The King Richard actor posted two humorous videos to Instagram over the weekend.

The tweets come almost a month after his Oscars apology video.

In Will's debut video, a baby gorilla plays and pokes a bigger gorilla before scurrying away.

 The older gorilla hits the younger one before chasing him away. Video's subtitle? "Trying to get sociable again"

Will and his son Trey try to catch a spider in their home in the video.

 "WTF?" Will says off camera as he observes the ugly thing on the floor. "Big ass spider."

 "Okay, Trey, move this. Young and powerful. Will said, "You can handle it."

 Trey puts a bowl on atop of the tarantula and slides sheets underneath it to remove it.

Will held the spider and stated, "We're selling the house."

I'm glad to see the Prince posting again.

Trevor Noah commented last week, "What wrong erases all rights?"