Michael Jackson's death may be the world's most tragic iconoclastic loss.

 "Bad," "Thriller," "Beat It," and "Billie Jean" helped propel the singer into worldwide stardom.

Many are celebrating Jackson's musical achievements on his 64th birthday, August 29. Some may not know that Jackson didn't just do songs.

 Jackson created "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker" during the height of his career

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 "Michel Jackson's Moonwalker" doesn't have too many home media releases.

The film was only released on U.K. Blu-ray.

According to Jackson's former manager, Frank DiLeo, the film was inspired by Jackson's song "Smooth Criminal."

Jackson would fund and direct the film. Many famous people worked on the film's segments. Will Vinton, known for creating the California Raisins with Claymation, produced "Speed Demon."

 Colin Chilvers directed "Smooth Criminal" and is noted for his visual effects on Christopher Reeve's "Superman" films and the first "X-Men" feature.