Stellantis NV's excellent battery partner announced Thursday it had secured a Massachusetts property for a prototype production unit.

Factorial Inc., doing trade as Orthogonal array Energy, is developing a solid lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles.

Researchers think the startup's battery will reduce fire danger and boost range.

 The Methuen, Massachusetts, factory will produce FEST cells. Opening in early 2023, the 67,000-square-foot structure will produce 166 jobs.

 Chairman Siyu Huang said the batteries will be the right size and energy capacity for automobile use.

Factorial's OEM development partners will use these cells to validate the company's technology and construct solid-state EV batteries.

Factorial works with Hyundai Co. and Mercedes-Benz of Daimler AG.

Massive external pressure is one of the main hurdles to mass-producing solid-state batteries. Factorial's batteries are "quasi-solid-state"

 Huang said Factorial's technique can exploit existing and future battery manufacturing footprints.

 Stellantis is financing $6.6 billion in lithium-ion battery production.