Saints Rows' review embargo lifted yesterday and the verdict was bad. it's one of the lowest-rated recent titles of the year

Evidently there are some optimistic scores among the overarching pile, so I'm not lonely, but I believe the game may be receiving a worse verse than it needs to.

 Do you adore Saints Row because of the cast and can't stand seeing Johnny, Pierce, and Shaundi replaced?

 If you appreciate Saints Row for its map dominance, funny objectives and personalization for you and your gang, you may like this new game.

Saints Row feels antiquated and unpolished compared to AAA titles.

 Not spectacular, but not as horrible as you've heard. I've seen missions where the main character swears, but it's not all like that.

 I also respect Saints Row's craftsmanship and detail.

The game's issues are minor.

Also, the game's checkpointing needs work

 If you're skeptical, don't give up.