TWO Aerobics With the Celebrities pros quit on the same day, shocking viewers.

Lindsay Instagrammed a photo of her, Sam, and Sage on Wednesday.

However, it was also a statement.

She wrote, "I've decided not to participate on DWTS this season."

DWTS filming in LA, so she couldn't go with her toddler.

Her spouse works full-time in Utah and can't join them.

The pro said they're hoping to start a kid, so this season won't work.

Sharna's departure came just after Lindsay's.

Sharna advised her fans not to be too unhappy since she "will be present in some way."

Former pro assures fans it's not the end for her.

Fans and coworkers reacted quickly to the women's bombshells. Sharna's decision startled fans because she was on a few publications' lineups.