BBBY stock rises on a possible bailout.

BBBY still hurt by RC Ventures sale.

Retailers suffer big losses after a drop.

 Bed Bath & Beyond is a nasty name amongst retail investors who were burned in the current meme bubble. The stock rose sharply when risk assets and the market rallied.

BBBY stock soared from $6 to $30 during the frenzy before plunging after RC Ventures sold its interest.

 Bed Bath & Beyond recruited debt reorganization and Phase 11 bankruptcy counsel after the sell-off. BBBY shares fell as a result.

Sixth Street Partners lent BBBY money.

WSJ says that Sixth Street Partners will provide the $400 million loan. BBBY stock soared 18% on Wed.

 The stock usually traces back to its starting point, $5 in this case. With a loan deal, BBBY is not in good shape.

 It has financial problems that won't be easily fixed.