Zak Bagan is an American ghost hunter, TV host, and actor. The Travel Channel series he hosted, ‘Ghost Adventures,’ made him a household name.

Zack grew raised in Washington, DC, but he decided to make the trip to Sin City after graduation. He wanted to create documentaries, but in the beginning, he worked as a wedding disc jockey to make ends meet.

A chance meeting with the ghost of a suicide woman piqued Zak’s curiosity in the supernatural, and he began work on a documentary about it.

Zak completed filming a documentary named ‘Ghost Adventures’ in 2004 and turned it into a feature film. Travel Channel aired the show, and it became one of the most popular in its genre in the United States.

For the sake of the show’s plot, Zak and his companions investigate haunted locations at night and gather proof of the supernatural’s existence.

To capitalize on the popularity of “Ghost Adventures,” Zak launched “Paranormal Challenge” and “Paranormal Paparazzi,” two spinoff series.

After starring in the Travel Channel series “Deadly Possessions” in 2016, Zak is now investigating haunting objects and artifacts on his own time.


Quick Bio about Zak

Birthday  April 5, 1977
Age  44 Years
Sun Sign  Aries
Also Known As  Zachary Alexander Bagan’s
Born In  Washington, D.CD.C.
Famous As  Television Personality
Siblings  Meredith Bagan’s

Early Childhood and Adolescence

On April 5, 1977, Zak Bagan was born in Washington, DCDC, to interior designer Nancy Knapp and her husband. He grew up in a middle-class household. His parents had him as the second of two sons, and he has an older sister, Meredith.

Soon after Zak’s parents divorced, his mother remarried and had two more children: Sky and Phil.

Zak graduated from Glenbard West High School in Illinois in 1995 with a 4.0 GPA and a passion for history. His college years were rather befuddling.

He aspired to be a filmmaker but decided against it because of the obstacles he would have to overcome. He enrolled at Western Michigan University as soon as he graduated from high school.

The programmer left out after eight months since they didn’t fit his personality. He now studies filmmaking at MPI Michigan.

Zak honed his filming skills at the school. After graduating from MPI, he pursued his passion for documentary filmmaking by relocating to Las Vegas.

At first, he had difficulties. Before assembling a cast and crew for his first documentary film, he worked several jobs to make ends meet, including a stint as a wedding disc jockey.

He was skeptical at first; then, something happened to alter his mind. A suicide woman’s ghost visited him once, he claims, and it changed his life forever.

Then he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to studying the paranormal and formed a team to make the documentary-style film Ghost Personalities.


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A short film called “Ghost Adventures” intended to be produced by Zak in 2004 as an independent project. Sadly, a lack of funding and a host of other problems meant that the movie never got made.

In 2006, 4Reel productions joined the team and decided to turn the project into a film. Nick Groff, Zak Goodwin, and Aaron Goodwin documented their paranormal encounters by taking pictures of haunted locations in and around the state of Nevada.

In only a few months after premiering on Syfy in July 2007, the film had acquired a sizable audience. The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival awarded it the Grand Jury Prize as well.

The first season of the fully-fledged series aired in December 2008, and the series acquired a cult following with each passing season.

The film team had their ghostly encounters while shooting the documentary. Zak’s back was scratched up during the fourth season’s filming because of an encounter with ‘evil spirits,’ according to him.

Others interested in the paranormal have blasted Zak and his crew for their use of harsh ways to deal with the “evil spirits.” Zak retorted that his squad does not use such aggressive and offensive methods on all of the demons.

They utilize it to incite demonic forces bent on wreaking havoc on people’s lives.

The ‘Paranormal Challenge’ spinoff of ‘Ghost Adventures’ debuted in 2011 with Zak as a presenter. According to Zak’s concept, each episode will feature one of the best ghost hunters in the country going head-to-head each week.

Each of the haunted places required attendees to spend the night. Due to low ratings and cancellations after the first season, the program was considered a flop.

‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ was set in a newsroom in 2012, and Zak presented it. Zak spoke to many paranormal investigators about their travels throughout the United States on haunting excursions to some of the most haunted locations.

This program ended up being canceled as well when the first season began airing.

Zak appeared on the late-night news show ‘Nightline’ in 2012. It was hailed as one of the best programs ever made on television. ‘Ghost Adventures: Extra Pulses,’ Zak’s follow-up program from 2014, aired on Syfy.

It features behind-the-scenes videos from ‘Ghost Adventures,’ and previously unreleased information and moments from the program.

When ‘Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks’ premiered, Zak was the host. Former cast members of “Ghost Adventures” will be interviewed by Zak about how their paranormal encounters have impacted their life. The program will include these interviews!

Zak appeared on ‘The Late Show with James Corden’ and ‘The Today Show’ in the United States in 2015. Zak discussed his work as a paranormal researcher on the programs, as well as his future endeavors.

When Zak established his new museum in Las Vegas in 2016, he began a television series called ‘Deadly Possessions,’ where he discussed his new venture. While giving a tour of the museum, he points out many paranormal artifacts.

Zak claims that his admirers from all around the globe gave him these artifacts, which came complete with tales about their provenance and historical importance.

A documentary named ‘Demon House’ was published in 2018 by Zak, and it examined the well-known ‘Ammons Haunting Case,’ which was extensively reported in the US media in 2011.

Zak bought the spooky home and made a documentary about it with the help of a team. Things started to go awry for the team, and they began to worry for their safety as time went on.

While Zak’s devoted followers lauded the film, reviewers were less enthusiastic. Critics were split on the film, with some claiming it was little more than an “hour-long episode of ‘Ghost Adventures,'”

Also, a writer, Zak, has written a book called Dark World: With the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Paranormal Case.


Zak Bagan’s Personal Life

Christine Dolce was Zak Bagan’s girlfriend. Marcy DeLaTorre, his rumored girlfriend, is now the talk of the town. He’s never made a big deal out of his personal life.

Zak’s programs have been called ‘fake’ by liberals and skeptics alike. Since the beginning of ‘Ghost Adventures,’ he has had to deal with these accusations.


Zak Net worth 2021

According to current estimates, Zak’s net worth will be $35 million by 2021. He has amassed a good sum of money throughout the period of his professional acting career.

He is now enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Along with Kelly rigger, he is also the author of a book. There is a high rate of sales for this book. It has also contributed to his financial well-being.

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